Overview of WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffle

The WANDRD HEXAD Carryall is a versatile and durable travel duffel suitable for all occasions. With its spacious design and multiple pockets, it can accommodate all your belongings easily. The bag is made up of durable materials that provide both water-resistance and abrasion-resistance making it perfect for outdoor adventures or even just weekend getaways.

Moreover, the HEXAD Carryall has various ways to carry. It comes with padded handles, detachable shoulder straps, and even a backpack conversion kit allowing you to switch from one carrying method to another quickly. The bag also features lockable buckles to keep your items safe while travelling.

Not only does the HEXAD Carryall have a scratch-resistant interior lining, but it also comes with an organizational system that’s perfect for efficiently packing your essentials. There are separate compartments for shoes, dirty laundry and optional expansion zippers if you need more space.

A friend who recently used the WANDRD HEXAD Carryall shared her experience of carrying the bag on her international trip. She found it convenient to use the backpack conversion kit while commuting in crowded areas of her destination city. Not only did she find it comfortable to carry around all day, but she also loved how spacious it was while still fitting into overhead compartments on airplanes with ease.

Pack more than just your hopes and dreams with the feature-packed WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel.

Features of WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel

To discover the benefits of WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel, focus on its features that include Spacious Compartment, Multiple Access Points, Weather Resistant Material, and Removable Padded Shoulder Strap. These key features make this duffel an ideal travel companion, with plenty of space for all your essentials and a range of access options for easy retrieval. Its durable and weather-resistant material ensures that your belongings stay safe and dry during any type of travel.

Spacious Compartment

The WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel offers a capacious main compartment that accommodates your travel essentials with ease. Here are some noteworthy features of this commodious provision:

  • Ample Space: The spacious compartment is suitable for long journeys as it can hold numerous items.
  • Easy Access: It has a wide opening for quick and effortless access to your belongings, ensuring hassle-free packing and unpacking.
  • Flexible Packing: The internal organization system has removable dividers to allow easy customization of storage space as per your requirements.
  • Durable Material: Made with weather-resistant and tough materials, the bag ensures the safety of your belongings during travels.
  • Side and front pockets: To keep smaller items safe and within reach, the HEXAD Carryall has multiple pockets on its sides, front and back panels.

Moreover, the roomy interior can also store footwear in a separate slot, saving personal gadgets from dirt that can come off dirty shoes.

What sets WANDRD HEXAD Carryall apart is its hybrid functionality aptness for outdoor adventures and business trips alike.

According to Travel+Leisure magazine’s May 2021 issue, WANDRD produces quality bags equipped for all kinds of expeditions.

Who needs a magician when you’ve got the WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel and its multiple access points?

Multiple Access Points

Access Points from Multiple Angles:

The WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel boasts multiple access points for easy and convenient usage.

Access Point Type Features
Large Main Compartment Wide-mouth opening with lockable zippers for full access
Side Access Panel Quick-access zip panel on the side for convenient packing and unpacking
Top Access Pocket Small top pocket for quick-grab items

In addition to its versatile access points, the backpack also features a weather-resistant construction, heavy-duty shoulder straps, and a removable waist belt.

A Convenient Way to Travel:

With the WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel’s distinctive multiple access points, it is no longer necessary to rummage through your belongings in search of that one item. Simply open any one of its various compartments and quickly locate what you need.

A seamless travel experience is made possible with the effortless accessibility brought on by this backpack.

Whether it’s sun, rain, or snow, the WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel will keep your belongings safe and dry, proving to be the ultimate weather-resistant companion for all your adventures.

Weather Resistant Material

The Material that can Withstand Different Weather Conditions

When it comes to the WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel, the material is designed to withstand different weather conditions. The duffel is made with a weather-resistant fabric that’s both water-resistant and durable. The bag is constructed out of YKK zippers and stitch lines reinforced with bar tacks, making it one of the rugged carryalls out there.

In fact, this bag can help protect your belongings from rain or snow thanks to its weather-resistant design. Here’s a table that summarizes some of its features:

Material Weather-resistant fabric
Zippers YKK
Stitch lines Reinforced with bar tacks

However, it’s not just the outside of this duffel that’s built for inclement weather; its inner layer is also made with materials that keep moisture at bay. This means you don’t have to worry about any humidity causing damage to your valuables.

This travel duffel is an essential accessory for those who travel frequently and want stylish pieces that offer protection at the same time. Don’t miss out on this great product – it could be exactly what you need!

Say goodbye to sore shoulders and hello to effortless style with the WANDRD HEXAD’s removable padded shoulder strap – it’s like a spa day for your duffel bag.

Removable Padded Shoulder Strap

Crafted with a shoulder strap that can be removed, the WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel offers convenience and flexibility in travel. Here are six significant points about this feature:

  • The padded shoulder strap provides comfort during use.
  • It is adjustable to fit the individual’s preference.
  • The strap can be removed when not needed, giving freedom for carrying options.
  • The metal snap hooks allow for easy attachment and detachment of the strap.
  • The padding helps distribute weight evenly, reducing strain on the shoulders.
  • The strap can be replaced with another preferred carrying option such as a backpacking system or handle straps

Additionally, apart from this feature, what makes WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel more unique is its durable material that can withstand harsh weather conditions and journeys.

A true fact regarding this product is that according to Forbes, WANDRD stands out in their camera bags and accessories line due to their functional designs and high-quality materials.

Travel in style and durability with the WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel – the only bag that can handle your questionable packing choices and questionable life decisions.

Design and Build Quality of WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel

To assess the design and build quality of the WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel, you can examine the durable materials it is made of, as well as its stylish and sleek design. This section will outline the two sub-sections to help you understand how the WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel solves the problem of finding a high-quality travel bag that is both durable and visually appealing.

Durable Materials

The materials used in the WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel are crafted to last. Here are six ways the quality of the materials provide durability for a seamless travel experience:

  • The duffel is made from 1680 denier ballistic nylon, a highly durable material that is resistant to wear and tear.
  • The exterior features a durable water-repellent (DWR) coating, keeping your belongings dry in rainy conditions.
  • YKK zippers offer long-lasting strength and durability.
  • Dual-layered webbing handles ensure sturdiness even when carrying heavy loads.
  • The backpack straps are made from a breathable air mesh material, providing comfort during extended use.
  • The bottom of the bag is reinforced with Hypalon, an abrasion-resistant synthetic rubber that adds extra support and durability.

In addition to these protective features, this duffel bag also boasts removable compression straps and a padded laptop compartment that can fit laptops up to 15 inches in size.

It’s worth noting that popular travel YouTuber Kara and Nate have raved about the WANDRD brand on their channel, citing its high-quality design and durable materials.

Who says travelling can’t be fashionable? The WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel is like the little black dress of luggage.

Stylish and sleek design

The WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel exudes a modern elegance with its seamless and polished design. The combination of sleek lines and premium materials ensure a sophisticated appearance that is both practical and visually appealing. Its minimalist yet striking style makes it a versatile accessory for any traveler.

This hexad carryall travel duffel showcases an exceptional attention to detail, evident in its clean-cut lines and superior construction. Made from high-quality materials, the duffel is durable enough to withstand wear and tear while keeping your belongings safe during transit. The bag features several compartments, reinforced zippers, adjustable straps and handles making it easy to use without compromising on style.

Unique detailing such as the leather name tag holder, removable shoulder strap pad, discrete security pocket, padded laptop sleeve among other features show off its functional design and creative flair. The WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel promises to be an excellent addition to your luggage collection.

Don’t miss out on being able to own this stunning piece of luggage that offers both style and functionality. With the WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel by your side, you can embark on your travels confidently knowing that your luggage will make heads turn whilst securing all your essentials. Get yours now!

Carrying this duffel around feels as comfy as a hug from a friendly octopus, minus the suction cups.

Comfort and Convenience

To ensure utmost comfort and convenience during your travel, the WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel with its multiple carry options and padded handles is the solution you need. This section discusses the benefits of this exceptional bag, which are outlined in the sub-sections as Multiple Carry Options and Padded Handles for comfortable carrying.

Multiple Carry Options

When looking for a bag, having various methods to carry it is essential for comfort and convenience. Below are some options that provide ease and versatility in carrying your bag.

  • Ergonomic shoulder straps
  • Adjustable cross-body straps
  • Padded top handles
  • Belt loops for waist carry
  • Molle system for attachment to other gear

In addition to these standard carrying options, some bags may have unique features such as hidden pockets or detachable straps. These features can enhance the bag’s usability with additional, customizable carry options.

Pro Tip: It’s always important to consider your needs when choosing a bag and its carrying options. For larger loads or longer distances, ergonomic shoulder straps or waist carry may be the best option, while cross-body straps may work better for everyday use and ease of access.

Finally, a comfortable way to lug around all those snacks we promised ourselves we wouldn’t eat.

Padded Handles for comfortable carrying

Padded grips facilitate comfortable transporting of the product by providing added cushioning and convenience.

  • Comfort: The padded handles provide a soft grip, reducing the discomfort caused by carrying bulky or heavy items.
  • Convenience: Padded handles make it easier to hold objects securely and carry them for prolonged periods of time.
  • Durability: The extra layer of padding ensures that the handle remains intact despite wear and tear.
  • Protection: The padded handles provide a protective barrier between your hand and any sharp edges on the product.
  • Ease of use: Products with padded handles are simpler to use than those without, as they help maintain stability and balance when lifting heavy items.
  • Versatility: Padded handles can be used on different types of products, making them an adaptable option for unique needs.

This ergonomic feature helps alleviate pressure points in your hand while minimizing fatigue during transportation. Instead of adjusting your grip constantly to get comfortable, padded handles assist you by reducing pain from prolonged usage.

Pro Tip – Invest in products with well-cushioned grips to enhance convenience and comfort while handling heavy loads. Cheap and convenient, like a knockoff Rolex bought off the street corner.

Pricing and Value for Money

To get the most out of your purchase of WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel, you want to have an idea of the pricing and value for money as your solution. Competitive pricing and value for money are two important sub-sections that we’ll enumerate in this article.

Competitive Pricing

One of the most critical aspects of attracting customers is offering pricing that is in line with or better than your competitors. Being able to provide a competitive price point can help you differentiate yourself and capture market share. It also shows that you are offering value for money, which is highly attractive to discerning consumers.

Keeping an eye on the competition enables businesses to tweak and adjust prices to maintain competitiveness in the industry. Whether it’s lowering costs for specific products or packages or having different payment options available, this is how companies survive in a world where consumer expectations are constantly changing.

Offering special deals or bundles can make your business stand out from the crowd and encourage new customers while maintaining existing ones.

Pro Tip: Keep offering different incentives to target a wider audience and keep ahead of competitors by providing exceptional value.

Spending more doesn’t always mean getting more value, unless you’re talking about therapy.

Value for Money

The worth of the expense in comparison to the product received is known as value for money. Customers are looking for reasonable prices while businesses want a profit. To provide value, companies must offer good quality items that meet purchaser’s expectations at a reasonable price.

In addition to offering exceptional products, firms that understand their customers’ needs and preferences can also provide value for money. Providing personalized solutions such as fast shipping or easy returns demonstrates a company’s dedication to providing a great customer experience. This assists establish brand loyalty and fosters long-term consumer relationships.

Companies should prioritize creating an inclusive pricing strategy that considers consumers’ financial means while still generating profits. Focusing solely on earning profits may result in overpricing goods, which can harm recall rates and damage the brand perception.

Value for money has always been important in commerce history. In fact, ancient marketplaces had hagglers who negotiated with vendors and sought the best possible bargain, which is similar to modern-day customers who shop with the goal of receiving the most wherewithal for their money. Offering value has consistently been essential to maintain business relationships that last a lifetime.

Why choose between a duffel bag and a spaceship when you can have both with the WANDRD HEXAD Carryall?

Pros and Cons of WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel

To make an informed decision about the WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel, consider its pros and cons. The pros include some noteworthy features that make it a great choice, while the cons may be deal breakers for some. In this section, we’ll give you a brief introduction to the pros and cons of the WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel, so you can decide if it’s right for you.


Highlighting the advantages of WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel, this section explores the positive aspects that make it a worthwhile investment.

A glance at the pros of WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel reveals its outstanding features that cater to every traveler’s needs. The table below provides explicit details about the product’s benefits and highlights.

Spacious and Organized Multiple Compartments for Efficient Packing
Rugged and Durable Made Weather-Resistant Quality Fabric
Great Accessibility Quick Access to All Belongings on-the-go
Ergonomic and Comfortable Design Padded Straps and Handles for Maximum Comfort

In addition to these benefits, the HEXAD Carryall Duffel allows one to carry it in various ways like backpack or hand-carry by using its detachable straps.

HEXAD Carryall has made a footprint in the market by streamlining short travel packing while offering possibilities for longer trips. Its durability is unparalleled because of its history stems from deep research regarding customer convenience.

Whether looking for a quick weekend visit or long-haul expedition, this duffel is worth its weight in gold.
Travel light? Sure, just leave behind your dignity and personal hygiene with the WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel’s lack of ventilation.


While the WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel has many great features, there are certain aspects that may not suit every traveler’s needs. One potential drawback could be its size, as it may be too large for carry-on luggage depending on airlines’ restrictions. Additionally, some users have reported difficulty accessing items in the bag due to its design.

However, it’s important to note that these cons may not necessarily apply to everyone and depend on individual preferences and airline regulations. Despite these potential downsides, the duffel offers numerous benefits such as ample storage space, versatile carrying options, and durable materials.

One unique feature of the WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel is its removable backpack straps, making it easy to convert from a shoulder or hand-held bag to a backpack. Additionally, the bag’s weather-resistant construction ensures protection against harsh elements during travel.

Interestingly, the founders of WANDRD initially created the HEXAD duffel as a result of their own experiences with unsatisfactory travel gear. Their mission was to create a reliable and multifunctional bag that caters to all types of travelers.

Travel in style with the WANDRD HEXAD Carryall, just don’t blame the bag for your bad packing skills.

Conclusion and Recommendation for WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel

The WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel is an exceptional product for frequent travelers. It has an ample amount of storage space and provides great flexibility while being carried around. Its durability and improved features make it stand out from other travel duffels.

Moreover, the HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel’s weather-resistant material helps safeguard your belongings against unexpected weather conditions. The high-strength nylon webbing with a padded shoulder strap improves portability and weight distribution. Additionally, its compression straps help reduce bulkiness.

Overall, the WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel is highly recommended for anyone who requires a dependable and tough transport solution for their travels. It is an ideal fit for photographers, outdoor enthusiasts, long-term travelers or fitness buffs.

To top it up, the brand itself concentrates on creating durable products that withstand all forms of adventure, making the WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel ideal for everyone looking to upgrade their gear without worrying about wear and tear in extreme situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the dimensions of the WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel?

Answer: The dimensions of the WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel are 22” x 14” x 9” (56cm x 36cm x 23cm).

2. What is the weight of the WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel?

Answer: The weight of the WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel is 3.4lbs (1.5kg).

3. What materials is the WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel made of?

Answer: The WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel is made of weather-resistant materials, including 1680D ballistic nylon, PU-coated waterproof zippers, and durable hardware.

4. Can the WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel be used as a backpack?

Answer: Yes, the WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel can be converted into a backpack with the padded shoulder straps and waist belt that are included.

5. How much can the WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel hold?

Answer: The WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel has a total volume of 45L and can hold up to 3-5 days worth of clothes and gear.

6. What additional features does the WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel have?

Answer: The WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Travel Duffel includes a padded laptop sleeve, multiple internal and external pockets, a quick-access top pocket for small items, and a separate shoe compartment.

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