Logitech MX Master


  • Superfast speed
  • Additional powers
  • Smart functions Easy-Switch
  • Adaptive scroll wheel


  • Costs
  • Sometimes there are problems with Bluetooth

When buying a laptop or PC, most people don’t overthink about peripherals like the mouse. People don’t spend a lot of money because they’re not serious about a better mouse or keyboard. Instead, they consider hovering over the mouse, scrolling, or clicking the screen. We don’t need many keys for that.

Logitech MX Main Stage Report

Some of these mice are specifically designed for hardcore gamers, but professional designers use them too. It’s a fact that the Logitech MX Master is Logitech’s best-selling mouse. This top-of-the-line wireless mouse has a surprisingly functional design that will help you increase your level of productivity.

Logitech MX Master Review also offers a brief overview of the mouse’s design and style. It has a very subtle finish and many features that will amaze you. You certainly won’t find these features in a review of the Logitech MX Master. However, once you start using this mouse, you will fall in love with it.

Logitech MX Master Magazine

What is the Logitech MX Master?

The Logitech MX Master is Logitech’s modern flagship. This mouse has a datasheet that is not longer than you think. The Logitech MX master exam describes the attractive and comfortable design. With this mouse, you will experience an intelligent scroll wheel that allows you to control three different devices simultaneously with the scroll wheel.


The Logitech MX Mouse is beautiful. This mouse combines a soft, smooth surface with rounded edges. The design of this mouse is similar to the classic mouse, enlarged with an extra piece of plastic protruding from the left side of the base. The mix of metallic gold and matte black is distinctive and looks attractive.

Logitech’s MX Master magazine has already revealed that the MX Master Mouse is the most attractive mouse on the market. The top of the mouse is completely black; you can see the left and right main buttons and the scroll wheel. In addition, a small square button, called the manual move button, controls the scroll wheel in the middle of the mouse.

The left side of the MX Master is much more unusual. On top of the mouse is a scroll wheel with a pair of long, pointy buttons. These buttons look like arrowheads. Underneath these buttons is a textured thumb. The rest of the thumb serves as a gesture. With this button, three LED lights indicate the battery life.

At the bottom of the mouse is a switch for switching on and off. In addition to the switch, there are connection buttons, a dark field sensor, and a round button printed with the numbers 1, 2, and 3. This is the Easy-Switch control, which allows up to three connected devices to be switched simultaneously at the touch of a button. Finally, on the front of the mouse is a micro-USB port that can be used for charging.

Ergonomic design

Logitech MX Master Magazine

If you use the wrong device, you may experience reduced performance and a number of other problems. Injury or pain can occur in the worst case, such as B. Carpal tunnel syndrome and RSI. The Logitech MX Master magazine clearly demonstrates the best features of a mouse that can never cause problems. Yet the Logitech MX Mouse is a mouse with an ergonomic design. The spectacular shape of this mouse limits its use to the right hand.


You can feel it in size compared to other mice, and at 147g, it is almost twice as heavy. Don’t think of them as weaknesses; all of these strengths make the Logitech MX Master more reliable. The large frame can be adjusted to fit the fingers. The small mouse must be held like a claw, which may be uncomfortable for some users. But this mouse with a large frame has a very strong grip. You can just rest your whole palm if that doesn’t work.

Gesture Button

All controls are very well placed and easily accessible to everyone. However, problems arise when the right and left buttons do not offer enough resistance. After a week of using the mouse, this problem disappears, but it can be uncomfortable at first.

On the other hand, the gesture button is quite difficult to press and requires a bit more thumb strength. Another criticism in the Logitech MX Master magazine was the Easy-Switch button. The main purpose of the mouse is to quickly and easily switch from one device to another, but the button is located on the bottom of the mouse. This means that you must tilt the mouse to use this feature. Nevertheless, all these things can’t beat the popularity of this mouse.

Setup & Software

Logitech MX Master Magazine

When you want to connect a device, sometimes problems can occur. But the Logitech MX Master can connect up to three devices at once, which is ideal for everyone. Once the connection to a device is successful, you can easily switch with the Easy-Switch button. The devices can be paired with the mouse via the link receiver or via Bluetooth.

After a successful connection, all LEDs stop flashing, and the selected digit lights up gradually for five seconds. You can repeat this process on another channel to add more devices.

Your process is complete here, but you do not yet have access to all the wizard’s features. To take full advantage of these features, you must install Logitech Options. This software is available for Windows 7 or higher and OS X version 10.10 or higher.

You can use it to access additional features, for example, B. Reassign buttons, activate gestures, and adjust scrolling speed.

Features and Performance Logitech MX Master Review

The Logitech MX Master exam already indicates that the MX Master is equipped with many user-friendly features. This mouse can connect up to three devices at once, including tablets. The connection is successfully established via the Unifying receiver or Bluetooth. No additional features are required for the connection as it is a simple method that takes only a few seconds. The shift key allows you to switch from one device to another, which is very convenient for those using multiple screens.

Bluetooth Range

The MX Master can operate over a distance of 10 meters, while Bluetooth rarely loses a connection over a much shorter distance than that.

Scroll wheel

The Adaptive Speed Scroll Wheel is a great feature that lets you scroll through pages at different speeds. The two main modes of this feature are Click-Click and Hyperspeed. Hyperspeed mode is easily activated by quickly turning the steering wheel or by pressing the manual shift button. If you let the wheel turn freely and smoothly, you can swing on the long sides.


The flywheel is also an interesting Logitech MX Master mouse feature, allowing you to scroll pages sideways. Like the buttons next to the steering wheel, the two arrows serve as forward and reverse buttons. However, most people use the arrow keys on the keyboard, which are used less frequently.

Use the Gesture button to switch applications and control the music. Logitech MX Master magazine discusses the best features of the wireless mouse, including the ability to charge it via the front USB port.

Battery life

According to Logitech, a full battery lasts up to 40 days, equivalent to six hours of use per day. Although these figures cannot be confirmed, a third of the battery remained after about two weeks of intensive use. The LEDs on the left indicate the battery life. There are three shades of green indicating high power, two shades of green for 33-66%, one green for 10-33%, and when the red light comes on, it means you should be careful when charging.

Dark Field Laser Tracking Technology

Fortunately, the Logitech MX Master leaves nothing to be desired. Logitech uses Darkfield Laser Tracking technology that allows you to work perfectly on delicate glass surfaces. In addition, the MX Master can easily record speeds up to 1600DPI, which is good, and the lower limit is 400DPI.

Main Prize

Yes, even the best packages have a price. An examination of the Logitech MX Mouse shows that it is expensive. But don’t let the price bother you, because once you use this mouse, you’ll forget the price. This mouse works very well and offers almost perfect performance.


Logitech MX Master magazine helps you get the facts about wireless mice. The MX Master is a great mouse with all the features you need. It works fine, except for some Bluetooth connection problems. It is fully charged and easy to use for long periods. It was expensive, but it’s also perfect. You’ll like it once you get comfortable with using it. So stay tuned and never stop at a single line!

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