The Bellroy Key Cover Plus is the latest addition to the company’s lineup of slim wallet cases. It promises high-end luxury without compromising on protection or style, but does it live up to its promise.

If you’re weary of your keys scratching your phone and other valuables, jingling madly in your pocket, or just wanting to seem more sophisticated, a key organizer like the Bellroy Key Cover Plus is a good option.

A key organizer does exactly what it says on the tin: it keeps your keys organized. The Bellroy Key Cover, for example, stores your keys in a leather bifold sheath-like case. To get a key, all you have to do is swing it out of the casing like a Swiss Army Knife tool.

Bellroy Key Cover Plus In Essex EnglandThe Bellroy Key Cover is available in two versions: regular plus. Apart from a few bucks, the only difference is that the Plus includes an additional slot to attach your keys, allowing it to carry 4 to 8 keys against 2 to 4 for the Regular. We’ve been putting the Key Cover Plus to the test, even though we don’t have a lot of keys and have never come close to exceeding the eight-key restriction. We assume the cover will be a bit clumsy at that stage.

Aesthetics & Materials

The Bellroy Key Cover Plus, in our opinion, is one of the most professional-looking key organizers available. And it might be due to the material: the whole cover is made of leather, with no obnoxious metallic decoration seen on other organizers.

Bellroy Key Cover Plus In Essex EnglandBellroy’s leather has long been a favorite since it’s supple, durable, and responsibly sourced. The leather on their critical cover looks worn in the everyday leathery style after almost a year of constant usage. But, to us, it just adds to the refinement.

Bellroy Key Cover Plus Leather MaterialIt’s not necessarily the most fantastic fabric to travel with because leather isn’t as sturdy or weather-resistant as certain synthetics. However, several key organizers are available, such as the Orbitkey “active” Organiser, if you know that will be a problem for you—or if you attempt to avoid animal products.

There is a range of hues to choose from, including a bright red that can distract from the professional look we described before. However, it will make locating your keys at the bottom of your luggage much more straightforward.

How Does It Work?

Let’s take a closer look at how this works. To begin with, two magnets on each side of the inside close the lid. We’ve discovered that this method of opening and shutting the case is both secure and practical.

Bellroy Key Cover Plus Elasticated Key Attachment PointsA little metal toggle goes on the end of an elastic keeper and secures the keys to the cover. Thread your key through the toggle to fasten it to the surface. Bellroy also provides a more significant attachment that may be used to connect any keys with a giant hole, which is an excellent addition, though we’ve never required it. We’re also pleased to report that no keys have ever fallen off the toggle, and we’ve been amazed at how simple it is to attach and remove a key (so much so that you can almost do it with one hand).

Bellroy Key Cover Plus With A Car Key AttachedBulky keys (like vehicle keys) won’t fit in the cover, but you may attach them to the leather loop on the outside. So that’s what we’ve done, and it’s turned out to be a fantastic method.

Bellroy Key Cover Plus With Two Keys In Either SideThe elastic keepers have excellent elasticity, making it even simpler to attach, remove, or slide your keys out for usage. However, because the whole cover is made of leather and lacks the same structure as other organizers, you must use it while holding the key through the leather. We don’t believe this is a significant deal—we soon got accustomed to it—but it’s worth noting.

Testing & Durability

Bellroy Key Cover Plus In Essex EnglandWe’ve been using the Bellroy Key Cover Plus for about a year and have been very pleased. We love the all-leather appearance, particularly now that it’s broken in, and believe it adds to the overall elegance of our ensemble.

We haven’t observed any evidence of usage apart from the usual leather ware. There are no blemishes, scratches, or loose threads to be found. For a year, that’s rather outstanding.

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