Do you want to listen to music, but you don’t have a song on your computer? You would like to know how to download music for free, but do you think it’s very difficult?

Here are some free music download programs for your laptop or Windows computer that allow you to quickly and easily download songs from the internet.


songr song free music download for Windows

Songr, often considered by many users as the best program to download music for free, is pure Windows software that allows them to listen to and download songs in MP3 format from the internet.

The program has a very simple and user-friendly graphical interface. For example, to download music with Songr, simply enter the song name or author in the search field and press ENTER on your computer keyboard.

In a few minutes, the program will compile a list of all the songs that can be found on different streaming music sites, and then all you have to do is select the songs you want and download them to your computer.

The song list can be ordered by duration, bitrate, search engine, so you can find what you’re looking for faster.

You can stream the songs with your favorite music player before downloading them to check their quality.

Songr is free software that is only available for Windows operating systems.


download mp3jam free music for Windows

MP3jam is one of the best free music download programs. This includes a search engine for listening to songs that can be streamed or downloaded directly to a computer or laptop.

The graphical interface is simple, making the program very easy to use even for inexperienced users.

To search for your favorite songs, simply enter the title or the author’s name in the search box and click the Search button. The program immediately creates a list of songs that can be found on the best music sites on the network.

You can listen to the song before downloading it to ensure the quality is good and that it really is the song you want.

MP3jam is free software, but you can only download 3 songs for a certain time (one song in 5 minutes) in the basic version. To get rid of this limitation, you need to buy a paid version, but this limitation shouldn’t be a problem if you’re not in a hurry. Download the MP3jam here.


free top music download for Windows

To quickly download free music to your computer or laptop, you can use Lacey. It is software that allows you to download songs from major music streaming web services such as Plesnik, SoundCloud, QQMusic, UK, MixCloud, and many others.

How do I download free music on my laptop or PC with Lacey? The use of this program is simple and easy: in the search bar, you write the artist’s name or the song, then the program starts the search with a simple click on Search.

For each result found, you see the singer’s name, the title, the duration, the format of the song (MP3, M4A, etc.), and the bitrate (a higher bitrate means better quality).

To download a song, double-click on the desired title. The download is very fast, and in a few seconds (depending on the size), you have recorded a song on your computer. Lacey allows up to 10 simultaneous downloads.

Lacey is portable, which means it’s not installed on your computer. Instead, just extract the file Lacey.exe somewhere on your computer from the archive you downloaded from the official website and then double-click on Lacey.exe when starting the program.

This software is compatible with any Windows operating system.


music2pc songs to download for free

Music2pc is another good free program that allows you to find and download MP3 songs from the internet. This free music download program offers a database of over 100 million songs.

They are just as easy to use as the programs described above: Enter an artist’s name or song in the search field and click Search.

The program immediately starts a search on the internet and makes a list of the found numbers. To download them to your computer, simply click the Download button next to each section.

Before downloading, you can listen to the song to see if it is really what you are looking for and if it has the desired quality.

The music2pc program is only compatible with the Windows operating system.


icy cold wire download free music

Those who want to download music in MP3 format for free from the Internet can try FrostWire – a torrent client that allows you to download songs from the BitTorrent network or various streaming services.

How can I download free music from FrostWire? It’s very simple: Enter a title or the author’s name in the search field at the top left, and press the search icon or ENTER on your computer keyboard. FrostWire immediately compiles a list of all results found.

Next to each result, you have two icons, one for reading and one for downloading. So you can listen to the song first and download it if you want.

The download speed is high but also depends on the source or the size of the file. You can follow the progress of the download in the Transfers section.

In addition to searching and downloading music directly from the program interface, FrostWire also allows you to download any other torrent file or any other magnetic connection from the bitstream network. So okay, it’s worth a try.


The BitTorrent protocol is another way to download free music to your computer. To download torrents, you basically need to install the P2P program and then download music; you need to access various sites containing torrent files or a magnetic link.

The best-known and most-used torrent downloader is Utorrent, but I recommend using the torrent downloader: qBitTorrent.

qBitTorrent is a free program that offers all the features of Utorrent. In addition, it provides an internal search engine that allows you to find music or anything else you want directly from the program interface, without having to search other websites, just like you can find torrent files or magnetic links. In addition, qBitTorrent has no ads in the interface.

There are many sites on the internet where you can download music for free, but only the following sites are legal:

Jamendo: allows you to download music for free with a Creative Commons license. With Jamendo, you can watch the most popular songs, the most downloaded songs, the most listened to songs, the latest songs sorted by artist, or just listen to one of the many available radio stations. It also offers an official application for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms.

The noise: Offers thousands of albums that you can download legally and for free. However, you must enter a valid email address and the corresponding zip code for each album you wish to download. Only then will you receive an electronic code to download the file you are interested in.

Archive for free music: This is another website that offers the possibility to download music legally and free of charge. However, you can create a personal collection and communicate with other registered users if you register on the site.

Reverb: This is a website where artists can freely distribute their own music. After registering for free on the site, simply click on the Discover section to find and download the music that interests you.

SoundCloud: allows you to download music for free after creating an account on the website. You can also listen to music online without downloading it. Please note, however, that not all songs can be downloaded, and some artists sometimes ask you on Facebook to like a song to get it.

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