It’s always a good idea to keep your toiletries in order. With this travel kit, you’ll be able to stay on top of hygiene needs without adding extra weight or bulk.

A travel toiletry kit that keeps you prepared for all your hygiene needs anywhere in the world. This handy carry-on bag is designed with not just a range of items to reduce packing but also includes an easy-to-fill water bottle pouch at its center so you can always have cold or hot water with you.

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A Dopp kit—or toiletry kit, as they’re sometimes known—is a must-have item to have while traveling unless you want all your toiletries strewn around your luggage. With its sturdy materials, excellent interior organization, and handy hook, the Aer Travel Kit is a fantastic choice. That’s also why it’s on our Digital Nomad Packing List.

Aesthetics & Materials

The Aer Travel Kit’s design shouts Aer to us. Its design is comparable to that of Aer’s other products (the Day Sling, Travel Duffel, Travel Pack, etc.). If you like the sleek and minimalist design, you’ll probably also like this kit’s look. We’ve been using it in black, but it also comes in a sophisticated gray.

This kit isn’t enormous at 2.5 liters, but it’s big enough to hold everything you’ll need on the road. We’ve also discovered that it’s a beautiful size and shape for packaging. It may be stored vertically in your luggage, while many other Dopp kits must be stored horizontally.

In proper Aer form, the materials aren’t cheap. The outside shell is constructed of 1680D CORDURA® ballistic nylon, which is very durable. While the kit isn’t waterproof (it’s best not to use it in the shower), it is water-resistant, which is essential for a Dopp kit since water and toiletries go together like peanut butter and jelly.

All central zippers are YKK RC #8, which are very substantial for a sizing kit. These oversized zippers, like those on the Aer Travel Pack 2, tend to jingle in transportation. Although this is inconvenient, we’d rather have too large zippers than ones that will break. The front pocket has a YKK Aquaguard zipper for additional water protection, which is also found on most Aer items. It certainly contributes to the traditional Aer style we discussed before.

The interior zippers are likewise YKK, although they’re much smaller at #3. Finally, the stowable hook is also made by YKK. We didn’t realize YKK manufactured themes before now, but we’re happy they do!

Kit Contents

Moving on to the kit’s interior, we believe it has just the perfect amount of organization. It has enough space for all of your amenities to fit and be readily found, which is what we desire. However, if you have many toiletries, you may run into problems.

Starting with the two exterior pockets—neither of which has anything spectacular going on—we’ll take a short tour through the kit. They’re ideal for storing flat things that you may need to reach quickly. We’ve been carrying a tiny plastic bag in the front pocket to keep our liquids if we need to go through airport security and our first-aid kit in the rear pocket. Trust us if you don’t want to search for your first-aid kit.

On the outside, there’s also a toothbrush compartment, which we think is an excellent addition. When you’ll probably keep your toothbrush in your bag while traveling, having a place to put it while staying at a hotel or Airbnb is very convenient. You know, it’s the small stuff.

Let’s have a look inside the main compartment now. The stowable hook at the top is visible right away. This is convenient since you can hang your equipment in your hotel/Airbnb room or on a hook in a public bathroom, and it can easily be tucked away when not in use. As long as all of the major zippers are completely unzipped, the kit hangs well.

A big mesh pocket is underneath it, which is ideal for the flatter HumanGear GoToob containers we’ve loaded with gels, lotions, hair products, and ibuprofen. In this pocket, we’ve also stuffed our body soap.

On the other hand, there’s a pocket with a four-sectioned elastic organizer on the opposite side. This is where we store the majority of our liquid toiletries, including our HumanGear GoToobs liquid containers, which include toothpaste and Merino Wool Wash, as well as deodorant and a travel trimmer.

We’ve been keeping tiny things like tweezers and nail clippers in the zipped pocket.

Finally, there’s a two-section elastic organizer that’s perfect for a razor, comb, or toothbrush. There’s also a vertical pocket for storing a few small things or protecting the head of your toothbrush.

We did feel that this elastic was a bit too big, particularly for travel-related things, which are often smaller than non-travel-related items. While none of our belongings fell out, they did move about a lot. In future versions, we hope Aer can take a deeper look at this elastic.

Testing and Durability

For the last two months, we’ve been putting the Aer Travel Kit to the test, and it’s performed well. There are a few loose threads and little imperfections (which seem to be caused by toothpaste), but nothing out of the ordinary.

When it comes to packing this item, we’ve discovered that you have to be strategic. Unless you use very flat things, it’s impossible to use all of the pockets and compartments—the kit may quickly grow too fat to shut.

We pack in layers, starting with the flatter things on top and working down to the heavier stuff below. And as long as you stick to it, you’ll be OK.

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