This is a review of the Sea to Summit Pocket Towel. It’s a simple, lightweight towel that packs up minor and can be taken with you on any outdoor adventure.

There is no shortage of travel towels on the market, and deciding which one is ideal for you may be difficult. However, if you’d rather sacrifice a t-shirt or let it air out than carry anything extra in your luggage, the Sea to Summit Pocket Towel is a great option.

Do you have a pocket towel? Could it be true? Maybe, depending on how deep your funds are. We chose the large/bath towel (24 x 48”), which is also available in small/hand (16 x 32”), medium/dish (20 x 40”), and extra-large/beach (30 x 60”) sizes. When stored in its case, the big could certainly fit into a larger jacket pocket, but it’d be a bit of a stretch (pun intended) to squeeze it into any of your trousers pockets—sorry, we’ve already torn enough pairs of pants to want to test this hypothesis.

Sea to Summit Pocket Towel Size Compared to iPhone 6Size of Sea to Summit Pocket Towel In comparison to the iPhone 6, In the Sea to Summit towel range, the Pocket Towel is touted as the lightest, quickest drying, and most compact towel. The Drylite Towel is a medium-weight towel, while the Tek Towel is a thicker, more absorbent towel. The Drylite and Tek are both made of 70 percent polyester and 30 percent nylon, compared to the Pocket Towel’s 100 percent polyester microfiber.

Grey was chosen above orange, blue, and lime in an accurate Pack Hacker manner. There’s a smidgeon of microfiber, and if you look carefully, you can see the microfiber is extremely delicately mixed. For simple hanging, a clipped nylon loop is attached to the corner. Overall, it’s a beautiful towel (if that matters to you). The vented rectangular case is composed of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), a rubbery, flexible polymer with some give. It features a two-way zipper with nylon cords for quick unzipping. On the top, there’s a small nylon handle you may use to carry it or, better yet, hook a carabiner through and hang it outside your pack. The case is obnoxiously marketed, with “Sea to Summit” emblazoned on both sides and a tiny sticker promoting the case’s microfibre technology.

The rectangular casing is spacious without being too large (if that makes sense). Whether you have time to wrap it up nicely or not, we found it to be very simple to unzip, fill, and go. The case’s 12 rectangular vents provide some circulation to help fight odors, but they’re tiny, so you’ll probably want to air it out whenever feasible. We discovered that the 3D rectangle form (which Google refers to as a “cuboid”) blends very well with the packing cubes. You won’t get the thin, flat fold that meshes carrying bags provide, but how often do you fold your travel towel precisely anyway? Plus, if you want to pack it that way, you can easily ditch the case.

Sea to Summit Pocket Towel DetailsThe Pocket Towel is described as “whisper-light” by Sea to Summit, which sounds like the name of an off-brand sparkling water to us. They also compare it to a “silky scarf,” which we can understand and agree with. At first touch, we were worried that it was too light and delicate, but the Pocket Towel has shown to be both sturdy and absorbent. It held up for ten days without washing, with no pilling, tears, or the smell of Guatemalan river water (we stopped at a waterfall or two).

This youngster soaked up a lot of water, so we ran it under the sink to test how much it could take. For such a tiny and thin piece of cloth, the absorbency was remarkable. With regular usage, it will get moist, but not so much that you won’t be able to dry your whole body. The only caveat is that if you intend to use it to hide any of your unmentionables, you should get the XL beach towel. The Pocket Towel will dry your body, but it will most likely not be enough. We also discovered that it sticks to damp skin a little.

The nylon microfiber’s airiness allows for a fast drying period, particularly if you have the room and time to hang it from the loop. Even in the humid climate of Central America, wet changed to dry in approximately an hour. It dried fully in less than six hours after thoroughly soaking it in the sink. While this is considerably faster than a normal towel, we understand that you won’t always have that time while hopping from city to city—which is why the Pocket Towel rings out easily to prevent soaking anything else in your bag.

The Pocket Towel is on par with most higher-end travel towels in terms of price. It costs less than the huge Matador NanoDry and approximately the same as the body-sized PackTowl when compared to other towels we’ve tested (though that one is notably bigger). All of Sea to Summit’s towels are reasonably priced, so you may choose based on your preferences for packability and absorbency rather than wallet size.

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