Eagle Creek Pack-It Isolate Packing Cubes are the perfect packing cubes for anyone who loves to travel. They keep your clothes fresh and odor-free, making them ideal for extended trips or air travel. They’re also durable enough that they can still be used after being packed with wet items.

We were excited to test the updated Pack-It Isolate packing cubes after such a wonderful experience with Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Specter cubes. The Isolate line has everything we liked about the Specter line, which is great news. But, unfortunately, they’re only a little more pleasant.

It’s the equivalent of upgrading from normal to garlic pizza dough. We’ll never say no to traditional pizza crust, but if it’s available, we’ll happily accept the garlic upgrade—no insult to any vampires who can’t eat garlic.

The Isolates are tiny and light, with sizes ranging from x-small to wash bags. You may order them in either a “cube” or a “sac” form. Cubes are visibly cube-shaped, while sacs are rounder (think of an oversized pencil case). For this review, we chose the cubes, and we’ll discuss the sacs at the conclusion.

The Pack-It packing cube system from Eagle Creek also comes in two additional lines: “Expose,” which has mesh material to reveal what’s inside, and “Gear,” which is more durable for cameras and other gear. We choose the Isolate line since it is the most adaptable of the three.

Although the name “Eagle Creek Pack-It Isolate packing cubes” is a tongue twister, the items themselves are significantly less difficult. Let’s have a look at them!

Features & Fabric

Isolate packing cubes are comprised of a water-resistant and washable polyester ripstop. Even though the material is so light and thin, we had no problems with holes or rips throughout our two weeks of usage. If a minor tear develops, the diamond ripstop design should prevent it from becoming too large.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Isolate Packing Cubes MaterialThe material is a little slick, which isn’t a bad thing since they’ll glide right into and out of your luggage. However, if you’re traveling with a bigger backpack, stacking them on top of each other might be difficult, and they’ll shuffle about within.

Zoom zippers are used in all of the Isolate cubes. While some gear fans may be upset to find zippers that aren’t YKK, we haven’t had any problems with them. They also include paracord zipper pulls to give you a better grip.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Isolate packing cubes zipperThe zippers are tilted slightly so that the top flap of cloth has no dimension, and a little “tub” is formed for more straightforward packing. The cubes open completely clamshell-style, with the top flapping out and out of the way so you can view everything within. We didn’t mind, although some individuals may like zips that only open halfway, allowing you to shove your items into a little pocket. This is a little nitpick, but your mileage may vary on whether or not it concerns you.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Isolate packing cubesWhen drawer or countertop space is limited, each cube also features a little handle at the top to make it simpler to grip or hang up. These handles are helpful for more giant cubes, but they don’t seem to be essential for smaller cubes that may only hold a few pairs of socks.

We enjoy how they’re all labeled with a letter denoting their size (S for small and so on). This will help you remember what size you have if you lose one or discover one that is very wonderful and want to get more.

They come in a variety of sultry hues, including Sahara Yellow, Ocean Currents (Blue), and Aloha, a Hawaiian shirt pattern. We went with basic black, of course.

We spent two weeks testing the x-small, small, medium-thin, and roll-top shoe sacs from this collection, including a tour through North Carolina’s Smoky Mountains.


Eagle Creek Pack-It Isolate x-small packing cubeFor socks and underwear, we preferred the X-small Eagle Creek Isolate packing cube. It easily contains four pairs of thick socks or up to six if you want to pack them in. It’s ideal for keeping your underwear separate from your other belongings. Is that clear? Isolate?


This one is a compression cube with a great deal of depth. When the cube is empty and compressed, it seems that very little will fit within. However, if you start with it uncompressed, you’ll be surprised at how many clothes you can fit in here. Then, when you shut the miraculous compression zippers, it shrinks down to a fraction of its original size. As if they were constructed by Gandalf himself, it’s an actual testimony to the power of compression packing cubes.

Even our hottest packable puffy jacket fits in these. But unfortunately, it was a bit of a squeeze, and it felt like an overloaded balloon about to burst. What’s more, guess what? It didn’t work!

Eagle Creek Pack-It Isolate small compression cubeYou probably won’t pack it with a puffer jacket every time you use it, but we wanted to show you the capacity. After all, it’s sort of our job. There is no paracord zipper pulls on the compression zippers. It would be wonderful to have some more assistance when packing this thing in tight since it may be challenging to shut. But, you’ll only have to put forth a little effort.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Isolate packing cubes in a bagWhen compared to other cube-like packing cubes made of sturdier materials, arranging a number of them in your luggage may be a little tricky since the edges are rounded and bend in at the sides when pushed hard. We have to pay this amount for lightweight textiles and compression functionality!

However, two x-small Isolates packed side by side take up nearly the same amount of space as one tiny Isolate (compressed). When you load them into your backpack, it’s helpful to have some consistency, and you can create your unique method by combining sizes depending on your carry and compression demands.

Slimming medium

Eagle Creek Pack-It Isolate medium slim packing cubeEagle Creek Pack-It Isolate is a moderately slim packing cube by Eagle Creek. The medium-thin is tall (length), dark (if black is chosen), and lovely. It can also be used to stack socks, but we used it to wrap up a few button-downs that we wanted to keep wrinkle-free and isolated. We swear it’ll be the last time we use the isolation pun.

Shoe bag with a roll top

Eagle Creek Pack-It Isolate shoe sacThe name is rather self-explanatory. It’s a shoe bag with a roll-top closure. It was quite cool to have a bag to put our dirty shoes in after trekking through the Smoky Mountains. By the conclusion of our journey, dirt had collected in the bottom of the sack, but it was isolated and didn’t go on the rest of our garments. Okay, for serious, that was the final time.

These are marketed as having “Protx2 antibacterial treatment,” according to Eagle Creek. We have no idea what it is, but it is meant to keep the odor from sweaty shoes confined. Unfortunately, we can’t comment on this since there’s no way to really evaluate this “antimicrobial coating’s” funk-cutting capabilities. We didn’t detect much of a change in odor during testing, but we did like wearing it on our trek.

This shoe sac is not a dry bag, although it seems to be one. Because it isn’t airtight, you should avoid immersing it unless you want the contents to become wet. It is, nevertheless, simple to compress. Simply roll it down, secure the buckle at the top, and squeeze out the air. Of course, you may choose the conventional zipped version if you don’t like the roll-top concept for your shoes.

The Eagle Creek Pack-It Isolate packing cube system comes in several other sites that we didn’t test. This comprises a medium-sized compression cube and a constructed folder that’s claimed to protect your clothing from wrinkling at the time of this review. It also comes with a Clean/Dirty sac with distinct sections to divide your clean and dirty clothing, but we didn’t want to go that far.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Eagle Creek packing cubes worth it?

A: Yes, they are very worth it. They’re good at minimizing the size of your luggage while preserving its contents.

Is it worth using packing cubes?

A: It is worth it if you are moving to a prominent place.

Do packing cubes make a difference?

A: Packing cubes are an overall packing strategy that can provide an extra layer of protection and make your luggage easier to put together. They also help you save space inside the suitcase, but there is no evidence that they reduce how much you need to pack.

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