GPS watches are often used by people who like to go on adventures such as hiking, walking or running. Smartwatches are a great addition to most outdoor sports because they also help you stay fit and healthy.

The list of the best GPS watches for trekking starts with Garmin, Suunto and Polar, because these three companies have grown exponentially in this field. In addition, new companies like Coros make customers think twice before blindly choosing a traditional Garmin watch.

As we walked around, we were amazed at the amount of food currently available in the market. With so much variety, it’s almost impossible to choose the best devices. Therefore, we recommend that you do your research before making a decision about a product.

There are many devices named the best GPS watches for hiking. However, you cannot guarantee top performance from them.

Manufacturers around the world are trying their best to present a device that is suitable in terms of walking, fitness tracking and other important specifications. However, there are many confusing differences between these GPS watches that take a lot of time to understand.

Clarifying these differences and discussing the basic features, here we present a list of the best GPS watches for trekking. All of these watches are from leading companies, and some are relatively new to the market. Let’s take a look at the best GPS watches for trekking.

Top 7 best GPS watches for trekking

Instinct Garmin Sunny

Price : 388.99 DOL.

The Garmin Instinct is the first product on our list of the best GPS watches for trekking. It has almost the same features as the Fenix 6 and is considerably cheaper. Garmin is one of the leading companies when it comes to GPS watches, and this particular model is great for people who like to go hiking.

Solar charging:

One of the main attractions of this device is solar charging, which makes the battery last longer and allows you to enjoy your outdoor adventures to the fullest.
Although these GPS watches do not have map features, they do offer navigation, GPX route downloads, elevation data, storm warnings, etc.

Heart rate monitor:

This best GPS watch offers you perfect heart rate tracking to help you on your hikes, as well as additional heart rate tracking to help you train at altitude.

There are a few notable exceptions with this device, such as. B. the lack of contactless payment and an integrated music player. However, you will still receive notifications from your smartphone on this unit.

Battery life:

Battery life in smartwatch mode is up to 24 days when used indoors. With regular exposure to sunlight, you can expect the large battery to last more than 50 days.

Final thoughts:

You can enjoy unlimited use of the basic watch mode with additional power-saving modes introduced by Garmin. Battery life is a minimum of 30 hours in GPS mode and increases to 70 hours in UltraTrac battery saver mode.

With regular solar charging, you get quite a boost for your battery. If you’re looking for additional tracking support, you can choose between the Surf, Tactical and Camo versions of Garmin Instinct.

That’s right, the Instinct Solar could very well be on this esteemed list of the best GPS watches for trekking. Therefore, we recommend it without hesitation to all customers who want to buy a solid GPS watch for outdoor training, running and hiking.


– Solar charging – Long life battery
– Heart rate monitor
– Accessible
– Wireless
– Smartphone notifications


– No integrated music player
– No contactless payment

Amazfit T-Rex Pro

Price : 139.99 PUPP.

Athletes and other regular sports people sometimes need a rugged GPS watch. Many customers are used to using their smartphones roughly.
For all buyers and athletes: Built on the basis of sports watches, the T-Rex Pro is great for people who like to go far with their gadgets.

Military Force:

As mentioned earlier, the overall build quality of the T-Rex Pro is quite high, and it also comes with military durability certifications. Moreover, the water resistance increases from 5 to 10 ATM, allowing you to swim up to 100 meters deep.

Integrated GPS:

This GPS watch also has built-in GPS with wider satellite support. There are about 100 sports modes with the latest Zepp Health BioTracker optical sensor that provides accurate heart rate and blood oxygen measurements.

Moreover, this device has a barometer to measure the altitude. Moreover, heart rate influences recovery time, training load and comprehension effects, which are controlled by algorithms. These algorithms are often created by Firstbeat, which is part of Garmin. The battery life is not as good as that of the first version of the T-Rex, which was 18 days.

Final thoughts:

The expected battery life of the GPS is just under 40 hours, and with heavy use you can expect up to 9 days of battery life. Navigation support is not very good, as it does not offer the rich mapping features of the aforementioned devices.

However, its other fitness tracking features and long battery life are still good and sufficient for those who like to hike. We definitely recommend it for most fitness enthusiasts looking for a GPS watch for hiking and running.


– BioTracker optical sensor
– Integrated GPS
– Excellent battery performance
– 10ATM water resistance
– Military standard certifications


– Medium navigation support
– no mapping functions

Polish grain X

Price : USD 399.95

The Grit X is probably one of the most affordable outdoor watches from Polar. This is essentially Polar’s first outdoor watch, and it comes with lots of competitive and solid specs.


The price is very affordable and the 40 hours of full GPS tracking can be extended to 100 hours with the power saving mode. Resilience and recovery were among the highest priorities of this scheme.

With the FuelWise feature, you can plan your climb accordingly. It also takes care of your eating habits and reminds you when and how much to eat. Recalls are not massive alarm signals and can be easily overlooked.

Sleep monitoring:

This amazing device also monitors your sleep and focuses mainly on rest. Current stats and VO2 Max are some of the main attractions, and the 10-LED heart rate monitor is sure to blow your mind.

Final thoughts:

If you ask us, we would unequivocally say that navigation is one of the Polar Grit X’s strongest points. However, navigation is also possible in other GPS watches with much better control and accuracy. This is where it gets interesting.

If you are looking for a useful navigation, you have to pay a fee to get a correct and useful navigation. Garmin’s TOPO map technology gives you a wealth of useful details.

We’ve always focused on fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring and clear reminder features. This GPS watch is not only for trekking. It also offers many other features not usually found in a standard GPS watch.


heart rate monitoring –
sleep monitoring –
heart rate display with 10 LEDs –
accessible – 40 hours GPS monitoring


– No real functional depth like Garmin

Garmin Enduro

Price : $899.99

The Garmin Enduro is one of the best sports watches and can also be used exclusively as a smartwatch.
It has the longest battery life in GPS tracking, and it’s also very stylish.

Stainless steel:

One of the best things about this Garmin Enduro is that it’s available with a stainless steel case or a lighter titanium case, as well as an Ultrafit nylon strap option. This band helps to maintain the weight of the watch.

The overall design of this GPS watch is specifically designed for runners and ultra runners. For Ultra mode, the new Trail VO2 Max and Rest timers have been introduced.

Reflective display:

This particular model has many similarities to Garmin’s Fenix 6X, such as the same 51mm size and 280×280 transflective display. The general features are pretty much the same as the Fenix 6X, with the exception of the topographical display and music player.

Final thoughts:

The company promises a range of nearly 70 GPS, and it can go up to 80 hours if you can manage its solar charging capabilities. Power saving allows the battery to last more than two months.

It is a cool, lightweight titanium watch with a large display.
Overall, it can compete with any high-end device in the industry, and we couldn’t resist including it in this list of the best GPS watches for trekking.


– Suitable for runners and walkers
– Transmitting display
– Stainless steel
– Long battery life


– No music player
– No topographic map

For more information about this watch: Garmin Enduro – Advanced multi-sport GPS watch – 70 days battery life.

Suunto Traverse Alpha

Price : USD 269.99

In our humble opinion, one of the best outdoor watches for hikers is the Suunto Traverse Alpha. Its design is not very modern, and its rugged nature makes it a suitable option for people who enjoy hiking.

GPS navigation:

The Alpha offers many practical features, such as GPS/GLONASS navigation if you want to go fishing, hiking or even hunting. With the Suunto Trip Calculation App, you can create topographic maps to plan your routes accordingly and enjoy the preview on your watch.

Storm alarm:

Just in case you find yourself outside in bad weather. A storm warning will alert you before you get into trouble. This allows you to move as quickly as possible to escape a storm or downpour.

Final thoughts:

The flashlight mode is extremely useful at night, you can also use the backlight as a flashlight and it supports night vision. For someone who is very vulnerable during night walks, this Suunto Traverse Alpha could be a very suitable companion.

You can rely on this particular model from Suunto for all kinds of running, fitness tracking and travel. Therefore, a price range near $400 is appropriate in my opinion. However, many people do not believe in spending over $200 for a GPS watch.


– GLONASS/GPS navigation
– Simple and compact design
– Storm warning
– Flashlight mode
– Night vision support
– Suuntos Movescount application
– Topographic maps


– A bit expensive.

Garmin Fenix 6 Series

Price : Starting at $598.

Garmin’s Fenix 6 series is packed with great features and is considered one of the highest quality outdoor watches on the market. It offers GPX waypoint and map functions, and very long battery life.

Operating mode:

The Fenix 6 watch is known for its great features and is considered one of the best GPS watches from Garmin. This particular range of GPS watches from Garmin is one of the best in terms of quality and performance.

This unit also has a separate walking mode, in addition to cross country and treadmill. It immediately shows you the recovery data and the effects of the training. You can download GPX routes using the Connect application.

Heart rate monitor:

The heart rate monitor is available for all fitness enthusiasts and is included in the VO2 Max statistics during intensive training or sport. As mentioned earlier, it uses topographic maps and adds a lot of dimension to wrist navigation.

Final thoughts:

The battery life of this device is another major attraction. It offers 42 hours of GPS tracking in UltraTrac mode. This means you can spend an entire weekend without worrying about charging.

This is a great advantage for people who run and exercise daily.
The brilliant Expedition mode gives you a few weeks of charging, and the new Solar edition gives you a few more days in smartwatch mode.


– App connection
– Sufficient battery life
– Hiking mode
– Heart rate monitor
– Topographical maps


– A bit expensive.

Learn more about the Fenix 6 Series

Coros Vertix

Price : USD 599.99

Compared to the companies mentioned above, Coros is a fairly unknown brand. Despite the fact that people don’t know much about them, they have launched some very impressive GPS watches in a short period of time. Coros watches are multi-sport outdoor watches, and the Coros Vertix is perhaps one of their best series.


In terms of design and general appearance, the Coros Vertix seems to be very similar to Garmin’s Fenix series. However, it does have a touchscreen for some functions that you won’t find in the Garmin Fenix series.
Satellite transmission system :

The incredible satellite support easily covers the backbone of the device in terms of tracking.

There are separate modes for hiking and trail running. One of the main attractions of this GPS watch is the ability to import GPX routes or create your own.
The overall experience with this watch is not exceptional, but very simple.

The heart rate monitor is very reliable, and it also provides you with a pulse oximeter to ensure your safety in the high mountains.

Final thoughts:

The functionality of the smartwatch is also very basic with support for notifications, but there is no music player or payment features. Probably the biggest plus of this device is the long battery life, which allows you to get almost 45 days of regular use.

GPS mode offers a battery life of approximately 60 hours and UltraMax mode offers a battery life of approximately 150 hours. This amazing thing can stay on standby for weeks, and those numbers are pretty harsh for companies like Garmin and Polar.


– Excellent battery life
– Imported GPS routes
– Pulse oximeter
– Suitable for hiking
– Touch screen function for some functions


– Basic smartphone functions
– No music

Conclusion: Best GPS Hiking Watch

We’ve finished our list of the 7 best GPS watches for hiking. We have tried to present products that are worth buying and are suitable for trekking. As expected, we’ve included devices from the major manufacturers, and they’re all quite capable of being your hiking companion.

As for our top three picks, we found it nearly impossible to name three devices from the seven above. However, for the convenience and comfort of our esteemed audience, we have selected the top three devices based on our limited knowledge.

The Garmin Fenix 6 is our top product in this list of the best GPS watches for trekking. It has many great features, including a heart rate monitor, topographical maps, and a separate hiking mode. Our second choice in this list would be Coros Vertics.

Despite its many problems, this multisport watch has received many positive reviews, and the ability to import GPX routes stands out for us. Our third and final choice would be the Garmin Enduro, which has the largest battery for GPS tracking. The stainless steel construction is also very attractive in the enduro sector.

So here’s the list of friends, ask in the comments below if you have any questions or suggestions. We try to read your comments carefully and we will certainly follow up on your valuable recommendations. I’ll see you in the next analytics class. Until then, goodbye and good luck with whatever you choose.

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