Almost every time I go for a hike or camping trip, I buy something new to make my life easier. This is the case with this 10L Earth Pak waterproof dry bag from Amazon on sale! It’s perfect for carrying snacks and other essentials on an outdoor adventure without worrying about spills. Plus, it comes in several colors that match your style.

When it’s time to leave camp and travel down to the stream, a nagging voice in the back of our brains is nearly always concerned about getting wet. Whether it’s your smartphone, wallet, additional clothing, or a bottle of your favorite sunscreen, everything supposed to be dry should remain dry and uncontaminated, particularly in the case of sunblock. This bag looks right at home on the water, thanks to the Earth Pak Original Waterproof Dry Bag.

The Original Dry Bag from Earth Pak comes in helpful in this situation. We tested it out on a short kayaking excursion to see its durability. If you’re only looking for something to protect you from accidental splashes, this is excessive since the PVC fabric can tolerate a lot more. However, because of the holes in the rolltop, it isn’t submersible, and there isn’t much in the organization.

Aesthetics & Materials

Due to its primarily PVC fabric structure, the Original Waterproof Dry Bag features a straightforward aesthetic style. The blue hue is the one we have for this review, and it dominates the bag save for the black hardware and strap. The color blends in well with the bag’s waterproof motif, and it’s relatively bright, making it simple to notice outside. The bag itself has a cylindrical form with a rolltop closure.

Earth Pak Original Waterproof Dry Bag Carry By HandThe logo is displayed front and center on the Earth Pak Original Waterproof Dry Bag. The Earth Pak emblem on the show, as well as the modest “10 Liter” marking at the bottom, are undoubtedly the bag’s most striking visual features. They’re pretty apparent in terms of branding, but we don’t mind since it gives the Dry Bag a little more personality in this situation.

Blue is a good choice, and there’s also a light blue variety if you prefer something a little brighter. If blue isn’t your thing, there are also orange, black, yellow, forest green, red, and white. We had no significant issues with the Dry Bag’s design, which is understandable given its concentration on waterproofing.

Earth Pak Original Waterproof Dry Bag Shoulder CarryThe hardware on the Earth Pak Original Waterproof Dry Bag looks and feels robust. The hardware used by Earth Pak isn’t specified; however, it seems to be of good quality. The strap adjuster is simple, the clips move smoothly around their hinges, and the buckles snap with authority if a touch stiffly. We’ll go into how the bag handles in more detail later, but overall, the Dry Bag’s hardware has shown to be reliable.

Components from Outside

On the outside, the Dry Bag’s style isn’t too cluttered. But that’s not to say there’s nothing worth trying here, and we’re curious to see how effectively the Dry Bag can be handled, just like any other bag.

The Dry Bag comes with a simple nylon strap for slinging it over one shoulder, courtesy of Earth Pak. The base of the strap attaches to a D-ring on the bag’s bottom right side, which is linked to a stubby nylon strap. The other end of the belt is attached to the rolltop, containing D-rings on both sides. The right side of the rolltop proved to be the most comfortable attachment location. Both attachment points are aligned, resulting in a more balanced carrying style.

Earth Pak Original Waterproof Dry Bag Carabiner Snapped OnThe strap’s clips rotate and connect to D-rings on the Earth Pak Original Waterproof Dry Bag. During our kayaking trip, carrying the Dry Bag was comfortable enough, but the degree of comfort may vary depending on what you’re bringing. The Dry Bag is encircled entirely by its PVC fabric, unlike backpacks or slings with a cushioned back panel. Although it’s a thick tarpaulin-like cloth, it will likely poke out depending on how it’s put if you have anything pointed or bulky inside. It might feel a little rolly on your back due to its rounded form, but it’s not too unpleasant.

The remaining D-ring on the left side is available for any other accessories you may like to carry. We suggest picking up a carabiner to make fastening items like water bottles and pouches to the Dry Bag considerably simpler.

Earth Pak Original Waterproof Dry Bag With AttachmentThe additional D-ring on the Earth Pak Original Waterproof Dry Bag may be used to connect accessories. The top of the Dry Bag also serves as a makeshift handle, thanks to the clip-on rolltop. The handle isn’t the most comfortable on a backpack, but it’s perfect for the bag’s lightweight 10-liter capacity. If you don’t have a carabiner, you may use the rolltop to attach the Dry Bag to stout bars, thin ropes, or even tree branches if you don’t have one.

The Inside of the Pack

When it comes to rolling tops, getting into the main compartment through the rolltop is simple. It just takes four or five rolls of the firm nylon piece at the top, as well as a quick snap of the buckles to shut it and open it.

Earth Pak Original Waterproof Dry Bag OpenThe nylon piece at the top of the Earth Pak Original Waterproof Dry Bag makes rolling easier. We have a straightforward piece of advice to set the buckle towards the back so that the strap comes out closer to the bottom D-ring for the best carrying experience. It’s a little point to remember, but it prevents the belt from being positioned awkwardly.

Inside the main compartment is a simple, cavernous room for clothing, toiletries, gadget pouches, and other non-wet items. Because there are no built-in pockets, it will be up to you to arrange and pack your belongings wisely in order to optimize the 10-liter capacity. However, the lack of partitioning allows you to utilize thicker, more waterproof containers like the Stasher Reusable Silicone Bags or compact, weather-resistant packing cubes since there is no dividing.

Earth Pak Original Waterproof Dry Bag Packed With GearInside the Earth Pak Original Waterproof Dry Bag, there is very little organization. Using smaller waterproof bags like those, on the other hand, isn’t essential since the Dry Bag performed a fantastic job of keeping our belongings dry. During our kayaking adventure, everything became wet and splashy, but the Dry Bag held up well. It’s made to float on water, and it has a little amount of air within to help it do so. We did see a little breach on the rolltop where some water came in and dripped inside, but only slightly. Earth Pak warns against immersing it, and we did find a small gap on the rolltop where some water got in and dripped inside, but only barely. Using extra waterproof containers may be necessary depending on how much water is involved in your use case.

We found ourselves putting goods on top of each other since this is a rolltop. In the lack of any quick-grab pockets, we chose to place goods like our sunscreen and wallet on top of our sweatshirt and additional clothing for easier access. Because the Dry Bag comes with a separate waterproof cover, our phone didn’t have to join and take up room inside.

Earth Pak Original Waterproof Dry Bag With Phone PocketEarth Pak Original Waterproof Dry Bag | A waterproof smartphone cover is provided, as well as a lanyard. This was a great addition to the Dry Bag since it allowed us to keep our phones secure while kayaking. We found it handier to have our phones linked to a lanyard rather than having to take them in and out of a bag, as simple as rolling and unrolling the Dry Bag’s rolltop is.

The cover is designed to fit smartphones with a screen size of up to 6.5 inches. It’s more of a little pouch that your smartphone fits inside than a hardcover. The supplied waterproof cover, unlike pouches like the Gossamer Gear Shoulder Strap Pocket, is transparent on both sides and touchscreen compatible, letting you use it normally. You can still use the camera on your smartphone, although the additional plastic layer degrades picture quality somewhat.

Earth Pak Original Waterproof Dry Bag Locking MechanismThis mechanism locks the two plastic parts together in the Earth Pak Original Waterproof Dry Bag. To open the waterproof smartphone cover that comes with it, you must loosen the two clips integrated into the top plastic portion. Then, it’s only a question of realigning the clips into the slots on the other side and locking them into place after putting your smartphone inside. The locking mechanism is a little finicky to use, but we became better at it over time throughout our testing, and it’s still a terrific value-add to the Dry Bag.

Earth Pak Original Waterproof Dry Bag With Phone In handOriginal Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag | It’s possible to utilize the rolltop as a handle. The Dry Bag functioned well throughout our testing and lived up to Earth Pak’s promises. since the rolltop leaves holes, it’s not entirely waterproof, but it can surely withstand large splashes and mild showers. It’s incredibly lightweight, and the waterproof smartphone cover that comes with it is a nice bonus for anyone seeking a backpack to take on the water.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will a 10-liter dry bag hold?

A: A 10-liter dry bag will hold about 8 liters of clothes and gear.

Are dry bags waterproof?

A: Dry bags are not truly waterproof. They have a water-resistant coating that is effective against light rainfall, but you should store your gear in one to prevent the inside from getting wet.

Are dry bags 100% waterproof?

A: Technically, yes. They are not designed to be submerged in water for extended periods due to the possibility that the sealant will degrade over time and then cause leaks or, worse yet, puncture a hole because it can no longer maintain its shape.

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