Fjallraven Kanken is a popular, stylish, and functional laptop backpack. This review includes the manufacturer’s claims of longevity and durability; Rugby players on tour in America have tested this bag. With tons of pockets along with an internal padded compartment for your laptops, it’s worth considering if you need to carry around your work or school essentials at all times.

The Kanken collection is the first item most people think of when they hear Fjallraven. We’d be shocked if you hadn’t heard of the Kanken by now—become it’s one of the most popular daypacks in the world, with fashionistas sporting it everywhere from Tokyo’s streets to Paris’ coffee cafes and everywhere in between. (Okay, not about—but very close!)

The Kanken was created as a school bag for children in Sweden as a remedy for carrying heavy books on their backs, with the Swedish motto “Straight backs are happy backs” in mind. After 40 years, Fjallraven now has over ten distinct varieties of Kanken and Kanken accessories and outlets all over the globe.

Fjallraven Kanken 13" Laptop Backpack In Detroit, Michigan

In this review, we’ll examine at the Fjallraven Kanken 13″ Laptop Backpack, which we’ve been testing in Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Spain, Paris, Portugal, and the United States for over three years.

With the Kanken’s growing popularity, one could wonder whether it’s more than simply a fashion statement. Let’s take a look at the complete review to find out.

Aesthetics & Materials

The boxy form an enormous circular Arctic Fox emblem on the front of this 13-liter pack are a spin on the traditional style, which was initially produced in 1978 and is immediately identifiable. Let’s face it, when it comes to branding, you’re not going to miss it! The remainder of the branding is essential, despite the “look at me” logo on the front of the pack. The term Fjallraven may be seen on the zipper pulls, and the arctic fox can also be found on the poppers. You’ll also discover a label within the pack that alludes to the Kanken’s history and tradition, on which you may write your name and contact information.

Fjallraven Kanken 13" Laptop Backpack Snap Fastener

This pack’s familiar features also make it iconic. The cushioned laptop sleeve keeps your back in a box-like shape, and the more you load, the boxier it becomes. While we like the pack’s overall aesthetics and “old school” design, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so we asked our Instagram followers what they thought. Surprisingly, just 59 percent of you liked the way this bundle looked. Of course, we expected that number to be a little higher, given how popular these bags have been in recent years. But what do we know?

The Kanken 13″ Laptop Backpack is available in 15 different colors at the time of this review. Over the course of our three years of testing this bag, we’ve noted that the hues have changed often, so ikeep checking back f you don’t see a color you like right now,

Fjallraven Kanken 13" Laptop Backpack Material

Vinylon F is the primary component of this set. This is a synthetic cloth that has been used in the Kanken since its inception. The fibers swell when this material gets wet, making it more water-resistant. If you’re trapped in a bit of shower or light rain, this bag will come in handy, but keep in mind that it is not waterproof. The pack ultimately soaked through after being stranded in a snow shower for a few hours in the heart of Chicago. If you’re going to a wetter environment, we suggest investing in a rain cover, which Fjallraven handily sells on their website. Despite the snowstorm’s aftermath, we’ve found this material to be quite durable—though some wear has occurred over time (more on this later on).

Fjallraven Kanken 13" Laptop Backpack Zippers & Arctic Fox Logo Logo

This pack’s zippers are all YKK #5, which means they’re sturdy, dependable, and long-lasting. We haven’t had a single problem with them in three years, even after repeatedly pushing them to their limits. That should be enough to persuade you.

As Fjallraven has expanded and matured, they’ve also made environmentally friendly packs. So, if you’re searching for a more ecologically friendly variant, the Re-Kanken is a good option.

Components from Outside

Fjallraven Kanken 13" Laptop Backpack In Detroit, Michigan

Let’s start with the harness system before moving on to the external components. It’s pretty straightforward for a 13″ pack. The shoulder straps are cushioned and adjustable, and we’ve found them comfortable even when the package is fully loaded. The cushioned shoulder straps are only available on the laptop version, so keep that in mind. Attachable shoulder pads are available on the original Kanken, though. These straps won’t provide much ventilation, so if you intend to perform any outside activities, you’ll be better off with something like the Lowe Alpine Aeon 22. When the shoulder straps aren’t in use, there’s also a mechanism that allows you to secure them. We didn’t find this function beneficial for a daypack. Thus we didn’t use it very much. This feature became more aggravating since the snap-fastening would have helped keep the extra straps from hanging.

Fjallraven Kanken 13" Laptop Backpack Shoulder Straps & Harness System

The back panel on this pack makes it even more pleasant to carry. The cushioned laptop sleeve is fantastic and provides two benefits for the price of one. First, it not only holds and protects your laptop, but it also has a solid back panel that adheres to Kanken’s concept of “Straight backs are happy backs.”

You’ve undoubtedly also noticed that this pack lacks a sternum strap and a hip belt. While we never used it because of the size of the group, Fjallraven does provide removable sternum straps that may be clipped into your shoulder straps.

Fjallraven Kanken 13" Laptop Backpack In Detroit, Michigan

Two quick-grab handles are located at the top of the pack and may be attached using a loop already connected to the handle. WAs a daypack, we’ve found thatthis is a helpful feature that may be used for transportation, brief outings, or when utilizing the Kanken as a supplement to our bigger travel pack.

Fjallraven Kanken 13" Laptop Backpack Side Pocket

Two pockets are located on either side of the bag. We thought they would make excellent water bottle pockets, but so far, we haven’t been able to identify one that fits, which is unfortunate. We’ve been trying to develop a new way to utilize these pockets since it’s almost hard to get to the bottom of them. Longer things are preferable, and the JOBY GorillaPod is one that we’ve discovered to function nicely.

The Inside of the Pack

Fjallraven Kanken 13" Laptop Backpack Main Compartment Full With Packing Cubes

Let’s have a look inside this bundle now. Let’s start with the main compartment, which is essentially a large bucket into which you may put your belongings. Due to the lack of internal structure, we’ve discovered that packing cubes and pouches come in helpful for keeping your belongings together and preventing them from becoming lost inside the bag. This compartment’s clamshell-type opening is quite helpful. You may open it partially at the top to quickly grab anything, or completely if you need something from the bottom.

We’ve discovered that the Fjallraven Kanken Photo Insert works nicely with this compartment. This cube might come in useful for keeping your photographic gear on days out if you’re interested in photography.

Fjallraven Kanken 13" Laptop Backpack Document Sleeve

A sleeve spans across the breadth of the pack within the main pocket. This sleeve may be used to store papers and flat things. We usually keep goods in this pocket that we need quickly.

Fjallraven Kanken 13" Laptop Backpack Laptop Compartment

The laptop compartment is located at the rear of the backpack. This is one of our favorite Kanken features. Because the laptop compartment is distinct from the rest of the pack, there’s no need to empty anything or even unzip the main compartment, making accessibility a significant plus. Easy! This compartment may also be used to store papers that you need to access quickly while on the run. It’s crucial to know that whis laptop compartment will only fit a 13-inch laptop. without the cover There are more options, such as Fjallraven’s 15″ and 17″ Laptop Backpacks.

Taking The Bellroy Card Pocket Out Of The Fjallraven Kanken

A tiny quick-grab pocket may be found towards the front of the pack. This is large enough to carry stuff you need to grab quickly, such as your phone and wallet (thus the name), but it lacks security. We like to trust our instincts here and keep our valuables in the main compartment for those shadier spots. In lower-risk zones, though, we’re content to put our phone and cash in this pocket. In our opinion, a less apparent quick grab pocket would have been a beneficial addition.

Testing & Durability

Fjallraven Kanken 13" Laptop Backpack In Tokyo, Japan

We’ve been testing this pack for nearly three years at the time of this review, so it’s gone on a lot of adventures—from Hong Kong to Tokyo, Thailand, Malaysia, city-hopping throughout Europe, and even touring the United States.

Aside from some minor wear that does not impact the looks, the Fjallraven Kanken has held up well and has astonished us with its endurance and continuous reliability—despite being repeatedly pushed to its limits.

Fjallraven Kanken 13" Laptop Backpack Fabric Wear

Vinylon-F, the outside fabric, has shown to be very robust over time. It has held up incredibly well after being tossed about and regularly used all across the globe. However, we did observe a fair degree of fading. When looking at Kanken care, it is said that you should not leave it in direct sunlight, yet it will surely get some rays. While this impacts the overall appearance of the pack, we don’t mind since it contributes to the rough vintage sense. We’ll be watching to see whether the deterioration continues as we utilize this pack for many years.

The laptop compartment, as previously stated, is large enough to carry a 13″ laptop without the cover. We enjoy having that additional layer of protection for our electronic gear (mainly if we depend on it as much as we do). Still, we found that the laptop lays against your back and offers adequate protection for a daypack.

Fjallraven Kanken 13" Laptop Backpack Zipper Covers

We also have some issues with the zipper covers, which aren’t as practical as we’d want them to be. The surfaces remain over the zippers when the pack is fully loaded and “boxed” out to its maximum capacity. When the group sags, the bodies move with it, exposing the zippers to the elements. While this wasn’t a significant issue since we seldom hiked in the rain, it wasn’t ideal. This has become worse over time—the more the cloth wears in and everything becomes less firm, the more the zipper covers shift.

We’ve found that this pack works well on its own as a daily daypack or for more extensive day excursions during the last three years. Furthermore, although this pack isn’t the tiniest or most compact, it folds flat and fits into our bigger one-bag travel pack.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is fjallraven Kanken good for laptop?

A: The Kanken is a lightweight backpack for laptops, tablets, and similar devices. Depending on how the bag’s padding has been configured, it will protect your device from drops of up to 80cm or 32 inches.

Are fjallraven Kanken backpacks good?

A: Yes, they are perfect backpacks and provide excellent value for money.

Can you fit a laptop in a regular Kanken?

A: Unfortunately, this is not possible.

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