The Peak Design Tech Pouch is a handy pack to hold your camera, phone, and other gear. I’ve had mine for about three months, and it still looks brand new! Check out my review of the product so you can find what works best for you.

When we think of a “tech pouch,” we usually picture a fundamental bag with a zipper stuffed with odd cables, chargers, and accessories.

Our ears perk up when we hear about a Peak Design Tech Pouch. Peak Design is the kind of company that can take a fundamental bag and transforms it into something spectacular. They’ve done it before, and they’ve done it again. The Peak Design Electronic Pouch does a fantastic job of storing all of your tech stuff in one place, but it also provides some good organization, stiffness, and cushioning.

PSA: You may also be interested in the Travel Backpack, Packing Cubes, Camera Cubes, and Wash Pouch, which are all part of the more extensive Peak Design Travel System.

Peak Design Tech Pouch Color Options ( begin, this bag is offered in two color combinations: black with Hypalon accents and sage with Nubuck leather accents. (Nubuck is top-tier leather that has been gently sanded to give it a velvet-like finish.) It’s excellent.) We should point you that any vegans out there will want to choose black since it does not include any animal ingredients.

Regarding materials, this small bag has one weather-resistant #8 Zoom zipper that opens to the main compartment. While we appreciate the zipper in and of itself, we wish it had two separate zipper pulls so you could unzip it partly from the center. Instead, if you want to open it completely, you must start at the bottom and work your way to the opposite side. It’s not a significant change, but it seems to be an easy update that may provide additional usefulness.

Peak Design Tech Pouch MaterialsThis bag is constructed of a polyurethane and DWR-coated 200D nylon canvas on both sides. To cut a long tale short, this item has a lot of weather resistance. Even if it weren’t for the weather resistance, this is a lot of material for an essential electronics pouch—we’ve seen plenty of backpacks made of materials less than 200D.

Peak Design Tech Pouch Interior OrganizationWhen you open it up, you’ll find a slew of various pockets and compartments in Peak Design’s signature “origami” design. It’s a creative—and valuable—way to organize your belongings, and despite its intimidating appearance, it’s straightforward to use.

Peak Design Tech Pouch With Kindle VoyageThe center section has plenty of room for big things and a zipped pocket that can store three SD cards and a few smaller items. To assist arrange your belongings, several dividers are in the center, with a more oversized compartment on either side. We discovered that this space fits a Kindle Voyage almost precisely. Three stretchable pockets are also included for extra organizing.

It may use several elastic loops just above those three compartments for pens, tightly wrapped cords, pencils, and even tiny chopsticks. (You’ve got to be ready for those last-minute ramen excursions!)

Peak Design Tech Pouch With Mini ChopsticksThe bag has some outside handles, but we haven’t used them in a long time. It’s a little tough to grasp them quickly since they’re tiny and connected near the pouch’s surface. However, since this item is so small, it’s simple to take it and leave without utilizing the handles.

On the outside, there’s a zipped pocket that securely fits an iPhone XS Max or iPhone 8 Plus (with a cover) and a charging cable pass-through connection. So, if there’s a battery bank inside, you can run the USB wire through and keep things tidy. Peak Design is known for thinking of everything and keeping things simple. It’s fantastic.

Last but not least, the Anchor connection points on the bag’s exterior add to its appeal. Peak Design’s extra attachments may be attached here, including a strap that allows you to carry this as a small messenger bag. It’s a little larger in messenger mode than other slings we’ve tried, such as the Aer Day Sling 2 or the Heimplanet Transit Line Sling, but it’ll do in a hurry. We believe this innovation earns bonus marks for flexibility since it can be used as a sling and a cube within a more oversized bag.

One minor suggestion: while packing this thing, make sure the stuff on either side are of comparable widths so that it shuts smoothly. It will be pretty challenging to lock if you have something too thick on one side. (You’ll understand what we’re talking about as soon as you start packing everything up.)

Peak Design Tech Pouch At Coffee ShopSo, how do we feel about this? After a few weeks of testing, we believe the organization’s choices are among the finest. Everything is well-thought-out, and the system as a whole performs well. One thing to keep in mind is the size and rigidity—due to the heavier fabric on the exterior, it doesn’t indeed shrink down. It holds its form effectively, so your belongings will be kept a little safer than they would be in a typical pouch.

We believe it’ll be a fantastic choice if you have a lot of tech gear to carry and can honestly stuff this thing. If you’re going to fill it halfway, it may not be the ideal bag for you since it can’t compress and will take up a lot of room in your pack.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is peak design a good brand?

A: Peak Design is a perfect brand.

What’s in my peak design tech pouch?

A: – 1x Peak Design Slide Sleeve (The case can be removed to make it a sling backpack) – 3x Moleskins notebooks in black, tan, and navy blue. Black is for sketching with the HTC Vive controller. Tan is for note-taking on paper or sketches with a pen/pencil. Navy Blue notebook has an elastic band to attach pens or pencils inside of it that you want quick access to

What goes in a tech pouch?

A: The contents of a technical pouch can vary depending on the user but typically include power cords, charging cables, adapters, notepads, and pens.

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