If you’re looking for a backpack that can take anything with ease, the GORUCK GR2 is worth your time. It’s built tough to handle all day long sandbags or heavy-duty backpacking trips with friends.

The “goruck gr2 26l review” is a review of the GORUCK GR2 backpack. The author has been using it for one year and shares their thoughts on it.

The GORUCK GR2 is a fantastic choice for you if you’re searching for a (almost) bomb-proof backpack and don’t mind putting on some extra weight for a practically indestructible bag. Check out our opinions on the GR3 if you’re searching for something even bigger.

We’ve been using and testing the GR2 every day on a permanent nomadic voyage for 1.5 years at the time of writing this review, so we’ve done our homework.

Carry On Demonstration | Image from GORUCK.comDemonstration of Carry-On | Image courtesy of GORUCK.com

This bag, which measures 12.5 x 22 x 9 inches (31.75 x 55.88 x 22.86 cm), is ideal for use as a single carryon—roughly it’s the maximum size allowed on most airlines. The weight may be a concern with certain airlines that have a reduced weight limit—the GORUCK GR2 weighs 4.75 pounds when empty (2.15 kilograms). Quick Pack Pro / Hack Check carryonbagsizes.com to determine whether your bag will be permitted to go with you on your flight—all airlines are mentioned there.

Despite the fact that this bag was designed by an ex-green beret, it doesn’t appear very tactical, but it still has the toughness you’d expect from a military-grade bag. When neither of these features are used, the MOLLE on the outside is useful for adding additional accessories, and the 3 x 2 inch velcro strip is useful for holding morale patches – but when neither of these features are used, they blend in with the rest of the bag and disappear into the black material.

GORUCK GR2 In Detroit, MichiganIn Detroit, Michigan, GORUCK GR2

On your back, this bag might seem a touch boxy, but it has a low profile and isn’t overly big. Tom is 6’2″ and is wearing the 40L GR2. A 34L version is also available from GORUCK, which is ideal for those who are a bit shorter or want a smaller bag to carry.



The bag is water resistant rather than waterproof.

The material is 1000D CORDURA®, which is tough, slash-proof, and serves as a fantastic anti-theft function. With the way this bag is put up, doing a rapid slash and grab would be difficult. Unless you had a chainsaw or something, cutting through all of material is difficult. However, if someone is approaching you with a chainsaw, there are definitely more pressing concerns than avoiding having your bag ruined, such as your own safety.

Frayed areas on the GORUCK GR2The GORUCK GR2 has several frayed spots. Surprisingly, after over a year of intensive use, everything has stayed mostly intact. Some parts of the MOLLE have started to fray, however this is minimal and has had no impact on the pack’s functionality.

Bag Tour

Let’s take a look at what we can find in each of the pack’s sections.

Clamshell Main Compartment

Packing The GORUCK GR2The GORUCK GR2 Packing

The main container features a clamshell opening, making everything visible and accessible (in comparison to a top loading backpack). We have the following items within the clamshell opening:

  • On the top, there’s a little opening that leads to the laptop/water bladder compartment.
  • Two rows of MOLLE webbing to attach goods to or expand your backpack with additional MOLLE compatible accessories, such as GORUCK’s Field Pockets. This modular structure allows you to personalize the bag to your liking.
  • A versatile pocket where you may store papers, a laptop, or other flat things.
  • Two mesh pockets are located on the upper portion of the clamshell opening. One is two-thirds the height of the compartment, while the other is one-third the height.

For your biggest, heaviest things, the base of the main entrance is ideal. Here are some ideas for things to put in this primary compartment:

Main Compartment Example Items | GORCK GR2GORCK GR2 | Main Compartment Example Items

  • Clothing—whether it’s in packing cubes or neatly rolled/folded.
  • You may throw your shoes in the compartment’s bottom.
  • The elastic pocket may hold any papers or items that need to lie flat. It can carry a stack of standard-sized paper documents or a folder full of them with ease.
  • Larger and heavier goods, in general.
  • Quick Pack Hack / pro travel tip: Keep the heaviest stuff closest to your back, since they will drag you down less.

The top flap of the compartment has two mesh zipped sections, which are ideal storing bulkier items that aren’t used often. Here are a few examples:

Top Compartment Example Items | GORCK GR2GORCK GR2 | Top Compartment Example Items

  • Kit for first aid.
  • Towel made of microfiber.
  • Spork.
  • Kleenex.
  • Water Bottle that can be compressed.
  • In general, this is a nice area to store objects that aren’t used often.
  • This section is ideal for goods that are flat in nature. Anything larger should be placed in the base compartment.

Secondary Storage Area

GORUCK GR2 Top CompartmentTop Compartment GORUCK GR2

The second compartment, which is the farthest from your back, likewise opens clamshell style for quick access and has a few crucial pockets to aid your packing technique. We have the following:

  • Inside is a huge zip bag with two mesh divisions.
  • At the base, there’s a 2/3 mesh pocket.
  • On the second compartment’s top flap, there’s a 23 mesh zip compartment on the bottom and another 1/3 entirely hidden pocket on the top.

Here are a few ideas for things to put in the secondary compartment:

Secondary Compartment Example Items | GORCK GR2GORCK GR2 | Secondary Compartment Example Items

  • Packing cubes: Because there isn’t a lip to keep many free-floating things in place as there is in the main compartment, they function nicely.
  • Larger items that won’t slip around too much.

You can fit a lot of stuff within the bigger secret pouch pocket:


  • A passport and a sleeping mask fit well in the first mesh pocket.
  • The second mesh pocket is large enough to hold a deck of cards.
  • Other free-floating goods, such as a battery pack, a tiny tool, earplugs, and headphones, may also be useful.

The top flap of the secondary compartment is the most accessible pocket on the interior of the pack and is appropriate for a handful of small things. It’s a good idea to have a few critical quick-grabs in this spot for convenient access:

Secondary Small Zip Pocket Example Items | GORCK GR2GORCK GR2 Secondary Small Zip Pocket Example Items

  • Extra cash is available.
  • A pencil and a pen.
  • Anything else you need to go to often.

The bag’s exterior

GORUCK GR2 Laptop CompartmentLaptop Compartment GORUCK GR2

The laptop and water bladder compartment is “bomb safe” and ideal for storing both. It’s close to your back and unreachable while the bag is on, which keeps your belongings secure. After around 6 months of use with the MacBook Pro, some pressure marks on the screen appeared. We first assumed there was a problem with the bag breaking the MacBook Pro, however it turns out that the anti-reflective coating on the MacBook is deteriorating prematurely. It’s known as Staingate. Installing a kydex layer makes the pocket a bit more durable and gives the bag and laptop compartment more structure (available here).

We also spoke with GORUCK about whether the installation would breach the manufacturer’s warranty. “This will not invalidate the guarantee,” they said, “but if there is any damage to the fabric from the sheet (which we have seldom, if ever seen), we may need to charge for repair since it is not a GORUCK produced product.” Installing one of them into a bag that doesn’t ordinarily come with a frame sheet or a Rucker that has the frame sheet sewed in would be the only way to invalidate the warranty altogether.” We think it’s an excellent idea.



The MOLLE on the bag’s side may be utilized with any MOLLE compatible accessory of suitable size. A hip belt has been added to assist disperse the weight of the pack and keep it secure while carrying a heavy load. It’s simple to tailor this bag to your individual requirements.

Shoulder Straps on the GORUCK GR2The GORUCK GR2 has shoulder straps.

The bag’s straps are thickly cushioned, providing an excellent balance of comfort and durability. The straps are fastened to the bag in a couple of places, forming a sturdy and unlikely to break connection. The straps are lined with MOLLE and may be extended with whatever you want—a sternum strap, a tiny chest pocket to carry your phone, or anything else—and this component of the bag can also be extended.

MOLLE on the back of the GORUCK GR2MOLLE on the GORUCK GR2’s back

When not in use, the MOLLE on the rear of the bag blends into the backdrop, yet it still enables you to expand the bag when required. A field pocket or any other MOLLE accessory might be added here.



The false bottom is a somewhat inconspicuous component that serves as a shock absorber. There are two layers of cushioning in this bag in case you drop it while carrying a laptop or other sensitive objects. As a result, one layer of cushioning will be added before the full impact of the next, making your things a bit safer.

GORUCK GR2 Front Diagonal PocketFront Diagonal Pocket GORUCK GR2



The multicolor heat-shrunk paracord zipper pulls are a little feature that elevates this purse. Depending on the pocket, we have gold, green, and black paracord. If you want to build a mental image of what belongs where in the bag, this is a good option. For example, if you identify cleanliness with the color gold, you should put all of your hygiene things in the gold zipper compartment.

To be really honest, you could survive with this bag as a single backpack. Unfortunately, it isn’t inside.



The “goruck gr2 40l for sale” is a review of the GORUCK GR2. The GR2 is a military-grade backpack that offers comfort, durability, and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you break in GORUCK in GR2?

A: It is best to go on the GORUCK website and either purchase or sign up for a membership. This will give you access to all of their events, some discounts, etc. They also have an app that has some benefits as well.

Can you ruck with a GR2?


Is GR2 waterproof?

A: GR2 can be submerged in water to about 3.

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