There are many things I expected from this monitor, but the biggest one was the accuracy of the color reproduction. As mentioned before, Alienware has equipped this monitor with Nano IPS technology, an improved version of IPS technology with much more accurate color reproduction.

This monitor is advertised as having 135% coverage of the sRGB color spectrum, making it particularly suitable for photo/video editing. Nevertheless, you will find the detailed results of the deep color tests below. We ran several different tests on the AW3420DW, covering different color presets and the final calibrated mode. We also standardized the tests to 120 candelas to create more equality.

Standard White dot Black depth Contrast ratio Average ΔE*00 Gamma
IDEAL 6500K 0,00cd/m² Endless 0.00 2.2
Standard (off the beaten track) 6673K 0,1246 cd/m² 935.4:1 2.74 2.27
A warm decor 5898K 0,128 cd/m² 931:1 2.63 2.25
Game 1 Standard 6712K 0,127 cd/m² 935.9:1 2.67 2.25
Individual presetting 6187K 0,1268 cd/m² 949.8:1 3.07 2.25

We’ve seen pretty accurate statistics from the beginning. The white dot was good at 6673K, and the black one was also low. The contrast was about 1000:1 nominal, and the range was more like 2.3 than 2.2. The average color delta was not the best in the world (2.74), but it wasn’t the worst we saw.

Then we switched to a hot preset that offers very similar values as Standard. Because the white dot is the lowest of the measured specifications, only 5898K was entered in the table. Again, the black level was low, and the contrast ratio was almost unchanged from the previous preset. The average delta decreased slightly to 2.63 and the range to 2.25. After Warm, we tested the preset for Set 1, which again has almost the same specifications as Warm and Standard. The only difference, in this case, is that the white dot has been changed to 6712K.

We tried a custom setting of 100/100/100 (RGB), and in most cases, we even noticed a decrease. The white tip averaged 6187K, as did the average delta of 3,07. The white tip averaged 6187K. The contrast ratio was the best in this preset, and the range was recorded at 2.25.

Standard White dot Black depth Contrast ratio Average ΔE*00 Maximum ΔE*00 Gamma
IDEAL 6500K 0,00cd/m² Endless 0.00 0.00 2.2
Warm pre-programmed (depth) 5948K 0,1291 cd/m² 924.3:1 3.02 5.95 2.24
Custom calibration (depth calibration) 6539K 0,1316 cd/m² 913.2:1 0.2 1.02 2.23

At this point, we performed a more in-depth color test using the most accurate uncalibrated preset – in this case; it was the Warm preset. As expected, the figures in the extensive test fell slightly – but remained virtually unchanged. It turns out that the maximum delta is 5.95 – not bad at all.

We then decided to do a calibrated test to see how accurately we could reproduce the colors of this panel. We set the profile to Custom, adjusted the RGB to 98%/99%/98%, and performed the first test. The color accuracy has improved considerably after the panel calibration. We saw an almost perfect white dot of 6530K, a low black level of 0.13, and a contrast ratio of 912:1. The mean and maximum delta values were even more impressive and fell to almost perfect values of 0.2 and 1.02 respectively. The total color range was still slightly high, but not too high at 2.23.

Panel Uniformity

Panel homogeneity is a test we perform to see if the brightness and color on the screen are consistent. In this test, a central square is used as a reference space. Then every other box is ticked to see how it differs from the reference.

In an ideal world, we want every square to be green, which means it hasn’t crossed the threshold of difference – which we can set at the beginning of the test.

The AW3420DW offered a fairly good panel uniformity, with the whole left side of the screen being green (very good). However, as is to be expected with most panels, some corners were not as accurate as we had hoped – the biggest error was in the top right and bottom right corners. This is a fairly common phenomenon in modern exhibitions, although perfect uniformity is rather difficult to achieve.

The red areas caused a reduced luminance that fell about 17 candelas below acceptable levels. Adjacent areas also lack 120 candelas of brightness, but not at the same level as the corners.

I was generally impressed by the uniformity of the panel in this presentation. Areas that were treated slightly less well did not detract from the overall experience while playing or watching.

Remember that panel consistency is only a guideline – individual panels will produce different results in this particular area.

Viewing angle

As far as ISP panels are concerned, the viewing angles of the AW3420DW were not unbelievable. But, on the other hand, they weren’t the worst. The colors start to deviate after about 40 degrees, which is a very opaque angle to see this panel. But, overall, I was quite satisfied with the viewing angles this monitor offers.

Color range

As part of the calibration process, DisplayCal provides an accurate measurement of the color gamut that the monitor can deliver. Below are the results of the color test:

The monitors we have already tested should be one of the best in terms of color range and coverage. As you can see in the picture above, the AW3420DW delivers 145.2% of the sRGB color spectrum when properly calibrated. In addition, and perhaps even more impressive, are the 100% Adobe RGB and 102% DCI-P3 color volumes.

With such a wide color gamut, users working in the three main color spectra will be more than satisfied with this monitor’s accuracy. This includes video or photo editing – at an incredibly high level.

Maximum and minimum brightness

We tested the color accuracy and image quality by testing this panel’s maximum brightness, minimum brightness, and 120 candlestick level of this panel. The results are shown below:

Brightness Candlesticks
100% clarity 394 cd/m²
0% brightness 77,76 cd/m²
20% brightness 120 cd/m²

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