Day Owl is a nifty backpack that allows users to take their laptops and other essentials while traveling, hiking, or shopping. The Day Owl features a zippered locking compartment for securing your valuables and has an expandable divider system with built-in pockets to organize everything else.

Day Owl is a Certified B Corporation, which means that its goods and manufacturing are among the most socially and ecologically conscious. What is their primary goal? Repurposing throwaway bottles into the sustainable fabric for beautiful bags is a great way to make the most of them.

Day Owl Backpack in Essex, EnglandThe Day Owl Backpack shows this. It performs an excellent job as a daily pack and has several neat and intelligent features. It’s also available in a more diminutive 16L form, but for this review, we’ll be concentrating on the bigger 21L version.

Aesthetics & Materials

According to our Instagram survey, just around half of you (43 percent) like the appearance of this bundle. We had hoped for a better grade since we like the historical look of the pack. It has a traditional appearance and is made of smooth, durable materials.

This pack is available in six distinct colors at the time of this review, several of which have a more subdued feel, such as Deep Navy and the Charcoal Black shade we’ve been trying. If the brighter-but-still-subdued Pale Pink or Olive Green is more your style, you may go the other way and get those.

Day Owl Backpack MaterialThe zipper pulls feature the only branding on the pack. The absence of a prominent wordmark or patch on the bag’s main body may appeal to those who prefer a more discreet approach to branding.

The material on this pack recalls a lot of the Fjallraven bags we’ve seen, such as the Raven 28L Backpack. However, day Owl’s First Mile material is made of a waxed canvas made entirely of 100% recycled post-consumer plastic bottles. Its lining and trim are also made of recycled polyester, which we like for its environmentally friendly approach.

When you purchase this pack, you’ll also receive a lifetime guarantee, which means that if you have any repairable damage (tears, missing parts, etc. ), you can mail it back in, and they’ll replace it. If your bag can’t be saved, they urge you to send it in any way—they’ll recycle it and offer you a 25% discount on a new bag.

Our only quibble with this fabric is that it attracts fluff more than some of the others we’ve tried, but not more than we’d expect from a canvas. This is particularly important if you have pets, since this pack is prone to attracting hair, grime, and other detritus. The Charcoal Black colorway we’ve been trying hasn’t been too terrible, but it may still become and appear quite filthy after just a few usage.

Day Owl Backpack Zippers and HardwareThe zippers are from YKK, a well-known brand. When we say trustworthy, we’re referring to our numerous good previous encounters with this brand. This bag may now be added to that list, since everything has been zipping and unzipping without a hitch.

The metal hardware on this pack has also been a big hit with us, as it helps keep the shoulder straps neat and provides a quality appearance and feel. Again, there have been no issues in this region. Therefore there are no complaints to make.

Components from Outside

Left: Rebecca, Height: 5’7” (170 cm), Torso: 16” (41 cm) | Right: Nathan, Height: 6’4” (193 cm), Torso: 19” (48 cm)The harness mechanism on the Backpack is quite simple. Although there is no sternum strap or exceptionally plush cushioning, we found it to be more than comfortable for a bag of this size.

There’s a little bit of padding on the shoulder straps to provide some comfort, but nothing insane. You do have a lovely mesh inside to provide some breathability, which is always welcomed, mainly when using the bag for extended amounts of time or when it’s hot outside. Overall, they’ve performed well, given the length and weight that we typically transport.

Day Owl Backpack Shoulder Straps and Back PanelBecause there is no mesh lining on the rear panel of this pack to assist in ventilating your back during more extended uses, some back sweat is inevitable. It does, however, feature a baggage pass-through that allows you to move your bag on your roller luggage when traveling quickly. In addition, it folds flat against the pack when not in use, preventing it from poking our backs or adding bulk.

Day Owl Backpack Top HandlesAt the very top of the pack, two grab handles made of smooth leather provide a lovely, classy touch. They’re held together by a snap clasp while not in use, so they don’t sag on the pack. These handles have also been shown to help lift up the bag during testing, and they can even be utilized to carry the bag like a tote in a more professional environment, such as a business meeting.

Day Owl Backpack Water Bottle PocketThe water bottle compartment built into the bag’s side is the last item on this list. It features a water-resistant neoprene lining on the inside, so you can be sure that it won’t go into other parts of the bag. if you spill anything Throughout testing, we’ve kept a YETI Rambler 18oz Bottle inside, and it fits well. We also like how it doesn’t bulk up the exterior of the bag and isn’t visible when it’s closed—it gives it a much cleaner appearance.

The Inside of the Pack

Day Owl Backpack Side PocketBefore we go inside this item, we need to cover a few compartments, beginning with the secret pocket on the opposite side of the bag. Although it’s smaller than the water bottle pocket, you may still put some more minor, more important things like your wallet or passport in it to protect them from pickpockets. We didn’t use it much ourselves, but we’ve been keeping a pair of Apple Airpods Pro on hand as a backup, and it’s held up well throughout testing.

Day Owl Backpack Top PocketThen there’s the top-of-the-line quick-grab pocket. It’s a great place to store things like sunglasses, keys, a snack or two, and anything else you need to grab during the day. It has a green lining inside so you can see what you’re searching for rather than fumbling around blindly for your belongings, which is always a nice touch.

Day Owl Backpack Front PocketFinally, the front of the pack has a bigger pocket. We’ve simply started sneaking in some essentials like a good perfume and a gym lock. We’ve been keeping a Tom Bihn Ghost Whale Organizer Pouch inside to assist divide our even smaller things since there’s no organizing within. Overall, this pocket is ideal for things that aren’t too thick, since anything too large would give it an overcrowded appearance, which isn’t appealing.

Day Owl Backpack Main CompartmentIt’s now time to move on to the main compartment! This bag features a horseshoe-style opening that opens nearly completely clamshell-style, but not quite. The aperture, which has the same green lining as the quick-grab pocket, allows you plenty of sights and access to everything within.

You have two pockets on the rear wall, one bigger and one smaller, for organizing. The bigger pocket is the ideal size for an Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet in a protective case, so if you have this tablet or one of a similar size, here is where you should store it. We haven’t kept anything in the smaller pocket, but if you have a few pens or pencils you’d want to have access, this is a good place to store them.

The remainder of the compartment is free space, so you may fill it with as many pouches and packing cubes as you want to help organize your belongings. We’ve been using the Day Owl Cord Pouch to keep our chargers and cables organized, and it pairs nicely with this pack. There’s enough space in the 21L bag for a sweater or jacket, a more significant set of headphones, an additional pair of shoes, and other everyday necessities you bring to work, school, or the gym.

Day Owl Backpack Laptop CompartmentWe’d like to highlight the laptop compartment, situated at the pack’s very rear to round off our evaluation. Day Owl claims that a 15-inch laptop can fit inside, but we were able to squeeze a 16-inch MacBook Pro inside during testing—it only works without a cover, which is something you may want with this pack. We say that because some is cushioning to assist cushion your gadget throughout your commute, but no fake bottom to safeguard it from drops. As a result, wherever feasible, we suggest putting your laptop in a protective sleeve.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many liters is the day owl backpack?

A: The day owl backpack is a 10 liter bag.

Where does day owl ship from?

A: Our products are shipped from our warehouses in China to your address.

Is Day Owl sustainable?

A: Yes, Day Owl is sustainable.

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