Memobottle is a silicone sleeve that can be used for storing your flask, mug, or cup. It’s compatible with most water bottles and cups, making it versatile. The design stays put without slipping, so you don’t have to worry about the lid coming off in your bag, etc., creating an embarrassing mess!.

This water bottle is made of BPA-free materials and has a silicone sleeve to prevent leaks. It also can track your hydration levels, giving you stats like how many ounces of fluid it contains and hours left in its lifespan.

Is it a flask or a medication bottle? Unfortunately, we’re afraid we can’t help you. Despite its unusual appearance, the memobottle A6 is just a water bottle. However, many individuals have mistaken it for a flask and a medicine container, resulting in some amusing misunderstandings. The memobottle A6 isn’t only a conversation starter; it’s also helpful when your backpack doesn’t have a water bottle pocket. It’s dishwasher safe, and if you add the silicone sleeve, it can handle hot beverages. However, since the bottle is not insulated, your water will not stay cold for long.

memobottle A6 with silicone sleeveMemobottle claims that its products are appropriate for most liquids, including alcohol. Thus it may be used as a flask if desired. However, memobottle’s website is a little unclear regarding hot beverages. We read the fine print for you, so you don’t have to. Memobottle claims that all of its bottles can withstand temperatures of up to 100 degrees Celsius in hot water. So they’re dishwasher safe, but the manufacturer doesn’t suggest bringing hot liquid inside. “We suggest washing out the bottles more often to prevent discoloration for coffee or other strong staining drinks,” they add. When it comes down to it, we’ve found that if you use the memobottle A6 with the silicone case, hot coffee and tea are OK inside. However, it’s not wonderful simply in the bottle, as we’ll discuss in greater detail in the following.

A fizzy beverage is the one item you should never put in the memobottle. It may spread the pressure from the carbonation in cylindrical bottles more equally, but this isn’t the case here since the memobottles are square-shaped. Don’t do that unless you want to watch your bottle explode. Please accept my apologies to all those who like sparkling water.

memobottle A6 with silicone sleeve with coffeeIn case you were wondering, the memobottle A6 is called after the paper size. Memobottle seems to have a thing with the paper since most of their bottles are created and named in this manner. Aside from the A6, there’s also the A5, which is somewhat more considerable (think letter paper), and the A7, which is palm-sized. The Slim, long like a conventional water bottle yet relatively thin, is the only one that isn’t paper-sized. The A6 can contain about 12 ounces of drink, which is quite typical.

We’re accustomed to traveling water bottles made of stainless steel or something similar, but the memobottle A6 looks and feels more like a regular plastic water bottle. It’s constructed of non-BPA PET. PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate, which has nothing to do with your cat or dog. Peanut butter jars, shampoo bottles, and cooking oil bottles are all constructed. It’s the same material used in ordinary plastic water bottles, but memobottle utilizes a thicker, higher-grade version. Other reviews claim that if the bottle is dropped on the ground, the seam keeping it together may break and create leaks. During the three weeks, we tried it, we had no problems, although we used it almost entirely with the silicone sleeve, which provides a layer of protection.

Usage & Features

You’re probably asking why you’d want a small paper-sized bottle now that you know where the memobottle A6 name originates from. All backpacks would include water bottle sleeves if it were up to some of us on the Pack Hacker team, but the sad truth is that this isn’t always the case. The A6 comes in helpful in this situation. It fits well against a notepad in your daypack.

memobottle A6with silicone sleeve inside a slingA spherical bottle protruding from one side may seem significant, even if your backpack has a water bottle sleeve. You could permanently attach a bottle to the exterior of your bag if you’re short on room, but do you want it bouncing about while you walk? Because the memobottle A6 is tiny and thin, you’ll almost certainly have enough space or even a small pocket inside your luggage to fit it in.

Let’s speak about the silicone sleeve for a moment. It’s not included in the package, but there are a few reasons why you may wish to get it. As previously stated, the sleeve is excellent for using the memobottle with hot drinks. Because the memobottle isn’t insulated, the exterior heats up fast. So, the silicone sleeve is the way to go unless you like burning your hands on flaming plastic. Although scorching may be an exaggeration, the bottle is not pleasant to hold when filled with hot coffee—trust us. The sleeve provides insulation to prevent your hands from burning and your coffee warm.

Even if you intend to use the memobottle for water, the sleeve adds a touch of class. The bottle is designed to be as simple as possible—a thick plastic water container fashioned like a sheet of paper. However, it looks a bit more intriguing with the sleeve on top. A leather sleeve with a tiny pocket for an ID or credit card is also available. A water bottle may seem strange as a location to keep your ID, but if that’s your thing, go for it.

memobottle A6 with silicone sleeve The memobottle A6 itself has a clean, straightforward design that we like. It’s completely transparent, with the words “A6” on the front and “memobottle” on the reverse. The sleeve features the same pattern as the jacket but in a few different colors to provide variety. It comes with a black and white cap, so you may wear whichever one you like on any given day. There are also metallic lids in copper, stainless steel, matte black, and gloss white, all available individually for those days when you’re feeling particularly funky.

The spout is comparable to a regular disposable water bottle regarding the actual sipping experience. However, since it is on one side of the bottle, it isn’t easy to drink from. In addition, we discovered that the spout also pours liquid rapidly. We take hydration very seriously and drink approximately a gallon of water daily. Since of this, and because the tap poured out so rapidly, we had to replace the bottle often. This is great if you’re carrying the memobottle A6 daily, but it may be an issue traveling in humid areas where keeping hydrated is even more essential. This is especially important if you’re traveling someplace distant where there aren’t many fountains or refill stations.

We liked carrying the memobottle A6 daily, but for vacation, we’d go with something more sigUltimatelyIn the end, it boils down to two factors: how much water you drink regularly and if you mind drinking it at room temperature. If you like cold water, you may want to look into a different bottle since the memobottle’s lack of insulation only allows for chilly water.

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