The moment is a new camera company that offers no-compromise products at affordable prices. One of their latest models, the MTW Camera Insert 5L Black Edition Review, has an excellent value for money and features standout image quality (and it looks sleek to boot).

Most photographers will tell you that their cameras are very delicate equipment that must be handled with extreme care. After all, it’s their tool and companion on the job, so it’s no surprise to see them carrying a camera-specific backpack.

But what if you already own a traditional backpack that you adore? We certainly do (a lot, to be honest). What is the solution? Due to their reduced size, camera cubes may fit inside luggage. Moment’s MTW Camera Insert 5L is the subject of this review. It’s part of Moment’s MTW series, which also includes the MTW Backpack, the Camera Insert’s mate. However, it’s already a competent camera cube on its own—well-structured, well-protected, and well-organized. Continue reading to see whether this is appropriate for turning your backpack into a camera home.

Aesthetics & Materials

With the MTW Camera Insert, you don’t get much in the way of aesthetics. It seems to be a plain black rectangle camera bag from the exterior, which is a good thing since you don’t want anything too spectacular or distracting on set. Besides, as the name implies, this bag belongs inside your backpack and serves as a sub-compartment for all of your photography gear. That isn’t to suggest the MTW Camera Insert isn’t capable of doing stand-alone tasks.

Moment MTW Camera Insert 5L | Material, logo, and YKK zippersThe colorway is only available in one color—black—but the cloth used is quite durable. It’s composed of recycled solid Kodra nylon with a double layer of water-resistant coating, the same fabric Moment used on the MTW Backpack and Tech Organizer. Whether they’re in a bag or not, we keep our beverages a safe distance away from any critical photography equipment. We sprayed half a cup of water on the exterior (without our valuable goods inside) and checked that the water beaded out neatly with a little soak.

Aside from accidental spills and splashes, the MTW Camera Insert has an excellent and robust feel. Inside and out, thick cushioning ensures that you may utilize the loops as handles without fear of their drooping. The zippers, made by YKK, function nicely and are trouble-free. Finally, the two clips are made of metal, which is unusual. It’s excessive touch, but given that camera equipment may be rather hefty depending on what you use, having aluminum on hand offers you peace of mind.


We had the MTW Backpack on hand to evaluate throughout our time with the MTW Camera Insert. In addition, the moment has a whole MTW series of accessories, many of which are intended to make transporting camera gear considerably simpler. Because they all operate well together, we put the Camera Insert and bag through their paces.

Moment MTW Camera Insert 5L | MTW Backpack 21L and Camera Insert 5LOf course, you may stuff the camera insert into different backpacks like any other camera cube, bearing in mind the dimensions. The MTW Backpack, on the other hand, includes loops on the inside that are ideally aligned with the MTW Camera Insert’s clips to hold it on the left side. Connect it, and you’ve got yourself an instant camera backpack!

On the other hand, the clips and loops tend to fall off. We may blame either the circles as too large or the pins not long enough or appropriately formed. In any case, we’ve had this happen on occasion. However, having a full backpack kept the Camera Insert squished to one side.

Moment MTW Camera Insert 5L | MTW Camera Insert attached inside the MTW BackpackApart from the clips and loops, the almost full-length aperture on the left side of the MTW Backpack makes accessing the contents of the MTW Camera Insert a breeze. Even if your backpack only zips halfway down in a horseshoe pattern, you’ll be able to reach the top half quickly. Remember to swing your bag to the right side when you’re in a hurry to catch a moment.

When you’re shooting at the office, studio, or off-site location, the MTW Camera Insert doubles as an organizer. The top unzips entirely on three sides and may be tucked into the exterior nylon loops. It transforms into a useful cubby for all your photography gear in this configuration, so you won’t have to worry about leaving delicate lenses or easily misplaced lens caps all over the table.

Moment MTW Camera Insert 5L | InteriorBecause of the wide-open top, the inside is simple to look into. The MTW Tech Organizer and Backpack from Moment feature white lining fabric in their sections, while the MTW Camera Insert has a bright orange inside. The hue stands out against all-black camera gear, and it’s particularly noticeable when the MTW Camera Insert is hidden inside a dark, half-opened backpack.

There’s also a lot of storage space inside for you to utilize. Two separators are pre-installed in the MTW Camera Insert. You can adjust them to whichever position you choose to accommodate your gear, and according to Moment, a Canon 5D (without a battery grip) will fit just fine. We don’t use anything that huge around here, but our mirrorless Sony A6500 with a 28-70mm lens fits in well with the lens side up.

Moment MTW Camera Insert 5L | DividersThat’s taken care of the major things, but what about the tiny stuff? The elastic mesh pockets integrated into the dividers of the MTW Camera Insert are a brilliant but essential addition. We haven’t seen this in other camera cubes, but we believe it’s a terrific approach to add additional organization in a modular fashion. Your lens caps, cleaning wipes, batteries, and memory cards will fit within.

Once the camera body is in, you have two chambers to play with, thanks to the two partitions. Our camera body and one colossal lens are divided into two divisions in our case. Finally, we have a strap, a battery charger, and a hand blower for camera maintenance in the last partition. If you’re traveling with a single camera and a range of accessories, there’s plenty of room.

Moment MTW Camera Insert 5L | Packing the interiorBonus: Once you’ve tucked the top in, the sleeve that held the panel insert may be utilized as an additional side pocket. It’s helpful if you need a place to keep your cleaning brushes, pens, or perhaps dry-erase markers. In any case, it’s a makeshift storage space for commonly used objects on set.

Wrap Up

We had a great time putting the MTW Camera Insert to the test with the MTW Backpack. Cameras are among the most delicate items we carry; therefore, having a specific and well-structured backpack for them is nearly a need.

Furthermore, the level of organization combined with the open top makes it ideal for picture sessions. Although the attachment technique to the MTW Backpack may be improved, it is not a deal-breaker. The MTW Camera Insert is a fantastic complement to a photographer’s backpack, even if it isn’t directly attached.

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