The ultralight black hole mini hip pack is famous for weekend or short-stay travelers. It has versatile options and impressive weight capacity but lacks in the looks department.

Let’s get a few things straight right now. First, the 2019 word for a fanny pack is a hip pack (or waist pack). Fanny packs—sorry, hip packs—are back in style.

That’s not to say you won’t feel stupid while wearing one, but at least you’ll know you’re fashionable while everyone else is staring at your waist.

Patagonia Ultralight Black Hole Mini Hip PackPlus, waist packs are convenient. The Patagonia Lightweight Mini Travel Hip Pack, for example, is the perfect size for when you need the necessities and your pocket can’t keep up. It also folds into a bag, a handy feature for traveling.

For the last two weeks, we’ve been testing Patagonia’s Mini Hip Pack in southeast Michigan, and despite the impulse to listen to Nirvana, we’ve been liking it. (Also, the Nirvana thing isn’t a disadvantage)

Our Knowledge and Experience

This Patagonia fanny pack has been tested in black (very unlike us, right? ), but it’s also available in colorful colors, including Tasmanian Teal/Peach Sherbet, Balkan Blue, and more as of this review. So you may be as quiet or outspoken as you like about your newfound love of waist packs.

Patagonia Ultralight Black Hole Mini Hip Pack in DetroitIn Detroit, Patagonia Ultralight Black Hole Mini Hip Pack. Because Patagonia is so strongly associated with the outdoors, the pack has a naturally outdoorsy appearance. No one will blink an eye if you take the hip pack with you on a brief trip to the summit of Mount Rainier (unless it’s all you have). It also doesn’t seem out of place in a metropolis since there isn’t much going on in terms of style. We’ve been like the clean look—too much detail on such a tiny pack simply doesn’t cut it (in our opinion).

Despite its compact size, the pack is spacious enough to comfortably store all of your things, albeit the opening is smaller than the pocket itself, so you’ll have to fiddle with it. You may put your phone, keys, wallet, headphones, and perhaps a bite or two in there and your passport.

Patagonia Lightweight Travel Mini Hip Pack FullFull Patagonia Lightweight Travel Mini Hip Pack. However, we’ve discovered that the more you cram the pack, the more difficult it is to find what you’re looking for. It doesn’t mean you should. Just because you can stuff a lot of stuff, there doesn’t mean you should.

Indeed, we’ve discovered that one of the most significant benefits of our little hip pack is that it motivates you to pack intelligently. Rather than hauling around a complete daypack of goods while wandering the streets anywhere, you can figure out what you need and bring that. (And your back will appreciate it!)

Internal organization is limited, with two exterior pockets and a zipped security pocket within the main pocket, serving as the hip pack’s stuff bag. Patagonia has done an excellent job striking a balance between too much and too little structure.

Patagonia Lightweight Travel Mini Hip Pack Secret PocketThe front pocket is perfect for goods that need to be accessed quickly, such as your phone, while the main bag may be used for anything else. The main pocket also contains a plastic key leash—which we didn’t use very often—and a security pocket—a beautiful spot to keep valuables like your passport.

When it comes to security, fanny packs are praised for being a secure method to transport valuables while traveling. The Patagonia waist pack, and therefore your belongings, lays squarely against your body and in your line of sight, so this is somewhat accurate. Patagonia’s fanny pack, on the other hand, is secured to your waist by a buckle on your lower back. Someone may quickly unbuckle your waist pack and run away with it. That’s something to think about. If security is a crucial issue for you, a waist pack with extra safety measures, such as a locking or concealed buckle, can be a good choice.

Patagonia Lightweight Travel Mini Hip Pack Lower Back BuckleConsider how comfy this Patagonia fanny pack is to wear on a lighter note. It molds your body wonderfully, and the strap is simple to tighten or loosen if necessary. Of course, it’s entirely up to you where you want to wear it. However, we’ve found that it’s somewhat more comfortable to wear it on your hips rather than your waist. You, on the other hand, do you.

Patagonia Lightweight Travel Mini Hip Pack On HipWhen you wrap the hip pack around your torso, you may see some shirt bunching (depending on your shirt). It’s not a significant problem, but we wanted to make you aware. The back is also well-padded, and there is some netting to keep sweat at bay.

Furthermore, Patagonia states that you can throw this hip pack over your shoulder. You can, but you’re slinging yourself with a hip pack. Compared to bags like the Peak Design Everyday Sling, which are meant to fit over your body, it’s easy to understand why this technique isn’t our favorite.

Patagonia Lightweight Travel Mini Hip Pack Sling CarryWhile this hip pack isn’t designed for runners, it isn’t the worst to run with (it doesn’t move about much), so if you want to keep up your jogging habit while traveling but don’t want to carry an extra running vest, this hip pack can suffice.

You’ll feel lovely and comfy dashing through airport terminals with this pack firmly secured to your hip if you’re not a runner but are a habitually late person.

Notable Characteristics

The Patagonia Lightweight Mini Travel Hip Pack’s ability to fold into its pocket is perhaps its most notable feature. This feature’s design is fantastic—simple to use and ideal for travel. Plus, the hip-hop group’s moniker isn’t a lie. The pack is virtually weightless (3.2 ounces, to be precise), which is a fantastic attribute in and of itself. When that low weight is combined with its compressibility, you can throw this device in a backpack and scarcely notice it.

Patagonia Lightweight Travel Mini Hip Pack MaterialAnd, as is typical of Patagonia, this fanny pack is built of rigid materials. The body is constructed of 70D nylon ripstop with a polyurethane coating, and the base is made of 210D nylon ripstop with a polyurethane coating. Nylon ripstop is a fabric that is mainly constructed to avoid ripping, as the name suggests. In addition, the polyurethane coating provides weather resistance.

The zippers are YKK 5 Reverse Coil zippers with small garages to “park” them in if your pockets are completely zipped. And, to be clear, YKK controls a significant portion of the zipper business, and for a good reason: their zippers are engineered to endure. In addition, the Reverse Coil feature ensures the zipper teeth are pointing within rather than outwards, safeguarding your belongings—and the zipper itself—from the weather.

Finally, there’s the herringbone-webbing strap, which is robust and pleasant, and a buckle from Nifco, a well-known manufacturer of high-quality goods. And, of course, you have some strap keepers to keep those straps neat and clean.

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