Gregory Resin is a unique backpack company that produces quality backpacks at affordable prices. Their products are handmade in the USA and provide great functionality, style, and durability. This article will discuss what makes Gregory Resin so unique, with quotes from people who have used their products for over ten years.

The Gregory Mountain Products (or Gregory for short) headquarters are located in Salt Lake City, Utah, surrounded by mountains, trails, and natural wonders just waiting to be discovered. It’s the ideal setting for a company that focuses on making gear that can be used daily and for impromptu excursions.

Gregory Resin 26 Backpack in DetroitThis feeling is best expressed by Gregory Resin 26. Its capacity and casual appearance make it ideal for urban settings, but its rigid materials can withstand harsh outdoor situations. Depending on how much storage you need, you may choose between 26L and 30L at the time of this review. In this evaluation, we’ll be concentrating on the 26L.

Aesthetics & Materials

As previously said, this daypack has a more casual look that works well in urban situations. It deviates from the more genuinely outdoor-inspired graphics seen on other Gregory packs, which you may like, but our Instagram followers aren’t big fans—only around 36% said they wanted it in our survey. As is the case with most things, your results may vary.

If you prefer a more rugged look, you’ll be pleased to learn that this pack is now available in Sienna Red, Acadia Blue, or Cascade Green, all of which will lend some heritage tones to your daily carry. For a more low-profile appearance, Obsidian Black is also an option.

Gregory Resin 26 Backpack Material and LogoThe Gregory logo, although being a mountain peak, has a clean, geometric form that provides more of a techy accent than anything else. Because it takes up so much room on the front of the bag, it’s not precisely minimal branding, but hey, this is a beautiful bag—why not tell the world what you’re wearing?

Moving on, the outside of this pack comprises a combination of 100% recycled 450D polyester and 75% recycled 210D nylon with a water-resistant treatment. Throughout our testing, it held up nicely, with no scuffs, scratches, or unwelcome wetness (save for one tiny spot on the bag’s front). The Resin 26 is made of 40% post-consumer recycled 135D polyester on the inside, making it sturdy and environmentally friendly—very eco-friendly of you, Gregory!

Gregory Resin 26 Backpack ZippersIf you’ve read any (or all) of our past product evaluations, you’ll know how thrilled we are to see YKK zippers. They’re a dependable company that produces reliable zippers, and the ones on our pack haven’t let us down—each one glides open and closes with ease.

Finally, there’s the hardware, which comes from the ITW and Duraflex brands. We’ve had no problems attaching our keys, adjusting our straps, or strapping ourselves into this pack, so there’s nothing unusual to say. Everything in this section is functioning well.

Components from Outside

Left: Mark, Height, 5’10” (178 cm), Torso: 19” (48cm) | Right: Riley, Height, 5’4” (162 cm), Torso: 16.5” (42 cm)These shoulder straps provide considerable cushioning for a bag of this size. This cushioning, along with the mesh lining of the belt, provides proper support for transporting all of our daily gear across town or to a distant area to get some work done.

Each strap has an attachment point where you may keep a carabiner or other small accessories handy. Our main gripe is the absence of elastic keepers—without them, we’re often left with extra straps dangling at our sides, detracting from the bag’s otherwise tidy appearance.

Gregory Resin 26 Backpack Shoulder StrapsThe sternum strap is attached to the shoulder straps and is adjustable through a rail system. It’s a bit stiff at first to slide up and down, but after a few tries, you’ll be able to place it where it helps stabilize your carry the fastest. We didn’t use it to its maximum potential during our testing since we didn’t think it was essential, but since this is nearing mid-size daypack territory, you may want to.

Dense cushioning covers the whole back panel, combined with an air mesh lining for additional ventilation when the weather outside heats up (or when you have an incredibly long trek ahead of you). We enjoy how this panel is bent to provide specific support for the lower back—it’s very comfortable and breathable on both short and long journeys.

Gregory Resin 26 Backpack Water Bottle PocketA little handle at the top of the bag folds nearly wholly flat when not in use. This design reduces weight but makes it a bit more challenging to grip. Even so, it’s helpful when we need to draw the bag closer and take anything out.

Before we go on to the next part, we’d want to highlight the water bottle pocket on this pack, which we’ve mainly used to store ordinary 16.9 oz water bottles throughout our testing. However, since this pocket is wide and elasticated, it can simply stretch to accommodate anything more significant if necessary. If you don’t intend on bringing water, you may choose to get other things with you, such as an umbrella or some snacks.

Be careful that this pocket does not cinch much tighter to secure better anything you put within. Thus if/when the bag is flipped, your bottle (or replacement object) may fall out. We haven’t seen this throughout our testing. However, it is conceivable and, therefore, something to consider.

The Inside of the Pack

Gregory Resin 26 Backpack Side PocketNow that we’ve gone over everything, we can go on to the interior of this machine. On the opposite side of the bag, there’s a large, zipped quick-grab pocket where you can keep all of your frequently-used items—your wallet, headphones, and even your keys, which are kept on a particular key leash. This key leash is considerably longer than those we’ve seen on other backpacks, and it’s on your side, making it simpler to access and use to open your door swiftly.

At the top of the zipper track, you’ll see a tiny loop with a lock symbol above it. This essential theft prevention device is one of our favorites. Pull the zipper to the top by weaving the zipper pull through the loop. This will make it more difficult for a burglar to access this pocket and steal anything within swiftly.

Gregory Resin 26 Backpack Front PocketIf that’s not enough, there’s also a second quick-grab pocket at the top of the bag. It’s not as massive as the one on the side, but it’s still big enough to fit a pair of Apple AirPods, a small notepad, and even your phone if you need it. Pickpockets are less likely to get a hold of this pocket since it’s hidden behind a fabric welt, which also helps keep the exterior of your bag appearing clean.

Pockets are wonderful, but you’re undoubtedly curious in what the main compartment has to offer, so let’s get started. The first item we want to point out is the cushioned and mesh-lined built-in tab on the front of the bag. What is its purpose of it? It may be used to move the bag about like any other handle, but it’s also useful for holding the bag up while putting items in and out of this compartment.

Gregory Resin 26 Backpack Front HandleIt’s also worth noting that the zipper to this pocket is positioned farther front on the bag. This means it’s not in the center of the top of the bag, as it is on many packs. This isn’t a significant problem; we’ve caught ourselves reaching for the zipper in the incorrect place on occasion during testing. It took some getting accustomed to, but it’s worth mentioning. Rather than a traditional horseshoe or clamshell, it provides a top-loading tub packaging experience.

The main compartment has a zipped mesh pocket and three pen sleeves on the interior, all of which are positioned against the rear wall. The mesh pocket holds your small items—tech or otherwise—while the sleeves keep your writing tools organized and accessible when you need to scribble anything down.

Because it is not in a distinct section of the bag like some other packs, this little admin panel area becomes less helpful if the bag grows too filled. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it’s something to keep in mind if you wind up stuffing this thing to the gills.

Gregory Resin 26 Backpack Main CompartmentAside from that, there’s 26L of space in the compartment for you to fill. Depending on what works best for your stuff, you may let everything float or create more division using packing cubes and tech bags. We’ve been throwing in a sweatshirt when the weather gets chilly. Still, the options are endless—pack a lunchbox, a packable jacket, an extra pair of shoes, and anything else that comes to mind.

The bag isn’t constructed on its own, so it sinks into itself when it’s empty or just lightly filled. When carrying a lesser weight, be mindful that the fabric may decrease and cause the pack to seem hollow (which isn’t the appearance you desire). If you’re trying to avoid this at all costs, packing the bag evenly and as wholly as possible can help.

Gregory Resin 26 Backpack Laptop CompartmentThe laptop compartment, situated at the far rear of the bag, is the last item on our list. On one side, you can fit a 15-inch laptop, and on the other, a tablet or e-reader. The tablet sleeve is suspended, while the laptop sleeve reaches the bag’s bottom. As a result, part of your technology is adequately protected, but not all of it. As a result, we suggest that you use a protective cover for your laptop to safeguard it from accidental drops.

The North Face Gregory Resin 26 Backpack Review is a backpack that has been designed for outdoor enthusiasts. However, its many features make it an excellent choice for any user. The pack comes with a waist strap and a hydration system, which makes it stand out from the rest.

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