Overview of Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse

With the emergence of Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse, gaming has been revolutionized. The mouse is engineered to provide an unforgettable gaming experience with cutting-edge technology and unmatched ergonomics.

  • Improved HERO Sensor Technology
  • 6 Programmable Buttons
  • Sleek & Durable Design
  • Lightweight & Travel-Friendly Build

The details of this mouse are impressive, elevating the user’s gaming performance. Its HERO sensor provides unrivaled sensitivity, while programmable buttons and the sleek design ensure a sophisticated user experience.

Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse is an advancement that creates a bridge between casual gamers’ peripherals and professional gamers’ devices. With its uncompromising quality, it has become a fan-favorite amongst enthusiasts worldwide.

This advanced mouse was developed after Logitech collaborated with several professional e-sports gamers who provided feedback on its engineering. The result was a product built precisely to cater to every need of professional gamers, providing ultimate satisfaction in their gaming experiences.

Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse: The perfect combination of sleek design and killer features – just like a ninja with a chainsaw.

Design and Features of Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse

To learn about the design and features of Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse, you need to look into its visual structure and technical aspects. The design of the mouse comes with a sleek and durable body that ensures a comfortable grip during long hours of gaming. Ergonomics of the device helps to reduce hand fatigue. Features such as customizable buttons, HERO sensor, and high tracking rate offer precision and speed.


Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse is not only sophisticated but also exhibits a remarkable and enticing design. Let’s explore it further.

  • Sleek Minimalistic Design: Logitech G Pro has a sleek, accentuated design with minimalistic RGB accentuation making it an ideal device for esports professionals.
  • Ergonomic Build: The ergonomic build structure of this device enables the user to use it for extended hours without experiencing any hand fatigue.
  • Enhanced Grip: The rubber material utilized in the gripping area provides maximal control and grip even when your palms get sweaty during extended gaming sessions.

The Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse has additional features that make it stand out among its peers.

This advanced device is equipped with cutting edge HERO sensor technology, capable of delivering a high precision rate making it gamers’ favorite.

Interestingly, the idea of creating such a mouse came from professional esports players themselves who needed a delicate instrument that would have everything they need to win tournaments and games alike.

This design gives consumers an experience like no other.

Get ready to have a mouse that fits your hand better than your significant other ever could.


The ergonomic design of the Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse caters to a comfortable grip through a refined shape and textured surface. The mouse ensures efficient performance for competitive gaming with improved comfort and reduced muscle fatigue for extended use. Its design accommodates both left and right-handed users, featuring six programmable buttons. The minimalistic footprint offers complete control during gameplay without restricted movement or unnecessary strain on the user’s hand.

Additionally, the device’s lightweight build imparts an agile touch while navigating swiftly through various gaming interfaces. The efficient movement aids in accurate tracking, making it one of the best gaming mice in the market.

The Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse won the “Red Dot: Product Design Award” of 2016 by impressing the expert jury panel with its excellent and innovative product design that seamlessly blends aesthetic appeal with intuitive functionality.

Prepare to be mind-blown with the tech-savvy features of the Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse.


Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse is packed with highly advanced features that cater to all the requirements of modern-day gamers. The mouse boasts flawless and responsive performance, comfortable design, customizable buttons, and advanced sensor technology.

  • The Hero 25k sensor tracks even the slightest movement with precision and accuracy.
  • The six programmable buttons offer flexibility to customise according to individual preferences.
  • The lightweight design along with a textured grip ensures comfortable usage for extended periods.

Furthermore, this gaming mouse has on-board memory to store user profiles and supports Logitech G Hub software for easy customisation.

This exceptional wired mouse has evolved through intensive research in response to feedback from professional e-sports players. As a result, it’s user-friendly, innovative design satisfies all the needs of every gamer out there.

Get ready to leave your opponents in the dust with the lightning-fast performance of the Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse.

Performance of Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse

To understand the performance of Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse in detail, you need to assess its key features. In order to do that, we have highlighted some sub-sections: Sensor, DPI Settings, Speed and Accuracy. These sections will help you understand the nuances of this mouse better and aid in your decision-making process.


The advanced optical sensor technology used in the Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse ensures accurate and reliable tracking. This sensor operates at high speeds without compromising precision, providing a seamless gaming experience.

It features a sensitivity range of up to 16,000 DPI that can be adjusted in increments of 50 DPI to suit individual preferences. Furthermore, it boasts zero smoothing or filtering for exceptional responsiveness.

In addition to its precise sensor technology, this mouse also offers customizable RGB lighting and six programmable buttons for enhanced gameplay customization. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip during prolonged sessions.

TechRadar confirms that “the Logitech G Pro HERO is near-perfect,” praising its performance capabilities and intuitive customization options.

Adjusting the DPI settings on the Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse is like fine-tuning a racecar for maximum speed and precision, but with less chance of crashing and burning.

DPI Settings

With regards to the mouse’s optical sensitivity, we must address its ‘Dots Per Inch settings’. The DPI settings determine the speed of movement on-screen versus its actual physical movement.

Here is a table showcasing the DPI Settings for Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse:

DPI Settings Min Max
Default DPI Settings 100 16000
Custom Programmable DPI Settings 100 16000*
*Note: Custom Programmable DPI settings must be set via the Logitech Gaming Software.

It is worth noting that the Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse also has onboard memory. By utilizing this feature, you can save up to five different configurations. Each setting would include unique lighting and button commands specific to your preset needs.

Pro Tip: Adjusting the DPI settings according to your preferences or requirements at hand can make a significant difference in enhancing your mouse’s performance and precise movements.
If speed and accuracy were Olympic sports, the Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse would be bringing home the gold every time.

Speed and Accuracy

Our analysis of the Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse shows that its precision and speed are top-notch. Its HERO sensor provides accuracy, making it a reliable device for users who prioritize precision in their gaming or work.

The polling rate speed is impressive, allowing for rapid responsiveness when using the device. The mouse’s lightweight design also helps maintain swift movements, contributing to an increase in speed and performance while reducing fatigue during extended use.

Additionally, users can customize the DPI settings to match their preferences, ensuring optimal control over their cursor movements. These customizable settings make the G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse an efficient tool for gaming and productivity purposes.

Pro Tip: To ensure maximum performance from your Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse, keep it clean by regularly wiping down its exterior surfaces with a dry cloth and storing it in its original box when not in use.

Customizing your mouse software has never been this fun since the invention of Minesweeper.

Software and Customization of Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse

To customize and optimize your Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) mouse, use Logitech G HUB and the customization options available. Personalize your mouse to your preferences and gaming needs with ease. Discover the full potential of your gaming gear with Logitech G HUB and the wide variety of customization options available.

Logitech G HUB

The Logitech G HUB is a software application that allows users to customize various settings of their Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse.

Below is a table listing the features available in the Logitech G HUB:

Feature Description
DPI Adjust mouse sensitivity
RGB Lighting Change colors and effects of mouse lighting
Profiles Create and switch between custom button macros
Battery Life Monitor and conserve battery life

In addition to these features, the Logitech G HUB also allows for precision tuning of the HERO 16K sensor and customization of the weight and balance with optional weights.

To further enhance your experience with the Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse, consider adjusting settings such as lift-off distance and scroll wheel options through the Logitech G HUB. Additionally, taking advantage of custom button macros can greatly improve efficiency in various applications or games.

Make your mouse truly yours by customizing it to fit your personality, because who wants a basic mouse when you can have one that screams ‘this is MY workspace’?

Customization Options

Option Description
DPI Settings Adjustable DPI up to 16000, switch between five settings.
RGB Lighting Customizable RGB lighting with different color options.
Programmable Buttons Create and customize macros using the G HUB software.
Sensitivity Settings Change mouse sensitivity according to your preference.

With the Logitech G HUB software, users can also fine-tune their mouse’s performance and customize it to their liking easily. Additionally, weights can be added or removed from the mouse for a personalized feel.

Pro Tip: Experiment with various customization options to find what works best for you and enhance your gaming performance.

Is the Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse worth the investment? Let’s weigh the pros and cons, but don’t worry, it won’t give you a weigh-in notification like your fitness tracker.

Pros and Cons of Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse

To evaluate the merits of Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse, you need to consider its pros and cons. The Pros include its accurate and sensitive sensor, customizable software, as well as ergonomic and lightweight design for comfortable gaming experience. However, there are also some Cons like its high price range, limited programmable buttons and scroll wheel, and a relatively short cord.


Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse – The Good

Without a doubt, there are various advantages of using the Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) mouse. Let’s explore some of them below.

  • 1. Design: The mouse has an ergonomic design that ensures maximum comfort during extended use.
  • 2. Performance: With its 16k sensor and six programmable buttons, this mouse delivers excellent performance and precision.
  • 3. Durability: It is built to last with a 50 million click lifespan, making it ideal for intense gaming sessions.
  • 4. Customization: With software like Logitech Gaming Software (G HUB), users can customize their settings such as RGB lighting and macros as per their preference and choice.
  • 5. Lightweight: Weighing only 80 grams, the mouse is lightweight, allowing easy movement without causing arm fatigue or strain.

Apart from these features, the Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) mouse also offers unique details that should not be missed.

One suggestion would be to adjust the DPI settings of your mouse according to your preference to optimize its usage fully. By doing so, it ensures better control over cursor speed on-screen movements which eventually contributes towards providing a faster movement in games.

Overall, the Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse comes packed with several benefits that make it a favorite among gamers who value high-performance peripherals.

Sorry, Logitech, but this mouse is not quite HEROic enough to overcome its cons.


The Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse has a few areas of improvement to consider. One such area is its size, as it can be too small for some users. Additionally, the placement and lack of programmable side buttons may also inconvenience those who rely on side buttons for in-game controls.

Another consideration is the scroll wheel’s loudness, which could be distracting in quiet environments. It may also be challenging to use with precision movement due to its looseness and inability to lock into place, making it difficult to execute delicate tasks accurately.

Finally, while the HERO sensor boasts superior tracking technology, some users experience inconsistencies in tracking accuracy during more aggressive movements or sudden changes in direction.

Despite these cons, the Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse continues to deliver exceptional performance and reliability in gaming settings and beyond. For example, one user reported greater efficiency and productivity when using this mouse for graphic design work. Overall, while not perfect, the Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse remains an excellent option for gamers and creatives alike.

Is the Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse the Michael Jordan of gaming mice or just another benchwarmer?

Comparison of Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse with other Gaming Mice

To compare Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse with other gaming mice, you need to check out the other powerful gaming mice options available in the market. Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse and Razer DeathAdder Elite are two mice that are worth considering. Check out their features and functionalities to get a better idea before making a decision.

Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse

This particular gaming mouse is a top-of-the-line wireless device designed for avid gamers who seek optimal performance and comfort. Below are some features that make this mouse an impressive choice for gamers:

  • It offers LIGHTSPEED wireless technology, which delivers a precise and responsive input to the computer.
  • The mouse has 11 programmable buttons, providing players with more customization options and convenience while playing.
  • It comes with a HERO sensor, which offers high accuracy and sensitivity.

This gaming mouse with its mixture of unique features provides intuitive control over gameplay to help give players an edge over others. There are some fascinating facts about the creation of this gaming tool that many may not know about – testifying to its capacity as one of the best in the market.

Don’t let the name fool you, the Razer DeathAdder Elite won’t actually kill you… but it may just slay your opponents in-game.

Razer DeathAdder Elite

  • High Precision Optical Sensor
  • Rubberized Scroll Wheel for a Better Grip
  • Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Gaming Sessions
  • Precise and Fast Razer Mechanical Switches
  • Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting with 16.8 Million Colors

Apart from the above, Razer DeathAdder Elite provides users with customizable sensitivity settings, onboard memory storage, smooth tracking at any DPI setting, and accurate tactile feedback.

One of its unique features is the Chroma RGB lighting technology that offers personalization options to gamers looking for aesthetics in their setup. This mouse’s shape caters to right-handed players only, making it less ideal for left-handed ones.

According to expert reviews by Techradar and PCmag, Razer DeathAdder Elite had been highly praised for its outstanding performance among other wired gaming mice.

Don’t be a mouse potato, upgrade to the Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) and leave the competition squeaking in their seats.


Summing Up

This mouse is simply one of the best gaming mice on the market due to its accurate tracking, responsive performance and customizable buttons. And, for its price point, it’s hard to beat.

On top of its reliable performance and competitive affordability, the Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse also boasts an ergonomic design that’s ideal for use during long gaming sessions. With adjustable DPI settings and programmable buttons that can aid in creating custom profiles to suit different game styles.

One thing worth mentioning is that some users might find it a bit too small for their hands. Hence before investing in it, ensure you check your grip style and hand size so as not to purchase something uncomfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes the Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse different from other gaming mice?

A: The Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse features the HERO 16K sensor for fast and accurate tracking, a lightweight design for enhanced maneuverability, and customizable RGB lighting.

Q: Is the Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse comfortable to use for extended periods of time?

A: Yes, the mouse has a comfortable shape and a smooth gliding surface, making it a great option for long gaming sessions.

Q: Can I customize the buttons on the Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse?

A: Yes, the mouse has six programmable buttons that can be customized using Logitech’s software, allowing you to assign specific functions to each button.

Q: Does the Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse support multiple DPI settings?

A: Yes, the mouse has customizable DPI settings ranging from 100 to 16,000, allowing you to adjust the sensitivity to your liking.

Q: Is the Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse compatible with both Windows and Mac?

A: Yes, the mouse is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Q: What is the warranty for the Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse?

A: The mouse comes with a two-year warranty from Logitech.

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