A new line of wool and a new character from “The Little Prince” will be released in January 2022.

It’s a miracle that any piece of clothes can last two years of nonstop travel, with all the sweat, lousy weather, and mishaps it entails. The Wool & Prince Button-Down not only survived but also looks almost as incredible as it did when it first opened.

Wool & Prince Button Down Oxford In DetroitThis shirt’s tenacity may be attributed (in part) to the fact that we’ve only cleaned it a few times. And no, we aren’t repulsive. The Wool & Prince Button-Down comprises 100% Merino wool, a miraculous fabric with antibacterial and odor-resistant qualities. But that’s something we’ll go into later. Let’s have a look at how this item appears first.

Features, Fit, and Fabric

The Wool & Prince Button-Down is a dress shirt first and foremost. You can get away with wearing it with a suit if you’re a more refined breed than we are (we can count the number of times we’ve “dressed up” on the one hand). It has pearly white buttons and shirttails designed for tucking (there is a difference between shirttails designed for tucking and shirttails designed for hanging loose, as the Ministry of Supply Aero Dress Shirt demonstrates), and exquisite stitching and artistry.

Wool & Prince Button Down Oxford ButtonsIt’s also available in various colors and patterns, so you’ll be able to pick one that complements your complexion and style. The blue oxford and peach colors have been put to the test. We like the blue, but the peach may be a good choice if you’re feeling brave. We like the fact that there are choices for everyone.

The button-down is available in three different fits: slim, standard, and tall. We’ve been testing this shirt for so long that when we first bought it (weird flex), the classic fit was the only choice, so that’s what we’ve been working with. Although the standard fit is a little looser than we’d prefer (we had to size down), we’re glad Wool & Prince now has something for everyone. You may always take it a step further and get it customized if the sizing isn’t just perfect.

Wool & Prince Button Down Oxford CasualAs previously said, this button-down is suitable for more formal traveling occasions. It’s appropriate for formal dinners or meetings with potential customers, but it may also be worn down, unlike other dress shirts. Although the curved shirttail is designed to be tucked, you can get away with wearing it untucked without appearing like the man who doesn’t know how to dress in a dress shirt. Put on some shoes, unbutton a few buttons, and roll up your sleeves for a night out at even the most divey of pubs.

Wool & Prince Button Down Oxford MaterialThis shirt has a GSM of 130 and is composed of 18.5-micron worsted Merino wool. So don’t worry if the only word you recognized in that phrase was “wool.” We’ve got you covered.

All of this adds to a button-down that is sturdy, breathable, and lightweight, although somewhat irritating. We’ve broken down the phrases in a handy, dandy bulleted list if you want a bit more science:

  • GSM stands for grams per square meter and indicates the thickness of the cloth. The thicker the fabric, the greater the GSM. This button-down is light, with a GSM of 130.
  • The diameter of a thread is measured in microns (wool, in this case). The shirt is more delicate and softer as the number decreases. This shirt isn’t the best out there at 18.5. (the Outlier AMB Button Up uses 16.5-micron merino wool, for example). It’s somewhat irritating and abrasive, but not as much as “typical” wool—but we’ll take the itch factor over all the Merino advantages any day of the week.
  • Worsted yarn is made by preparing, washing, and spinning it in a particular manner that makes it tighter and stronger than yarn made in other ways. (For the purpose of brevity, we’re simplifying here.) Google can assist you if you want to learn more.)

Wool & Prince Button Down Oxford Flat LayLet us now discuss Merino wool. We could wax lyrical about all the characteristics of Merino for thousands of words (oh, wait, we already did), but we’ll keep it brief today. Merino wool is odor-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, and thermoregulating (warm in cool weather and cool in warm weather). You won’t want to wear this in a heatwave, however, since it’s a long-sleeve button-down.

We can’t stress enough how rarely this shirt has been washed. We also urge you to do so, since washing may be difficult on clothes, especially Merino. Although the labeling says this button-down should be dry-cleaned only, we had no trouble washing it using Granger’s Merino Wash on a gentle machine setting. But never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever,

Also, don’t discount the value of letting this shirt air out for a day or two in between wearings. It will help with the stench.

This button-down has an intriguing quirk when saturated with sweat or water: it may smell like wool. It’s a faint fragrance that isn’t unpleasant but worth noting.

Wool & Prince Button Down Oxford StretchFinally, there’s one more non-Merino aspect to discuss: the stretch. The Wool & Prince Button-Down isn’t very stretchy, but it has enough give to be comfortable. That’s all we have to say about the subject.

Testing & Durability

We’ve been testing the Wool & Prince Button Down for almost three years, including two years of full-time travel. And, as we said at the start of this review, it’s held up quite well. There are a few stray threads on the shirttails and sleeves, but that’s all. So, kudos to the Wool & Prince team for injecting some magic into the weave (we assume). Some customers have complained about yellowing around the collar; however, we haven’t experienced that problem. Not yet, at least.

Wool & Prince Button Down Oxford loose ThreadOverall, we suggest this shirt to all those digital nomads and road warriors who want to look and smell good without putting in a lot of work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is made of wool?

Wool is made of the fiber of the animal’s outer coat.

Why is wool so expensive?

Wool is expensive because it’s a natural product requiring more time and effort to produce. This is why the price of wool is so high.

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