Disclosure of partner information: As an Amazon Assistant, I earn my money through qualifying purchases. In this article, I will do my best to answer the question of which universal remote controls work with the Firestick.

Some of you have written to me to say that other information on these remote controls, ahem, is a little missing (or even wholly inaccurate). And we can’t let that happen.

The best universal remote controls that work with Firestick:

  1. Premium selection: Elite of Harmony
  2. Best price: Harmony companion
  3. Replacement of the budget: External voices from the Amazon
  4. The best alternative to Harmony: Sofabaton U1
  5. Remote control/keyboard combination: WeChip W2 Pro
  6. The best mini keyboard: Phosmon Mini
  7. The best Sidecar remote control: Box

This stick burns

According to a recent report by Grand View Research, the global smart TV market has exceeded $13.8 billion. Furthermore, it is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.2% until 2025.

Yeah, you read that right; it’s 13.8 billion. Wow, that’s a lot of money for such a little stick. LOL.

Although it is difficult to say what share of this market Amazon has with Firestick, Amazon announced earlier this year that its Fire TV platform had exceeded the 40 million user mark. Spain has about 46 million inhabitants, Argentina 45 million, and Ukraine 43 million.

It is, therefore, more likely that Amazon will dominate this market to a significant extent. Firestick leads the electronics category on Amazon.com and is still the sales leader throughout the Amazon range.

If you’ve been here, you’re probably already a proud owner of a Firestick, so I won’t bore you with stories about the benefits of ownership.

Instead, more specifically, I will answer the question of which universal remote controls work with Firestick.

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I’m going to include some super affordable budget options and bonus options that I already have and like.  But first, I will display all my options in a handy comparison table so that you can see all my best options side by side.

Does that sound like a plan?  We’ll give you a nice remote for your Firestick.

Best universal remote controls for Firestick: My top three choices

1. Premium selection: Harmony Elite

Which universal remote controls work with Firestick?

Harmony Elite is the top of the line regarding Harmony remotes and remotes in general, at least on the consumer side. The most exciting feature is the color LCD screen that allows you to start activities such as watching a movie, listening to music, or going out with someone.

It’s a bit difficult to set up, but once you do, everything works perfectly. For example, Watch a Movie can automatically turn on the TV, switch the input to Firestick, turn on the soundbar, AV receiver, and surround sound system, and even dim the lights and change their color.

The Harmony Elite is mine, and I love it. It’s not cheap, but the most significant advantage is getting rid of all your other remotes, including the Firestick remote control. And you can use it to check everything you’ve got. This includes both intelligent home appliances and home cinema systems.  It even works with Alexa and Google for voice control. You can check the price on Amazon or read my full review of Harmony Elite.


  • A brightly colored LCD screen will impress your friends
  • The activity makes it possible to switch on multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Customizable hard keys
  • Haptic feedback – vibrates
  • All keys are backlit
  • Alex and the Google Voice Assistant
  • A revised version is often available (this is the version I bought).


  • It was expensive.
  • They can’t do them fast enough. They often fail.


The Logitech Harmony Elite

This is the best universal remote control you can buy. Period. A beautiful color LCD touch screen, haptic feedback, one-touch activities, Alexa and Google support, and smartphone applications for the whole family. It’s the only remote that controls them all.

2. Harmony Companion

Which universal remote controls work with Firestick?

Harmony Companion is the next on my list of universal remotes that work with the Firestick.

In a recent study comparing the Elite of the Harmony and the Companion of the Harmony, I called the Companion the Elite of the Poor. It’s probably not fair for Firestick for two reasons. On the one hand, it’s not as cheap as some of the other budget options on my list. Second, it’s a great remote control but doesn’t have the elite LCD touchscreen or support many devices.

The fact is that it has most of the characteristics of the elite. This includes programmable buttons for the same activities I mentioned above. It also manages your innovative home technology and home entertainment equipment (up to eight), including Firestick and virtually any other streaming service.  It also allows you to control your TV with your voice via Alexa and Google Assistant (and Apple Homekit / Siri to a lesser extent).


  • Intelligent home and home cinema control
  • Consolidation of up to eight home cinema remote controls (unlimited number of smart devices)
  • Actions give you complete control over multiple devices and the order in which they are turned on.
  • Alexa and Google’s Voice Assistant
  • The control units behind the cabinets
  • Smart Home application turns smartphones and tablets into customizable remote controls for the whole family.


  • The installation is automated but takes some time.
  • No LCD screen is as excellent as that of the Elite.
  • Customers complain about problems with the repaired model
  • It’s cheaper than Elite but still expensive if you only want to check the Firestick.


Companion for Harmony Logitech

Harmony Companion offers the same advantages as Harmony Elite, but without the color LCD screen and can combine eight remotes instead of fifteen.

3.  AmazonVoice remote control

Which universal remote control works with Firestick

The Amazon Alexa remote control is next on my list of universal remote controls that work with Firestick.

Let me start by saying that there are still several generations of this remote area on the Amazon.  So you want to make sure you choose a Firestick-compatible version.

The remote controls on 2. Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Stick 2020 release, Fire TV Stick (2nd generation), Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Cube (2nd generation), Fire TV Cube (1st generation), and Amazon Fire TV (3rd generation, suspended design). Not compatible with Amazon Fire TV (1st and 2nd generation), Fire TV Stick (1st generation), and Amazon Fire TV Smart TV Edition.

It adds volume for power, volume, and mute, so you don’t have to switch between remotes. You can also use it for essential comments from Alexa, for example. For example, you were checking the weather, playing music, getting sports scores, watching live videos, and checking specific smart home devices.


  • Profitable
  • Suitable OEM replacement for existing Firestick remote control
  • Supports the most common Alexa orders
  • Firestick voice searches to find your favorite content (e.g., Alexa to find science fiction movies).
  • 2 AAA batteries included


  • Compatible with Fire Stick 2. Generation, but NOT with Fire Stick 2.
  • Not compatible with all televisions
  • Some customers complain that the installation instructions are confusing.
  • Cannot check other inputs
  • It is difficult to remove the battery cover.


Alexa Voice Remote Control (2nd generation) with power and volume control – requires a compatible Fire TV device.

  • Compatible with Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Stick 2020, Fire TV Stick (2nd generation), Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Cube (2nd generation), Fire TV Cube (1st generation), and Amazon Fire TV (3rd generation, suspended design). Not compatible with Amazon Fire TV (1st and 2nd generation), Fire TV Stick (1st generation), and Amazon Fire TV Smart TV Edition.
  • Now, power, volume, and mute buttons control your TV, soundbar, and AV receiver.
  • With one mouse click, Alexa can easily find, execute and monitor content.

4. Alternative Harmony: Sofabaton U1

Which universal remotes work with Firestick

If it can’t go wrong with Harmony, there is a cheaper newcomer with its fan base.  The Sofabaton is an LCD remote that offers many of the same functions as the Harmony but is much more than just a device.

The device is easy to set up because it learns what to do by pointing to the remote control for other devices. Highlights include an OLED display with a flywheel for easy device sharing, motion activation to conserve battery power, and macro buttons to control multiple devices simultaneously, such as on the Harmony.

As for the Firestick universal remote controls, these are a decent budgetary option.


  • Cheaper than Harmony Hub-based remotes.
  • OLED display
  • The company claims to be compatible with more than 500,000 devices from more than 6,000 brands.
  • Macros at the touch of a button
  • One year warranty
  • Elevator to wake up the option


  • It can only be paired with one Bluetooth device at a time (e.g., only with Firestick).
  • The color of the LCD monitor is not as good as that of the Elite and may be brighter.
  • No voice or keyboard control
  • Macros do not allow you to change the input.
  • Does not support Wi-Fi devices such as. B. the Roku Stick.
  • Consumers complain about low RI over long distances
  • Customers report problems with Roku and Fire TV Interaction


Improved SofaBaton U1 universal remote control with an OLED display and Smart APP, all in one universal remote control for up to 15 entertainment devices, compatible with Smart TV/DVD/STB/Projector, etc.

  • 【U1 Universal remote control replaces 15 other remote controls 】Our unique remote control supports over 500,000 devices of more than 6,000 brands. The database will be updated as new devices become available, so you do not have to worry about the latest gadgets that do not fit. Both are compatible with IR and Bluetooth systems, without wireless or Wi-Fi support (such as Ruku Stick). Say goodbye to this mess of remote controls once and for all.
  • App One Touch setting【SofaBaton custom smartphone APP, one-button setting, no need to enter a complicated code to fit. Control your entire house with a single remote control. Throw away all your complicated remote controls, one remote control for you. Compatible with / Ruku/ Kodi and other,STB ,Projector,DVD,AV Receiver etc.
  • 【】OLED display and function 【C9Motion activation function The brilliant color OLED display shows the current status directly and allows easy switching between devices. A motion-controlled function can automatically adjust the brightness of the remote control and save power to extend battery life. The wheel’s unique design makes it easy to switch from one device to another with a simple scroll. You must use this universal remote control U1 !!! this universal remote control U1 !!

5. WeChip W2

Which universal remote controls work with Firestick

OK, although this remote control requires a hack to use with Firestick, I just had to record it here. Let me start with the robbery. An On-The-Go (OTG) adapter cable is required to use the Firestick [Amazonelink]. Indeed, you need to connect the USB stick to use the remote control. You can get Amazon’s remote and adapter for a fraction of the price of Harmony remotes here.

There are two very cool things about this remote control. On one side there are simple but standard remote controls and on the other side a full Qwerty keyboard. This can be useful not only for finding content on the Firestick but also for surfing YouTube and other content.  The second nice thing is that it works as an air console. That means you literally swing it in the air like a magic wand and it does something. Very Harry Potter.


  • Remote control, air remote, and control panel in one device
  • Long battery life, which lasts for weeks after a single charge
  • Budgetary approach
  • Ideal for seniors and children
  • Protection function against loss of alarm when dongle button is pressed


  • Not compatible with all smart TVs
  • Does not integrate with Alexa or Google.
  • Keys are not illuminated.
  • The voice-activated remote control is not compatible
  • USB connection required (for Firestick, this means you need an OTG cable)
  • Several people have reported problems with non-reactive volume control when using the Firestick.
  • No home button


WeChip W2 Pro 2.4G Wireless remote control keyboard with light for Android/PC/Smart TV/Projector All-in-One PC box

  • Connecting and playing and voice input: Simply click the USB receiver to the device you want to operate and use without modification. When you press the voice button and speak into the microphone, it automatically searches for the desired TV program or APP, which is very convenient, especially for the elderly and children (most Samsung/Sony/LG/TCL/Roku Smart TVs may not be compatible).
  • Illuminated keyboard: The touch is matte, the texture is achieved by laser technology, an extra layer of rubber around the pneumatic remote control so that it lies well in hand and does not slip, and the magnification of the buttons and the pneumatic remote control to make it more comfortable and easier to use. The new backlight makes it easier to read the keys in the dark.
  • Alarm clocks: If you can’t remember where the remote control is placed, press the button on the USB receiver, and the built-in alarm bell will be activated. If you find the sound source, you can easily find your remote control, saving you a lot of money when you buy a new one. (If you want to stop the alarm earlier, press the button on the USB receiver, and the notice will be blocked).

6. Phosmon Mini

Which universal remote controls work with the Firestick

Although it’s not a universal remote control, it’s a great little keyboard that allows you to control the Firestick like a champion.

So if you need a gaming keyboard to navigate Firestick, Fosmon is an excellent and affordable way to get around. At least one YouTuber I know (AtReef) called it a life-changing product. I agree. I now have two remote controls on my coffee table: this remote-controlled keyboard and the Harmony Elite.  I had seven remote controls to control my home theater.

I use my Fosmon Mini mainly for YouTube, but it also works well for searching other streaming services, including Firestick.


  • Mini keyboard and trackpad with all functions
  • Lies well in the hand
  • Ideal for PC home cinema
  • It can be connected to both the PC and the Firestick.
  • You can use the trackpad and the arrow keys to navigate the Firestick.


Wireless mini keyboard with touchpad for bright TV projector compatible with Android iOS Windows

  • Seed Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Unique and innovative design work perfectly for PC, iPad, Android Google TV Box, Xbox One 360, PS4, Projector, HTPC, and IPTV.
  • Mini wireless keyboard with integrated touchpad and full QWERTY keyboard. Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery and automatic sleep/reserve mode.
  • The wireless keyboard makes texting accurate, easy, and user-friendly for the PS4 gamer. Portable and stylish with backlit, enjoy easy typing and multi-touch navigation directly from the couch.

7. Page click on

Which universal remote controls work with Firestick

Finally, the innovative clip remote control is on my list of universal remote controls that work with Firestick.

If you’re looking for extra functionality for your existing Fire TV remote, the Sideclick Universal Remote is worth watching. Installation is easy if you have the original remote controls you want to replace. Otherwise, please don’t buy it; you can’t install it without the existing remote control. More importantly, it allows you to control some other devices from one location.

If you are constantly messing around with a TV remote control, a Firestick remote control, and a Soundbar remote control, this may be a good solution.


  • Cost-effective accessories for existing fire alarm control panels
  • Increases functionality
  • A single remote control can control most TVs, Fire TV, soundbar, and Blu-ray.
  • Learn about an existing remote control
  • Customizable buttons for your devices


  • Requires the original remote control(s) for installation.
  • Separate batteries required
  • No support for activities
  • No keyboard
  • Few customers have complained about breaking clips after limited use.
  • There is no left-handed model; the company recommends mounting it upside down.

Which universal remote controls work with the Firefly device?

So, what do you think of my answer to the age-old question of which universal remote controls work with the Firestick?

Are you going to take one of these remote controls to connect to your Firestick?

Are you willing to cover the cost of my Harmony console components?  This allows you to control much more than just Firestick. Is the integrated keyboard an essential criterion for you? Or maybe you want to replace your current Firestick remote control with Alexa?

Tim Brennan, Technical Writer, and Blogger

Tim Brennan [a.k.a.] Brennan Tec Timmy] is a senior technical writer with more than 25 years of experience in companies and organizations in and around the Greater Boston area, including GE and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Besides actively writing for this site, Tim regularly writes for OneSmartcrib.com, a brilliant life blog. Tim holds a Bachelor of Journalism degree from Northeastern University. Brennan is a father of two sons, an active blogger, a Star Wars maniac, and loves good tacos. There’s a good chance he’ll fall in love with Amazon Alexa. You can read more about Tim here.

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