The Give-N-Go ExOfficio Boxer Brief is the answer to your undergarment prayers. It’s lightweight, breathable, and has a day for night fabric, so it dries quickly when you sweat inactivity.

The ExOfficio Give-N-Go Boxer Briefs have been dubbed the ideal travel boxer briefs. ExOfficio isn’t the only one who thinks so. Several reviewers raved about these boxers, praising odor resistance, stretch, and lightweight qualities.

We’ve been on a mission to see whether the ExOfficio Boxer Briefs live up to the hype for the last month. Please continue reading to find out what we uncovered.

Aesthetics & Materials

We can tell you that we enjoy the way these boxer briefs appear. Sure, you won’t be marching about downtown in your underwear, so the appearance isn’t as important as a pair of jeans (at least we hope not). Even at the basic layer level, though, no one wants to feel frumpy.

These will last a long time. They’re snug but not too tight, and they’re true to size, which is always a plus when purchasing apparel that you can’t try on. Of course, when it comes to underwear, everyone is different. If you’re not a fan of the boxer-brief style, you’ll want to avoid them.

ExOfficio Boxer Brief (Give-N-Go) In Black And CharcoalThese ExOfficio boxers come in a range of hues as well. We’ve been trying two of the darker alternatives, Black and Charcoal, in a typical Pack Hacker manner, but if you’re a neon type, you’ll be thrilled with their color selections.

Their branding is also nothing out of the ordinary. The ExOfficio logo may be seen on the bottom of one leg and around the waistline (like most boxers). Unfortunately, we’ve heard that the bottom logo has a short lifespan and will begin to fade after a few months. Ours has only exhibited minor wear thus far, but we’ll keep an eye on it and update our use schedule below.

ExOfficio Boxer Brief (Give-N-Go) LogoTo begin with, these ExOfficio boxers are constructed of nylon with a hint of Lycra® Spandex. The fabric isn’t very impressive, but we appreciated the elasticity, ease, and breathability.

ExOfficio Boxer Brief (Give-N-Go) FabricThe Antimicrobial treatment on the fabric of these boxers is fantastic, making them safe to wear numerous days in a row—definitely a benefit while traveling. In addition, wearing one pair of clothes for many days at a time cuts down on the amount of time you’ll need to set aside for washing and the number of underwear you’ll need to pack in the first place. So for us, it’s a win-win situation.

ExOfficio Boxer Brief (Give-N-Go) StretchHowever, we can’t help but compare this fabric to Merino wool, a fantastic travel fabric about which we published a complete guide, and the nylon/spandex combination falls short. Merino is more comfortable, durable, and feature-rich than other wools (more on this in a second).

However, when comparing the Give-N-Go ExOfficio Boxer Briefs to a typical cotton pair from Target, the ExOfficio comes out on top in terms of comfort and features.

Usage & Features

The Benefits of Spending Money on the Give-N-Go Its characteristics include ExOfficio Boxer Briefs. According to ExOfficio, you need two pairs for each trip. Why? Because the boxers are odor-resistant, lightweight, quick-drying, and breathable.

ExOfficio Boxer Brief (Give-N-Go) Inside A Packing CubeTo some degree, we agree with them on all of those points. We like how light they are—we’re constantly trying to reduce the amount of weight we have to carry on our backs—and how fast they dry, particularly when compared to cotton. You can wash them in the sink or the washer, and you’ll have a clean, dry pair of ExOfficio boxers in a couple of hours.

ExOfficio Boxer Brief (Give-N-Go) BreathabilityTheir breathability is also appealing. We like how these boxers keep you from sweating too much when you’re out and about without getting too personal.

That takes us to the subject of odor resistance. Yes, these boxers are more odor-resistant than regular cotton boxers. You won’t get many wears out of these, however. On a good day, we could do two, maybe three. That’s preferable to just being able to wear them once during travel, but it’s not ideal.

However, if you’re serious about getting the most use out of these boxers, there is a solution. You may use two pairs at a time and air out one of them in between. We’ve received 4-5 wears between washing when we’ve utilized this strategy, which is considerably better.

Woolx Reaction Boxer Brief Merino Wool (left) And ExOfficio Boxer Brief (Give-N-Go) (right)As previously said, these boxers must be compared to Merino wool boxers. We’ve discovered that Merino’s antibacterial capabilities are better for more extended wear—around five days, depending on the situation—and the breathability is also superior. Only when it comes to drying time, do the ExOfficio boxers outperform Merino.

When it comes to durability, merino wool comes out on top. We’ve been wearing the Give-N-Go Boxer Briefs for a month and are already seeing wear.

ExOfficio Boxer Brief (Give-N-Go) Pilling And WearThe elastic on the waistline has begun to tear, and there’s a lot of pilling around the legs and crotch area. Furthermore, the hefty tag fused to the waist has already started to peel away (and we guarantee we haven’t picked at it).

After just a month of testing and a few washes, this wear isn’t a good indicator. While nothing serious has occurred yet, such as rips or tears, we’re concerned about the boxer’s long-term viability if this much harm has already been done in a month (check our Usage Timeline down below for updates). To be honest, we’re disappointed.ExOfficio Boxer Brief (Give-N-Go) Tag Fraying Something to keep in mind: according to some customer evaluations, the material of the Give-N-Go Boxer Briefs seems less expensive than the original version. While we haven’t confirmed these allegations, they might explain some of the problems we’ve seen.

In any case, we hope ExOfficio would consider durability in the future.

ExOfficio Boxer Brief (Give-N-Go) Rolled UpSo, do the ExOfficio Give-N-Go Boxer Briefs live up to their reputation? The short answer is no. We’re not extremely satisfied with them compared to other travel boxers on the market, particularly those made of Merino wool.

Nevertheless, they’ll do more for you than a regular pair of underwear because of their low weight, odor resistance, and comfortable fit.

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