I’ve been testing the Peak Design Capture Clip, which has far exceeded my expectations. This is a lightweight camera clip to attach your smartphone or compact camera to your bag strap. It’s small but adds an enormous amount of carrying capacity for your gear.

The best camera, they say, is the one you carry with you. It makes sense when you consider how many classic images are candid shots. As a result, anytime our inner shutterbug wants to go for a walk, we prefer to have our cameras on straps. What are the chances? An extremely adorable dog may be performing impressive backflips just waiting to be snapped around the corner.

We can’t promise that Peak Design’s Capture ClipAn extremely adorable dog may bet you’ll be far more likely to capture them. It takes some practice to get accustomed to, and it’s a little more challenging to use than a strap. Although having a camera protruding from your backpack’s shoulder strap is unusual, it has benefits. We’d be pleased to tell you more about it down below.

Quality of Materials and Construction

The metal structure of the Capture Clip becomes apparent when you hold it in your hands. Of course, you’ll be entrusting it with your expensive camera, so despite the clip’s modest size, you’ll want to have a strong sense of its strength. The aluminum assembly and supplied plate are well-made, with no disturbing creaks or needless flex when twisted.

Peak Design Capture Clip | Material and colorWe’ll go into how it opens and sets up later in the review, but the mechanics benefit from the high-quality construction. The quick-release button, for example, has a nice springy feel, and the two knobs rotate quickly.

We can’t forget about appearance, even if it’s not at the top of the list for a camera holder like the Capture Clip. Nonetheless, you have two color options now: black (like the one we have here) and silver. Silver highlights the Capture Clip’s industrial style, while black appears muted. You won’t be disappointed with any option, but because most cameras come in black or silver, you may want to choose a complementary color to keep things consistent.


It’s as easy as removing the left and right knobs (remember, it’s righty-tighty and lefty-loosey) to open the Capture Clip. The top layer may now slide upwards after releasing them.

Peak Design Capture Clip | Open positionAfter that, you may place the shoulder strap of your backpack between the two parts. To lock it into position, repeat the preceding procedures in reverse, tightening the knobs as much as possible. We’ve done this a few times when moving backpacks, and we’ve found that the knobs have pretty thin edges, making gripping and tightening them difficult. If you’re a one-backpack sort of person, though, it shouldn’t be an issue.

The breadth of your backpack’s shoulder strap is something to think about. Daypack shoulder straps should fit without issue, but travel backpacks shouldn’t be an issue offroader, and beefier straps may cause The camera’s base plate mounts similarly to standard tripod plates, except it requires an Allen key to tighten. Thankfully, they offer one for free and a tiny pull-string pouch for the Capture Clip. In addition, peak Design utilizes the same plate on the Capture Clip on their Travel Tripod, saving you time if you already possess one. After you’ve installed the container on your camera, all you have to do now is slide it from the top, and it’ll automatically lock into place.

Some background: We usually transport our camera equipment in separate bags, such as camera cubes or specialized camera bags. We also take a strap around to keep our camera on our person if we require rapid access. All of them are standard when traveling with a big camera and are effective.

Peak Design Capture Clip | Camera mounted on the clipThe first time we used the Capture Clip, having our Sony A6500 front-mounted on our shoulder strap seemed strange—at least at first. We were aware of the weight and feel of a camera dangling in front of us. Not to add that we had to take our camera out of our bag anytime we set it down, otherwise the bag would tumble over camera-first.

It took some getting accustomed to, but the more we used it, the more comfortable we were with the Capture Clip. Of course, we won’t be jumping rope with a DSLR soon, but fast walks are becoming second nature.

We found ourselves utilizing our cameras a lot more as our confidence with the Capture Clip developed. When you need to capture a moment, there’s a certain thrill in unholstering your camera Indiana Jones-style. You may also wear it on your belt to get a cowboy-style or wear it anywhere your creativity takes you. The Capture Clip isn’t quite as fast as just elevating your camera as you would with a basic strap, but it’s not far behind in terms of ease.

Wrap Up

Despite our initial doubts, we had a great time with the Capture Clip. We saw a few crucial advantages of having our camera placed this way as we got over the getting-to-know stage of the experience. First, compared to camera straps, there is far less swing and shaking. With a belt, your camera is suspended from your body and may wobble back and forth if you aren’t cautious. Second, having your camera handy and available way is more convenient than having it within a camera cube.

Although it is one button press slower than a basic strap, it is still highly accessible. Peak Design’s Capture Clip is an intriguing choice to test if you’re ready to try a different approach to keep your camera near for the ideal picture opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Capture Clip worth it?

A: The Capture Clip is a peripheral device that allows you to use your PlayStation Camera to capture in-game screenshots. It costs USD 29.99 and doesnt come packaged with any games, so it has no real practical purpose other than making captures easier for users who already have the camera installed on their consoles or headsets

How do I install Peak Design Capture?

A: You can find Capture on the software section of the Peak Design website. Please click Shop at the top, and select your operating system from there.

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