Assessment by the Chairman of the Board of Knoll ReGeneration

When it comes to flexibility, many say Knoll ReGeneration is king. It can also be one of the most comfortable and flexible office chairs you can sit on. Let’s see if these claims are true.

About the Brand

Knoll is a premium brand that develops modern, high-tech office seating. In terms of quality, it is on the same level as other top brands such as Steelcase and Herman Miller. Two of the brand’s most popular office chairs are often compared to the legendary Herman Miller Aeron.

Comfort seat

The seat has a cushion. A little thinner than I had hoped for in an upholstered chair. So the buttocks look a little hard. But the thin pad seems to be holding up well. Although the upholstery is thin, I didn’t feel like the frames under the seat would pierce my buttocks. Therefore, the chair’s seat can be comfortable if you are looking for firm support.

Note, however, that this is not the kind of pillow that presses against your buttocks, as the shape of the pillow is quite straight. Instead, I think it’s on purpose how the straight upholstery design allows you to sit on the side of the chair.

Back and lumbar support

ReGeneration is made of a very flexible material called Onyx. The back seat has an S-shaped curve, and you immediately get the impression that the equipment can move along with it. Even if you try to fold the rear seat by hand, it will give way and not break. The rear seat feels weak but is surprisingly supportive.

And the mesh design provides good ventilation, so sweat is the last thing you need to worry about. The chair is also equipped with adjustable lumbar support. A thin bar at the back can be moved up and down to adjust the lumbar support.

I find it very comfortable for my back. Because it is flexible, I can move anywhere or sit in any position I want. And I always have good support for my back.

One of the most striking features of the ReGeneration is the flexibility of the seat at 270 degrees. This allows you to sit on your side with support for your back. This feature is very useful because it allows you to move around freely. This chair gives you more freedom of movement, but ultimately it doesn’t hurt your back.


The chair is initially equipped with height and depth adjustable armrests. Unfortunately, it’s plastic, and I find it a bit short and slippery. It is also too stiff and immobile on the hands and skin. So I find it a little embarrassing. He could have used a padded or thin cushion to make his hands fit better.

Delivery and mounting

ReGeneration comes in a large, heavy cardboard box. So you might need help carrying it. And on the side you will find handles, so the box is very practical.

Only a few steps are required to install the chair. It comes pre-assembled, and only three parts need to be assembled: the legs, the seat, and the trunk. You may not even need to consult the manual. It’s not a brain.

Slide the seat over the barrel and connect the barrel to the leg frame. So you’ll feel very comfortable if you don’t do DIY. The installation takes no more than 5 minutes. Transporting the box from the front door to the home office may take even longer.

Adjustment and setting functions

ReGeneration offers several customization options. If you browse their website, you have several options for equipping your chair. Choose from 4-way adjustable armrests, an aluminum base, and the best caster wheels. It doesn’t have as many adjustable features as the steel case and Herman Miller, but those few options are still nice to have.

Selectable functions

Except for the armrests, I am very happy with the adjustable features of the ReGeneration. The seat height can be sufficient for users who are 1.80 m tall and works equally well for shorter and shorter users. So if your old chair has legs that hang off the seat, this Knoll office chair may be a good alternative.

The crank makes a sharp turn. It provides a pleasant rocking feeling when you lean back. However, you can also hold the tension in place. The seat seems to have a decent advantage, and it doesn’t force you to put yourself in a certain position.

And it has adjustable seat depth. This allows it to work for both long and short-term users.

Design, construction, and warranty

Pretty solid, solid. And it looks and feels good. You will feel very stable and secure even if you move around a lot and are nervous. I felt the same comfort in the Aeron seat. It’s actually very similar to the Aeron chair, with a few exceptions.

The brand offers a 10 to 12-year warranty, as do Herman Miller and Steelcase. And the generous warranty period says a lot about the durability and construction of the chair.


The chair looks simple and modern. It looks like Herman Miller Aeron and Sil’s chair. The S-shaped spine is also very similar to that of myrrh. And the two first-class seats are flexible too. But Knoll’s chair is soft and pliable.

Chairman of the Board of Knoll

Knoll Generation vs. ReGeneration office chair

There are a few differences:

  1. The ReGeneration is a lighter and more compact version. Therefore, the Generation can accommodate those who are a little wider in the waist.
  2. A generation is worth more.
  3. The upper rear seat of the Generation is softer. So you can enjoy an extremely sensitive position. It can even be used as a comfortable headrest when you want to lie down in your chair. It can also be used as an armrest if you want to sit on your side.
  4. Both seats have almost identical adjustment options, with a few exceptions. The Generation does not have adjustable lumbar support.

If you find that ReGeneration is smaller, you have more room at Generation. However, the two Knoll chairs are virtually identical in terms of comfort. And it may be a matter of personal preference.

You have adjustable lumbar support thanks to the ReGeneration seat. So if you need more personalized support for your back, then this is the best option for you. But if you want to enjoy an ultra-flexible rear seat with more kick, you’ll find the Generation more comfortable. Besides, it’s more fun to sit down.


  1. This office chair is very flexible. It gives you more freedom of movement. And it even allows you to move sideways while feeling supported. People who are very picky and slow will find this chair the most comfortable.
  2. It is made from 44% recycled plastic. And if you choose an aluminum base, it will be 46% environmentally friendly.
  3. ReGeneration has several adjustable functions. My favorites include the adjustable lumbar support and seat depth. It is rare to find an office chair with an adjustable seat depth. So it works for both small and large users.
  4. The chair looks a little small. So I don’t think those closer to the waist would find it uncomfortable.
  5. The armrests could have been better. Thin plastic is not comfortable at all. And tall people may find the armrests a little too short.
  6. If you want more adjustment options, you can switch to 4-way adjustable arms at an additional cost.

Who benefits most from it?

You’ll love this chair if you’re looking for an ultra-flexible, sturdy office chair that can move with you. If you want to sit in different positions at the end of the day without back pain, this is your solution. If you tend to lie down, this chair gives you extra support.

Although the chair is suitable for both tall and short users, the armrests may be slightly shorter. If you are over 1.80 m tall, you will find that the armrests are not long enough. And because it doesn’t have a high back and is smaller, very tall users may not have their backs fully covered.

Final Thoughts

The ReGeneration is one of the most flexible, if not the most flexible, office chairs I’ve ever tried. And flexibility doesn’t just come from the thinness of the material. Instead, it is made of skillful engineering. And it’s also a greener option.

Suitable for a checklist of modern office chairs. But be prepared to put a little more money into it.

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