The Matador FlatPak Toiletry Bottle is a new bottle designed to accommodate travelers’ needs and those who want to keep their toiletries organized.


According to Matador, the FlatPak Toiletry Container is the first travel bottle built especially for minimalist and lightweight travels. We took it on the road for approximately a month to see how it performed in Detroit and Barcelona.

We’ve used a lot of hard toiletry bottles in the past, but this was the first time we tried a more flexible, flat-packing version. So, without further ado, let’s get down to business!

Aesthetics & Materials

The Toiletry Bottle Matador FlatPak has a subtle and elegant “black on black” vibe going on visually. Matador has achieved a nice balance of branding with most of their goods, and this one is no exception.

Matador FlatPak Toiletry Bottle

From afar, the Matador logo pressed into the side of the bottle, and a white on the black logo on the snap loop aren’t overpowering, but closer inspection shows the Matador logo pressed into the side of the bottle and a white on the black logo on the snap loop.

Matador FlatPak Toiletry Bottle Branding

A Matador “M” is also included on the hat, which is modest but adds to the overall look.

The bottle comprises two flat sections of durable Cordura cloth welded together at the edges.

The cloth is strong, waterproof (as you’d expect from a liquid container! ), and flexible. The bottle’s elasticity makes it collapsible and simple to pack, enabling it to fit into any nook you need it to. But, of course, the less liquid you put inside, the smaller it gets and the simpler it is to carry. Because, you know, science and everything.


The dimensions are slightly bigger than a credit card, at 4 inches (10 cm) by 3 inches (7.5cm), making it ideal for slipping into your carry-on or taking out on a day excursion.

The interior compartment has a capacity of 3 ounces (90ml) and weighs 0.4 ounces when empty. It’s difficult to predict how long the liquid will last since it depends on its use. We discovered that sunscreen lasted a couple of days before we needed to reapply.

Matador FlatPak Toiletry Bottle Snap Loop

A snap loop composed of a durable rubbery substance is located at the bottom of the bottle.

Finally, there’s a blank label space on the snap loop for you to write anything you want within. Just in case you don’t want to accidentally start slathering yourself with liquid soap while at the beach.

Matador suggests using a permanent marker for this label, so make sure you know what you’ll put inside before you start. It takes a little effort to wipe it clean and alter the text after being written on it.


One of our first concerns was that filling this thing up would be a major pain. We’re pleased to inform you that it’s a lot simpler to complete than we anticipated. A screw mechanism and a flip-open lid are both used to open the cap. You’ll need to remove the cap to refill with liquids completely. It’s, therefore, a lot simpler to pour liquids in than you would imagine.

Note:  While filling the bottle with higher viscosity liquids, you may need to shake it a few times throughout the filling process to ensure that the liquid reaches the bottom.

When you’re ready to get some liquid out of here, just flip it open and squeeze out what you need.

Although Matador does not include any liquids that must not be used in this container, we suggest avoiding abrasive things like nail polish remover or alcohol. In general, the more abrasive the liquids you put in here are, the more probable the fabric will degrade, increasing the risk of a leak.

Matador does advise caution while using liquids containing microbeads, such as pumices and cleaning soaps. In addition, they advise washing the lid with water before closing it since microbeads remaining beneath the lid may cause it to leak and harm the lid.

We understand that the last thing you want is for this cap to come off and spill sunscreen all over the interior of your backpack. Nothing could possibly be worse. But don’t worry, it won’t happen with this bottle. The screw mechanism is heavily threaded, so it’s truly fastened on once you tighten it. There are four layers of thread in this thing, so there’s no way it’ll come undone in your bag.

We put this flip-top through its paces, and it never faltered. Even while squeezing it as hard as we could with our fists, we couldn’t get it to open, which we believe is more than enough proof that it won’t open in a filled suitcase. However, Matador recommends keeping the bottle in a plastic zip bag as additional protection, particularly if you intend to carry it in your checked baggage.

Matador FlatPak Toiletry Bottle Flip Lid

The connection for the flip-top cap isn’t quite as strengthened as we’d want it to be, which is a small flaw. However, it’s only one little piece of plastic, and although it hasn’t failed us in our month of use, we suspect it won’t be long before the plastic begins to show signs of wear from frequent opening and shutting.

We observed they don’t have a valve in the hole to assist control the pace at which the liquid flows out and the poor connection. We’ve been using heavier liquids (like sunscreen and moisturizer), which haven’t caused any issues; however, watery liquids may leak more readily when the lid is open. A valve would assist in preventing this and provide an additional layer of leak prevention.

Take, for example, our evaluation of the GoToob Toiletry Bottles, particularly the GoToob+. They feature a flip-open lid with a valve within that serves as a second line of defense against leaking while also helping to control thinner liquids. It’s a pity Matador didn’t include that option since it looks like it would have been simple to implement.

Because the bottles have a three-ounce volume, they are TSA-approved for carry-on travel, which is convenient. TSA will let you fly with 3.4 ounces; however, we wish they had made them a little bit larger to handle the additional 0.4 ounces. However, that little extra may make all the difference when traveling with just one bag.

Matador most likely chose this option so that the 3-1-1 rule would not be misunderstood, which is the TSA liquids rule allows 3.4 oz liquid containers in one quart-sized, transparent, plastic, zip-top bag per person in one carry-on bag. That’s quite a mouthful—kudos to whoever came up with the name 3-1-1! Much, much better. We would have liked to see some more capacity!

Compared to comparable designs like the GoToob, one of the best features of the FlatPak Toiletry Bottle is its flexibility. This makes it simpler to pack since you can slip it into nooks and crannies, and it re-shapes based on what’s inside and how much room you have.

Cylindrical tubes are cumbersome, and there’s no way to reshape them to suit the spaces in your baggage, so these Matador flexible bottles are a huge bonus.

A snap loop at the bottom completes the functionality and features of this item, allowing you to hang it from a carabiner or straight onto a hook or rail. If you’re showering at a hostel and don’t have a lot of room, this will save you from putting your toiletries on the floor. Next, hang it up—because the snap hook is on the other end of the cap, you can even squeeze liquid from the bottle while it’s hanging.

The toiletry bottle may be hung on the outside of your bag with the snap ring for quick access to items like sunscreen. You can also appear like a very great dad if you tie it to your trousers. We were pleased to find that the snap loop’s design and quality had significantly improved since we evaluated the Matador NanoDry Towel before. The snap loop on the towels had a weak clip that quickly popped out, but this item remains securely attached until you want to unbutton it, which is fantastic.

Finally, although this has nothing to do with the functionality, we simply wanted to point out that holding this device is very pleasurable! It looks like a stress ball and feels like a small waterbed when you hold it in your hands. It’s fantastic.

Testing & Durability

We’ve been using the FlatPak Toiletry Bottle on the road for approximately a month at the time of this review.

Overall, it has done very well. The only minor flaw we’ve found is fraying at the borders where the two pieces of cloth have been fused together. We have no idea why this is or whether it impacts performance. We haven’t seen any difference in our use, but we’re interested to see how long this item will last as we use it for extended amounts of time. We also believe the flip lid should be properly linked to preventing it from breaking down the road.

We’ve had a generally positive experience with this little toiletry bottle. It’s adaptable, simple to use, and easily fits into your baggage. Despite putting it through everyday usage, we haven’t experienced any leaks or reasons for worry because of the snap loop’s durability and the cap’s security.

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