The Quechua Ultra-Compact Packable Backpack is a lightweight, foldable, and ultra-light backpack designed to fit all your gear. This bag packs down small so that it can be stored in any pocket or purse for convenient carrying anywhere. I have used this pack on many trips, from day hikes to camping with friends! The versatility of the design makes it perfect for those who like to take their style into travel adventures as well.

Today, we’ll look at the Quechua Ultra-Compact Packable Backpack, a budget-friendly compressible backpack, as the name says. And when we say “budget-friendly,” we mean it.

We get what you’re thinking: it’s likely to have some severe faults at that cheap. That is correct, albeit it is more durable than it seems.

We’ve been putting the Quechua Packable Backpack to the test for the last two years, with most of that time spent traveling across Asia and, more recently, Europe. It’s still going strong after all these years.

Aesthetics & Materials

While just 21% of our Instagram followers enjoy how this bag looks, we’re not too bothered by it. We honestly think it’s rather lovely. At the time of this review, it’s available in six colors, and we’ve been wearing both the blue and purple versions (or Royal Rain if you want to get technical).

Quechua Ultra-Compact Packable Daypack LogoIt has the appearance of a packable bag, which means it is crinkly. Crispy like crinkle fries. The Quechua emblem is prominently displayed on the outside of the pack; however, it is modest and discreet.

It’s constructed of thin polyester, which is understandable because polyester is a low-cost synthetic fabric. It won’t dissolve in your hands, but you should be cautious about what you bring within. If one of your pointed sticks pokes a hole in the cloth while you’re carrying it about, the rip will grow until the backpack is worthless.

Because the zippers are made by SBS, they aren’t the most durable. However, as long as you’re not an aggressive zipper, they should be OK.

Quechua Ultra-Compact Packable Daypack Zipper Pull

Components from Outside

There isn’t much going on in this room. Packable backpacks aren’t recognized for their innovative harness systems, and this one is even more so since it’s a cheap option.

Quechua Ultra-Compact Packable Daypack Shoulder StrapsTo summarize, it has straps. They aren’t even close to becoming straps. They’re additional polyester fabric slices. However, you’re unlikely to store anything substantial here, and as long as that’s the case, these straps will suffice.

One of the best things about these straps is that virtually anybody can wear them. They’re as comfortable for a six-foot-plus guy as for a five-foot-plus lady.

Inside the Bundle

Internally, there isn’t much happening either. The stuff pouch for the backpack is found when you unzip the horseshoe-type entrance, and that’s all. The inside is one enormous bucket where you may put everything you desire. Well, it’s unlikely that you’ll get what you want. As we previously said, you should be cautious about what you bring into this device.

Quechua Ultra-Compact Packable Daypack Main CompartmentWe wouldn’t recommend bringing any sensitive technology here since it has no protection or structure. Laptops, on the other hand, are unlikely to fit.

Put down those blocks of rough sandpaper, scrapbooking scissors, and a box of lighted matches because you don’t want to ruin the polyester.

Testing & Durability

We’ve been testing the Quechua Ultra-Compact Packable Backpack for two years throughout India, Malaysia, Thailand, and Europe, as we said at the start of this review. It’s been a pleasure having it with us.

Quechua Ultra-Compact Packable Daypack Size Comparison With A PassportThis backpack folds down to approximately the size of a tennis ball and weighs about 1.7 ounces. It can be stuffed into almost any travel bag pocket, and you won’t even realize it’s there. It’s an excellent pack to take on day travels when you need to bring a few essentials, such as your raincoat and wallet. It’s worth noting that it’s on the smaller side of backpacks and won’t contain much.

This isn’t the bag for you if you want to carry your laptop to coffee shops or if you want something that will keep you safe while you travel the world.

Quechua Ultra-Compact Packable Daypack In Essex EnglandWe’ve had no problems with durability. We’ve discovered a few frayed ends, but that’s expected after two years on the road. So that’s not awful at all.

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