WANDRD PRVKE is a travel and photography company that uses blockchain technology to power users’ transparency, accountability, and trust. Here’s what contributed to our review of the platform and their guide for traveling in China.

The WANDRD PRVKE is a simple and beautiful backpack designed by photographers for photographers that has gotten a lot of attention. It began as a Kickstarter effort, which rapidly exceeded its funding target. They’ve run out of stock several times since then. It’s a sought-after pack that still draws the attention of photographers searching for the perfect kit bag at a reasonable price. We receive a lot of inquiries about it, and many photographers want to take a private tour. It’s available in three colors: black, green, and blue. The green and blue hues aren’t overpowering. WANDRD presently has two sizes available: 21L and 31L.

Frances Beatty With The Wandrd PrvkeEmpty, the 31L backpack weighs 1.5kg and is 19″Hx12.5″Wx7.5″D. With the roll-top completely extended, it can hold up to 36L. That’s a bit on the hefty side for an empty backpack of this size, but it makes sense given the amount of cushioning and structure they’ve employed to create a strong and dependable bag that will keep your vacation photography gear safe. It’s a bit box and tends to dwarf anybody under 5’5″, making you seem like a rectangular turtle. It fits easily into the overhead bins when used as a travel backpack. On most flights, we were able to do it under the seat with enough of space to spare. It’s not much, but it’s plenty for a deflated travel pillow or other paper-thin item.

Wandrd Prvke RainflyThe pack is constructed of tarpaulin and nylon dobby (not a nylon house elf, mind you). Dobby is a kind of weaving that produces a textured, typically checkered pattern. It isn’t completely waterproof, but it is water-resistant. It performs a decent job of keeping dry in light rain, but we wouldn’t trust it in a deluge. Fortunately, there’s a rainfly hidden away on the bag’s underside. It connects fast and straightforwardly and does a great job of preventing you from requiring a bag or two of rice.

The roll-top backpack has three major access points: the roll-top, the side entry, and the clamshell rear portion. Because of the roll-top, this bag comes in handy if you come across some knickknacks you simply have to have but didn’t budget for.

Wandrd Prvke Camera CubeWith the camera cube, you may arrange the bag as one large compartment or divide the top and bottom. Whether or not you have the camera cube installed, the three access points ensure you can get to your things quickly and simply. We used it as a camera bag, so the camera cube was in the bottom compartment, accessible from the side or the clamshell rear. Because of the side opening, you won’t have to set your luggage down to get your camera, which is a valuable feature while traveling. The top, which could be accessed via the roll-top or clamshell, was used for clothing.

When you need anything, and it’s nestled at the bottom of a roll-top pack, it may be a pain to locate, but the clamshell opening makes it simple to access just about everything. Even that hideous jumper that belongs at the bottom of the pile.

A lovely and simple cinch strap holds the roll-top in place, although it may slip a bit and not remain cinched as firmly as it should. Once the cinch strap is appropriately positioned, we use a bobby pin on the strap as a travel hack. It works, and the strap no longer slips, but we’d like not to have to MacGyver it for a purse this expensive.

A passport compartment is included in each backpack and sits flat against the wearer’s back. This is a useful feature for peace of mind. Within the zippered compartment,two pocketst are ideal for additional items you’d want to keep secure, such as a small wallet. Although, since it rests against the small of your back, we wouldn’t suggest filling it with something heavier.

The back of the bag is generously cushioned for additional comfort. Even while carrying a complete photography equipment, laptop, and a month’s worth of clothes nearly every day for a solid two months, with an average of 12km of walking each day, we didn’t have any back problems. The bag weighed 32 pounds at one point, and although we wouldn’t call carrying that much weight “fun,” there were no complaints, and it helped us get our butts in shape quicker. On the other hand, it provides very little air movement, which means it will get heated. It’s time to accept the dreaded wet back. Perhaps going with black wasn’t the most outstanding choice…

Wandrd Prvke Showing Water Bottle PocketAn extendable exterior side water bottle compartment may fit a small tripod or a thin 1L bottle. Anything more than that may need the use of a magician. The pocket extends with a zipper, and the elastic and somewhat flexible expanding portion of the bag. When I tried to use it to carry a small tripod, as recommended, it put too much strain on the pocket, and the seams began to fray. It may suffice as a tiny tripod, but it seems too small and under-built.

Wandrd Prvke Laptop SleeveIn the 31L pack, there’s a laptop sleeve integrated into the clamshell that can easily accommodate a 15.6″ ASUS laptop. The clamshell features a double zipper and opens like a book, making it easy to access a laptop for fast security checkpoint entrance. You don’t even have to set the bag down to get it since it’s that simple. When you open it up, there’s a velcro strap to prevent your laptop from flying out. The laptop is cushioned substantially on one side and softly on the other and rests firmly against your back.

The bag has handles on the top for another convenient method to carry it. Each handle has a magnet, allowing them to click together easily. The handles will not creep in to hug your spine if the attractions are clipped together, which may be unpleasant.

Wandrd Prvke Camera Battery PocketsApart from the main compartments, there are just four additional pockets to keep things simple. A tiny pouch with a key clip is located outside the roll-top. It’s lined with a soft material, which is ideal for storing anything that easily damages, such as your sunglasses, for which you’ve already misplaced the case. It’s not a large pocket, but it can hold a surprising amount of stuff. There’s the passport pocket we discussed before and a side access zip pouch with three flexible tiny battery compartments. This is an intelligent addition to keep your accessories in order. The front thin pocket, which may store papers, maps, or books flat, is the last pocket.

Wandrd Prvke Camera Cube With CameraThe Photography Bundle contains a camera cube with molded and adjustable partitions, a camera sling, external gear straps, and waist and sternum straps, among other detachable choices.

The camera cube is kept in the backpack’s bottom portion. It takes a few minutes to get it in position the first time, but it becomes simpler with practice, and WANDRD has you covered with a detailed instruction book. You’re OK to go if you stick to it. The dividers aren’t cushioned, but the pack surrounding them is, so nothing is exposed. They attach to the cube with velcro so you can simply customize it to your needs. The camera cube also has a strap and can zip up so it can be used as a stand-alone bag in a pinch, such as when there’s no space left in your flight’s overhead compartment. Simply remove the camera cube and hide it under your seat. That’s a great convenience, mainly because inspecting camera gear is a no-no.

The camera sling* has a conventional tripod attachment that screws into your camera’s base and detachable clips to connect it to the bag’s exteriors. The aim is to keep your camera close at hand and connected without the need of a separate camera strap. So when you want to snap a photo, your camera glides along the belt quickly, and when you’re not using it, it hangs by your side. WANDRD has now sent out a redundancy strap with a tiny locking carabiner, which was a worry when the sling first arrived. The new redundancy strap gives the sling belt a little more confidence, but it still seems a little fragile to trust thousands of dollars worth of stuff.

The camera sling has been withdrawn from WANDRD’s online shop. It’s unclear if this is a permanent or temporary removal as they work on a more long-term solution.

The external gear straps may be clipped into the bottom of the backpack to allow you to carry a tripod. They’re adjustable and straightforward to put on.

The waist straps are detachable, which is a good feature for those who don’t use them frequently, but they are required for anybody carrying heavy stuff. The initial waist straps were just nylon dobby (textured nylon, remember?) but have subsequently been updated to cushioned versions. So it’ss time for a change!

The sternum straps are detachable, which may be helpful but can also be inconvenient if they fall off suddenly. The good news is that they’re pretty simple to put back o with a bit of patiencecen. However, a wider variety of sternum strap sizes and non-removable ones would be preferable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wandrd Prvke worth it?

A: Wandrd is a fantastic game that you will love playing. However, it does not give any in-game perks like some other games do so if this is of concern to you then I would recommend considering one of these options instead.

Is Wandrd a good brand?

A: Wandrd is a good brand.

Is the WANDRD backpack waterproof?

A: The WANDRD backpack is not waterproof.

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