Uniqlo has become a popular place to shop for clothes, but it’s not just your run-of-the-mill clothing store. They’re also famous for their retail innovations like the affordable price tags and socks that double as sandals (yes, they exist). However, Uniqlo is still far from perfect.

Sometimes you want a pack that’s tough enough to withstand blizzards on mountain tops and stylish enough to go into a business meeting and walk away with a job. However, there are occasions when you want a pack that is less expensive than a fancy-ish dinner but still gets the job done.

For the former, check out some of our other backpack reviews, but if you’re looking for a bag that “gets the job done,” meet the 3-Way Bag by Uniqlo. This bag has a fantastic organizing system, professional appearance, and comfortable carry—even if the materials aren’t the best. It’s named for the three ways you may carry it (briefcase, messenger, and backpack).

It’s ideal as a daypack, particularly for days when you’re carrying a laptop or stopping by a business meeting, but if you’re a light packer, it may also be used for short excursions.

Aesthetics & Materials

We’ll start with what might be considered the bag’s most robust feature: its appearance. Again, Uniqlo chose a fundamental look, which we like. We’ve been testing the bag in navy, but it comes in black and a few other colors, which we can’t see since Uniqlo was out of stock at the time of this review. If we find out more, we’ll update this review.

The front zipper adds a great touch of detail, and there’s not much else going on. Even the branding isn’t apparent. And we’re completely enamored with it! Its simple style makes it suitable for travel—you won’t stand out as a tourist—and it fits well with any environment, casual or business. If you were a stock picture model looking for a backpack for your next session, this would be ideal (you’re welcome, stock photo models).

Now we’ll look at the bag’s materials, which might be considered its weakest point. But, surprisingly, the materials haven’t bothered us too much. They’re not fantastic, but they’re also not bad.

Uniqlo 3-Way Bag MaterialThe bag is constructed of ballistic polyester, which is very robust and tear-resistant. Although we favor nylon for its strength, ballistic polyester is also a viable option.

A “water repellent agent” is applied to the polyester. Uniqlo doesn’t say what that agent is, which makes us reluctant to believe it but also intrigued if they’ve discovered some secret magic chemical we don’t know about, but the bag has held up well through a wet spring and summer, so far.

An extra Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) layer is attached to the bag’s inside. We’ll explain TPE if you join us in putting on our chemist hat (goggles?) for a moment.

It’s a combination of plastic and rubber, one of those post-World War II chemical compounds. You probably care that this coating improves durability and keeps your bag looking new for longer.

Uniqlo 3-Way Bag ZipperThe zippers are next on the list. The zippers are reversed coil (which means the loop isn’t exposed) and feature a water guard for weather protection. This is a significant advantage for a bag that carries costly technology like your laptop. However, the zippers are tiny, and we haven’t been able to identify the brand (Uniqlo hasn’t replied to our query as of this review). We’ve got far too many instances of zippers failing to trust them. (If you’ve ever been traveling and had a key component of your pack break, you’ll understand how I feel.) If that’s not the case, consider yourself fortunate!)

Furthermore, the unbranded plastic hardware is utilized throughout. We haven’t encountered any issues with them yet, but keep a lookout for updates on our Usage Timeline below.

Uniqlo 3-Way Bag Hardware

Components from Outside

This Uniqlo bag (get it?) is unusual because it can be worn in three different ways. And, unlike many other pouches that promise to do the same thing, this one works well in all three modes.

Uniqlo 3-Way Bag BriefcaseThe first method is to carry it like a briefcase by the top handle. The snap button unites the two sides of the handle into a single unit. We virtually never have the bag this way, although it helps with maneuvering, such as swiping it into an overhead bin on an aircraft.

Uniqlo 3-Way Bag MessengerThe second method is to connect the strap to the bag’s plastic loops at the top and carry it as a messenger bag, which is the method we’ve been utilizing the most. You may wear it over your chest or one shoulder. In any case, it’s ideal for daily use or short walks, such as from your Uber to your hotel.

We’ve discovered that carrying it in this manner is most comfortable. That is until you start stuffing the pack with heavy stuff. The strap is utterly devoid of cushioning, so when the package is rich, the belt and clasp may bite into your skin. That’s not so good.

Uniqlo 3-Way Bag BackpackOn the other hand, Uniqlo provides a third option: a backpack. The straps are stowable, which means they will be concealed under a back panel when carrying the bag in any of the first two modes. Untuck the shoulder straps from the meeting, clip the lower portion of the waistband to the top, and you’ve got yourself a backpack.

The backpack straps don’t have anything unique about them. They’re comfortable enough because of the cushioning, and the weight is divided evenly between your shoulders since it’s a backpack. However, although the back panel is made of breathable mesh, the straps are not. They’re also not shaped for a more comfortable fit.

There are no hip belts or load lifters, either. We don’t believe you’ll miss these items since the bag is tiny, but you may if you carry some more oversized items. That is to say, and you may wish to purchase a new bag for your rock collection.

Uniqlo 3-Way Bag BackAside from that, there isn’t much else going on in the outside world. You won’t even find pockets for water bottles. The frequency with which you carry water bottles, reusable mugs, or thermoses determines whether this absence of water bottle pockets is positive or negative.

Inside the Bundle

Let’s have a look at this thing. Some individuals like bags with a lot of interior structure, while others prefer nothing at all. We’ve been enjoying the Uniqlo 3-Way Bag in the center.

There are four different pockets. And, of course, the orientation of these compartments is determined by how you carry the bag. For the purpose of simplicity, we’ll refer to them as if you’re carrying the bag in the messenger or briefcase styles.

Uniqlo 3-Way Bag Front PocketThe first compartment is located at the front of the pack and is vertically orientated. Vertical pockets aren’t our favorite since whatever is inside typically ends up in a heap at the bottom of the compartment. Not great for tangle-prone cables, but fine for other miscellaneous things like your wallet or a few pencils, and a location where you may use accessory bags to take control of your own organizing.

Then there are two compartments on the front of the bag that are essentially mirror copies of one another. They’re as deep as the front of the bag is long, but they only open to about half that height, which makes getting in and out of them a pain.

Uniqlo 3-Way Bag Front Pocket RightThe major distinction between these two divisions is their internal structure. There is one long inner pocket in the right compartment, while the pocket within the left compartment is split in two. Smaller things go in the split pocket, while bigger objects, such as a computer mouse, go in the longer one.

Uniqlo 3-Way Bag Front Pocket LeftOne disadvantage is that when you wear the bag in backpack mode, these sections are near upside down. Furthermore, since these interior compartments aren’t zipped, your belongings may slip out.

Uniqlo 3-Way Bag Main Compartment The main compartment is the next stop, and it’s a cross between a clamshell-style backpack that opens all the way around and a top-loading backpack that only opens at the top. The bulk of the zipper is unzipped. We have no problems since you can still see what’s inside, and the bag’s shape enables you to carry it as a backpack securely.

Two mesh pockets are located on one side of the main compartment. Although they aren’t zipped, they are deep enough that things haven’t slipped out. We’ve been storing cables and hard drives there, but it’s also an excellent place to store Dopp kits for weekend getaways.

Uniqlo 3-Way Bag LaptopThe laptop pocket is on the other side, covered by a small layer of mesh on one side and a good quantity of cushioning on the other. It’s held together by a tiny velcro strap. There’s a fake bottom, so your laptop won’t fall out every time your backpack does, which is a thoughtful addition from Uniqlo. However, a laptop cover or sleeve is still recommended since the pocket is fragile enough for a tiny laptop to move about.

If your laptop is too large to fit in the pocket, such as a huge 17″ or larger, you may always store it in the compartment. Aside from that, this area is ideal for clothes. We recommend packing cubes to keep your clothes tidy, and fortunately for you, we created a complete tutorial on them.

Testing & Durability

For the last month, we’ve been using the Uniqlo 3-Way Bag as a daily vehicle throughout Detroit, Michigan. Overall, we’ve been pleasantly surprised by how well it’s held up. Only a few minor scuffs and a teeny-tiny stain from a jelly-related mishap (whoops!) remain.

Uniqlo 3-Way Bag ScuffWe’ve discovered that it has exactly the perfect amount of organization for all the stuff we bring daily—laptops, headphones, external hard drives, and so on. And we blended perfectly in with the coworking space’s other business professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A: Yes, Uniqlo masks are three layers.

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A: AIRism masks are three-ply.

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