The Eclipse P500A from Phanteks is one of the newest cases in their lineup, and it comes with some impressive features. This case has something for everyone, from its sleek exterior to its large interior for high-end hardware.

The P500A is a stunning case from every aspect, and despite its high quality, it is a very light (8KG) case. Unfortunately, this is a recurring trend, with Phanteks’ PC cases often nailing the looks. The front panel has a complete mesh panel that can be readily removed with a simple pull, but not so quickly that you must be concerned while carrying it. The “ultra-fine” mesh is a perforated metal 1mm thick and serves as a dust filter for the front intake fans. While this mesh isn’t as effective as some of the fabrics we’re beginning to see certain manufacturers utilize, the airflow is fantastic, a massive benefit for people who appreciate the performance.

eclipsep500a 3

The P500A’s front looks fantastic, thanks to the three integrated 140mm D-RGB fans. However, while it looks beautiful, I find it unusual that the fans are placed on the inside of the case rather than the outside, as seen in all internet photographs. When I was constructing, I decided to take the fans and place them on the outside of the bracket so that it would not disrupt the lighting effects, but I quickly discovered why this was done — they don’t fit. Yes, it’s a curious one and one of the case’s few flaws, but they’re isn’t enough area beneath the mesh to accommodate your fans, which seems to be a Phanteks error.

The Rear

The rear of every Phanteks case shows a few unique characteristics that other manufacturers prefer to overlook. Everything seems rather conventional at first glance; we have seven horizontal expansion slots and three vertical expansion slots, precisely like the P600S, giving you more GPU flexibility.

eclipsep500a 9

The dual system bracket is hidden under a bizarre metal plate that can be removed from the top. The double system bracket is available separately. Although it is an additional function, I’m not sure how many people who buy this case will be interested in it, but it is nice to have alternatives. There’s enough area beneath for a 120 or 140mm fan with enough wiggle room to obtain the best setup for your design.

The inbuilt anti-sag bracket is another beautiful feature of several Phanteks cases. This bracket, installed in the back panel and fastened from behind, genuinely works! The frame makes a difference and should be used for added support, particularly if you intend on moving your assembled system.

The detachable PSU mounting bracket for quick installation and the exposed side panel hinges are two additional features that are prevalent throughout Phanteks cases. I appreciate the hinges on the P500A since the door can not only open 180 degrees but also pull off completely when required.

The Side

A full-length tempered glass panel has been framed with an opaque border on the component side of your system. The border cleans up the interior’s general appearance while also concealing the magnets and rubber seals. The rubber seals wrap around the whole edge of the TG panel, providing an airflow seal as well as some sound dampening.

eclipsep500a 2

The rear panel is a single piece of metal with nothing special to say about it, but both sides are tool-free and exceedingly simple to install and remove. It would have been wonderful to see some sound-dampening material on the rear, but it would almost certainly increase the cost, and if you wanted better acoustic performance, you’d probably avoid an airflow case like this anyway.

The Top

The case’s top is lovely, and you can tell it’s a Phanteks case; however, the dust filter is the primary problem. The filter is your standard low-cost option, but to be honest, I was hoping for more from Phanteks here. Unfortunately, the quality is low, and the cloth is prone to creases, which draw attention and cannot be reversed.

eclipsep500a 17

Your I/O is positioned on the top of the casing, and you will not be dissatisfied. The I/O consists of the following components:

  • Button of Strength
  • 2 USB 3.0 ports
  • 1 USB C Gen2 port
  • One × Audio/Mic Jack
  • Button for LED Mode
  • Colorful LED Button

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