Chilly’s Series 2 is a modern, stainless-steel water bottle. The product features a wide mouth for easy filling and a cleaning brush to make drinking from the spout easier.

After using the Series 1 for nearly two years, I was excited to try out the new Chilly’s series two water bottle. Here are my thoughts on how it compares with its older sibling.

Some individuals just need a water bottle to keep their water cool. Others see every piece of gear as a chance to express themselves. The Chilly’s Series 2 is a bottle like that, with a plethora of colorways that put the fun in function.

Chilly’s Series 2 Water Bottle | Make this bottle your own by changing the color. The Series 2 is an improved version of Chilly’s Original Water Bottle, with a few additional features that distinguish it from the original edition, which we’ll review below. The Series 2 doesn’t have any patterns like the Original at the time of writing, which limits Chilly’s customization choices. They compensate for this by incorporating customization in other ways; read on to see how.

Aesthetics & Materials

We’ve spoken a lot about the bottle’s stylistic modification possibilities, so let’s look at what that entails. The bottle, the antibacterial collar, the top, and the carry handle are all packaged together in one box. Snap the carry handle into the appropriate cap locations, screw the antibacterial collar onto the bottle, and finish with the cap to complete the assembly.

Chilly’s went with a simple etched emblem at the bottom of the bottle for branding. You may also add your own eight-character engraving to replace the logo for an additional fee. The days of someone denying that they’re drinking from your bottle are long gone.

Chilly's Series 2 Water Bottle LogoChilly’s Series 2 Water Bottle | Engrave your name in lieu of the logo. Ten colors are available at the time of writing, all with a sleek matte finish. Except for the cap, which is always stainless steel, you may select a different color for each component. The world is your oyster, whether you want to represent your favorite sports team or design an aesthetically appealing color combination. At least three sections of the water bottle globe, to be precise.

With the Maple hue, we went for a monochrome aesthetic. The collar and loop are a little different colour than the bottle, which is understandable given that they’re made of other materials. The bottle is made of stainless steel with a matte finish, and the collar is made of plastic with BioCote®, an antibacterial ingredient. The handle is made of a soft plastic comparable to the collar, although it is not antibacterial.

Chilly's Series 2 Water Bottle Top With CapChilly’s Series 2 Water Bottle | The antibacterial collar makes drinking from it a breeze. The collar follows the curvature of the bottle’s top, transforming it from a broad mouth to a narrow spout. This smaller aperture, along with the soft plastic collar, creates a charming sipping posture. It is also less influenced by temperature than other steel rims.

While stainless steel bottles provide excellent insulation, they may be very noisy when placed on the table. Chilly’s solves this problem by using a silicone base that ensures the stainless steel never comes into touch with the surface it’s being used on.

Unfortunately, the silicone on our bottle isn’t very securely connected, and as we got it out of the box, it was already peeling off. This hasn’t created any problems in our testing, but we wouldn’t be shocked if it came off at some time down the road, which might be a problem if you’re on the road.

Chilly's Series 2 Water Bottle BottomChilly’s Series 2 Water Bottle | The silicone bottom of this bottle was already peeling when we received it. Chilly’s bottles are only meant to be washed by hand, which is probably why the silicone base has remained on for so long with so little adhesive remaining. If you want to change up the color choices, you can purchase new lids and collars, but there is no replacement base, so keep that in mind if it falls off while you’re traveling.

Overall, we believe these are minor flaws that can be overlooked given how pleasant the bottle is to drink from and the variety of personalization choices available. But, since appearances aren’t everything, let’s see how this water bottle performed.

Usage & Features

Like any other water bottle, there are a few things you should avoid doing with it, such as putting it in the microwave or freezing it. According to Chilly’s guidelines, avoid leaving “any organic items such as milk or orange juice that may deteriorate in the bottle overnight,” according to Chilly’s guidelines. This reasonably specific call-out may not apply to everyone.

They mean it when they advise not to overtighten the collar or hat. This may be due to the screw top being stripped if overtightened. However, we believe it has more to do with how the collar and cap interact.

Chilly's Series 2 Water Bottle Cap And CollarChilly’s Series 2 Water Bottle | The collar sometimes joins the party. If you overtighten the cap, it becomes too attached to the antibacterial collar and comes off with it when you unscrew it for a sip. This occurred the first few times we used the bottle, but as we developed trust in the bottle’s anti-leak protection, it became simpler to avoid—it’s a little price to pay for the convenience of cleaning.

Though it isn’t dishwasher safe, you must remove the cap and collar from the bottle and wash it in warm water with soap (or baking soda if you need to be more thorough). The handle has no rivets and snaps into position, however it does not separate from the cap. Chilly’s does not suggest doing this since it may result in irreversible harm.

WThehandle is comparable to that of a Hydro Flask when standing up, although it is not as tall. This means there’s less space between your fingers and the top of the cap, and we noticed our fingertips rubbing against it on occasion. Once we adjusted, it was still comfortable to hold, but it’s worth mentioning if you like more room or have more giant fingers.

Chilly's Series 2 Water Bottle Pouring WaterTeam Cold Water Unite! | Chilly’s Series 2 Water Bottle. Chilly’s advises keeping temperatures below 194°F (90°C) when it comes to what you may put inside. To determine how long this bottle could keep water cold, we put it in a temperature-controlled environment set at 68°F (20°C). We placed it in at 34.9°F (1.6°C), and it was 46.4°F (8°C) 12 hours later, warming up by 11°F (6.4°C). The water was 17.4°F (9.5°C) warmer after 20 hours than when it went in. In the same scenario, we tested the Original Chilly’s bottle, with the water beginning at 35.7°F (2.1°C) and warming to 9.3°F (5.1°C) after 12 hours and 14°F (7.7°C) after 20 hours.

We understand that there are a lot of figures to consider. In general, our research found that the Original Chilly’s Bottle kept water 2.6°F (1.6°C) cooler on average than the Series 2. However, the Series 2 has new features like an antibacterial collar, carry handle, and silicone bottom, which may make the slight temperature difference irrelevant depending on your tastes.

Chilly's Series 2 Water Bottle ScratchChilly’s Series 2 Water Bottle | Cement is not a friend of this water bottle. The bottle performed well throughout our tests, but it did suffer a setback when we knocked it over in an uneven cement parking lot. The pebbles scratched a small section of the matte surface at the top of the bottle, but we wouldn’t be shocked if a similar scratch appeared on any other stainless steel bottle in the same scenario. There are minor scratches here and there, but they’re not as noticeable as on other matte bottles like the Purist Collective Mover. You should be alright if you don’t throw it into the ether.

Its antibacterial collar has a few tiny gouges on it, as if the plastic was snagged on something and scraped away. It’s conceivable that it was destroyed while cleaning, but it’s also likely caused by unintentional tooth bumps. We can’t say if it has an effect on antibacterial performance, but it has no impact on the cap’s seal.

Overall, we don’t believe the peeling silicone base, cap-collar interaction, and a few flaws the bottle acquired is enough to negate the bottle’s advantages. Though its performance isn’t as good as a Hydro Flask or a YETI Rambler, the personalization choices give your hydration a personal touch. Any bottle that is attractive to the eye, pleasant to sip from, and keeps our water cooler is ideal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a chilly’s bottle worth it?

A: A chilly’s bottle is a type of alcoholic beverage that comes in small bottles, and it is typically made with vodka, tequila or rum. The drink has been around for many years and there are many different variations on how to make this cocktail. If you want something unique than a chilled wish can be your choice but if you don’t like alcohol at all then I would recommend trying one of the other drinks mentioned above instead.

How long do Chillys bottles last?

A: Chillys bottles are meant to be consumed in one sitting, so they usually last around 3 hours.

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