The Corsair K65 RGB Mini Gaming Keyboard is a new addition to the company’s line of gaming keyboards, which come in both mechanical and non-mechanical varieties. The keyboard provides users with an LED-backlit color scheme that can be customized through three different profiles. Additionally, it supports anti-ghosting keys for up to 25 simultaneous key presses, USB passthrough ports, so you don’t have to worry about unplugging your mouse or other peripherals during intense matches, and has media hotkeys on each side, providing easy access to volume controls as well as playback features like play/pause and next song.

While there are some concerns about the value of purchasing this keyboard, it is a good one. This accomplishes everything that a lot of the competition does, with Corsair’s iCUE software serving as the ace in the hole.

A quick overview of the features

  • Corsair’s Hyper-Processing by AXON technology is at the heart of this system.
  • RGB illumination for each key
  • Double-shot PBT keycaps
  • Mechanical Cherry MX switches
  • USB Type-C cable that is detachable and braided
  • Compatible with iCUE
  • 100 percent anti-ghosting and full N-Key rollover
  • 8 MB of inbuilt memory

Hyper-Processing by AXON

Corsair Hyper-Processing by AXON is something we see Corsair rolling out on their new premium keyboards. This technology transmits your inputs to your PC up to eight times faster than conventional gaming keyboards with 8,000Hz hyper-polling. So what does this mean, you ask? While you are very unlikely to see or even notice the difference, this can detect keypresses four times faster than conventional gaming keyboards, making it somewhat of a must-have on paper.

All of this sounds great, but technology like this doesn’t matter on a keyboard. It made more sense on the K100, but that keyboard had Corsair optical switches, and this keyboard doesn’t, so what’s the point? A slight increase in CPU usage? Is it possible to have a couple more frames? Don’t worry. Your K65 will arrive set at a 1000Hz polling rate out of the box, and you may adjust it using the software if you want to.


The K65 switches aren’t hot-swappable, which is unfortunate but not unusual, and come in three colors: MX Speed, Silent, and Red, which we have today. These are good; the Cherry MX is a well-known switch, but there is one minor flaw that may turn some people off. These function well and precisely as anticipated. However, the keyboard is visibly hollow inside, with no foam cushioning, making keypresses sound louder. Some have claimed that this has a pinging problem, but it simply sounds open to me; maybe it’s the same thing? In any event, my One2 Mini’s Cherry MX reds are significantly smoother and quieter.

K65 gaming keyboard unboxing 3

A little additional lubrication and some foam padding on the base help with some of the difficulties, but it should be better for a keyboard at this price range.

iCUE Quick Mention

One of the redeeming features of the Corsair K65 Mini is its vibrant RGB illumination for each key. This is an area Corsair excels in, and it looks stunning on this board, especially on the spacebar. Most settings you create in the software can be saved on board thanks to the 8MB of storage space, which Corsair claims are enough room for up to 200 different profiles.

I don’t usually include software in peripheral evaluations since it hasn’t changed much in a long time, but Corsair has given iCUE a makeover, and it’s now better than ever.

You can now establish hardware key assignments and lighting effects in the program, which means that if you travel with your keyboard, everything will be stored and ready to go, regardless of whether or not the PC has the issue.

The software is likely the primary reason many gamers will purchase this keyboard. In addition, many Corsair fans will find the combination of a small design and a keyboard that matches your existing lighting arrangement enticing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Corsair K65 a good keyboard?

A: Yes, the Corsair K65 is a good keyboard. It has mechanical switches that are very durable and responsive. The build quality of this keyboard is also impressive as it features Cherry MX Red switches finished with rubber stabilizers to reduce any shaking or rattling noise while typing on the surface of your desk when you hit your keys hard.

Is the K65 RGB Mini Bluetooth?

A: The K65 RGB Mini is a mechanical gaming keyboard with lighting. It has 16 million colors, and each key can be customized to match your LED color scheme or set up macros.

Is Corsair K65 Rapidfire good?

A: Yes, the Corsair K65 Rapidfire gaming keyboard is an excellent option for competitive gamers who want to be able to react quickly.

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