Accessory bags are a great piece of luggage that gives you the freedom to go anywhere with your favorite items without worrying about what else will fit in. Topo Designs is one of the most popular brands for these types of bags, and their quality can be seen once you start looking at its many reviews online. This bag review outlines how well this brand creates durable products while also offering plenty of room to store all kinds of things.

With our Deals Vault, you can save up to 15% on Topo Designs • Become a Pack Hacker Pro. Topo Designs Accessory Bags are ideal for organizing your dongles, flash drives, computer peripherals, and other random stuff when traveling. These bags seem to be well-made, and the three sizes available from Topo—micro, small, and medium—are suitable for various small items. We like how simple it is to toss these items into your pack or each other.

Aesthetics & Materials

In terms of aesthetics, there isn’t much to say about these bags. They seem to be accessory bags. There are no unnecessary doo-dads, straps, or other embellishments. It’s simply a plain bag, which, if you know us, is precisely what we like.

They come in eight hues as of this review, including amusing Topo-inspired pairings like Red/Navy and Forest/ Kelly (i.e., green and green).

Topo Accessory Bags BackLike most of Topo’s goods, these accessory bags are composed of robust 1000D CORDURA® nylon on the rear exterior (a few colors are available with 1000D CORDURA ripstop nylon), a coated pack cloth on the front, and a 400D nylon pack cloth on the inner. We like the pack cloth front since it’s simple to clean, and the 1000D fabric is sturdy and durable, which we also want.

Topo Accessory Bags Micro FullThe Accessory Bags are available in three different sizes. Topo labeled them micro, small, and medium instead of small, medium, and giant for whatever reason, but whatever works. More minor things, such as retractable ethernet cables, flash drives, and cash, go in the micro, whereas more oversized items, such as battery banks, travel adapters, and computer mice (mice? ), go in the small. Small notebooks, computer chargers, and e-readers may all fit within the medium.

Topo Accessory Bags Small FullSuppose you wish to be even more organized; the bags nest within each other like Russian Nesting Dolls. The zippers are YKK, so they should last (in theory), and the zipper pulls are strong paracord so they won’t fall out. To be honest, we believe the forces are nearly too big for the pouches, but we’d rather have them than tiny zipper pulls that will break after a few usages. As a result, we won’t moan too much.

Components from Outside

We didn’t think we’d like the location of the zippers at first—they’re about a quarter of the way off the top of the bag rather than on the lid itself—but our opinion evolved as we used it. The position of the zipper makes it simpler to reach the interior and all of your belongings. We also believe it’s attractive.

Topo Accessory Bags FullThe small and more significant bags also include nylon pull tabs to grab onto when zipping, making ripping them open and closing a breeze. With that strong paracord zipper pulls, getting in and out of these backpacks is, dare we say, enjoyable.

There are also paracord loops on all three bags, allowing you to tie it to a backpack or your belt if you’re a parent.

Components found inside

When you open one of these pouches, you will find nothing inside. The sheer lack of order in these pouches cannot be overstated.

Topo Accessory Bags Open High-visibility LinerThe Accessory Bags’ inside are made of vividly colored nylon. This is a valuable feature since the color helps you locate your items. It’s simple to distinguish black against lime green; black against black, not much.

Aside from that, there isn’t much going on inside the company. Because these bags are so small, keeping them basic makes sense—but if you’re concerned about organizing, you may miss some more inside compartments or features.

Usage & Durability

Topo Accessory Bags Usage OutsideAs previously said, the accessory bags are composed of high-quality fabrics that should last a long time. We’ve used these bags for two weeks and haven’t had any severe concerns yet.

Topo Accessory Bags Logo FrayingThere is a little problem to highlight. On our more oversized bag, the stitching on the brand tag on the front of the pack ripped. Unfortunately, this is a recurring occurrence for Topo—we saw it while reviewing their 40L Travel Bag and even one of their hats—and although it’s not a significant concern, we’ll keep pointing it out.

Topo Designs Mini Shoulder Bag is a small bag perfect for all your essentials. It has a strap that can be worn across the body or over one shoulder. The material of the bag is lightweight and durable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Topo design bags made?

A: Topo Bags are made in China.

Are Topo Designs ethical?

A: Ethical meaning does not harm the environment. The company is very eco-friendly and uses recycled materials to make its products!

What is an accessory bag?

A: An accessory bag is a small tote that can be carried with you and used as an organizer.

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