With a click, the Kova Pure mouse makes your regular work-a-day office desk worth $59.99 to shame. A fantastic design and an enticing feature set make this one of the best mice we’ve reviewed recently. Expertly crafted with longevity in mind, Roccat has created a high-quality gaming device you can use for many years. Roccat introduces an economic all-around gaming mouse, but how does it stack up against other top mice in its price range?

Roccat releases a new mouse that typically caters to a particular gaming style or genre. For FPS, we have the Kone Owl-eye, and for MBOs, we have the Tyon, but nothing that covers everything. That’s when the Kova Pure enters the picture. Not only has it been created with all game genres in mind, but the designers have also gone the extra mile and made it Ambidextrous, making it accessible to all customers. Usually, when this occurs, the company needs to compromise on things like performance or build quality to keep the price low, but Roccat tells us that this isn’t the case here. We put the RKP to the test today to see how it stacks up against another Ambidextrous mouse in its price range, such as the Razer Lancehead TE and Logitech’s G Pro Wired.

The Pixart PMW3320 IR LED sensor, which offers a real 3,500 DPI, 1000hz polling rate, and a 1ms reaction time, is included with the Kova. In addition, the team at Roccat opted to provide the Kova 12 strategically positioned mouse buttons that can potentially be doubled by utilizing the Swarm software’s EasySHIFT+ feature. The design is loud and expressive, but it has been pared down for more competitive gamers who value functionality above looks. The Kova is completely Ambidextrous, which may be one of the critical reasons it outperforms its competitors for the consumer’s hard-earned money.


  • 100 g or less
  • Exceptional Optical Sensor
  • It has a solid construction.
  • RGB
  • Ambidextrous


  • Design that is too complicated (Excessive Buttons)
  • Ergonomics-wise, it’s a no-no.

Roccat Kova 6

Mouse Size & Weight

  • 99g in weight
  • Small in size (under 12cm)
  • 13.1 cm (5.15 inches) in length
  • 6.6 cm – 2.59-inch width
  • 3.8 cm – 1.6 inches tall
  • Ambidextrous hand orientation

Mouse Technology

  • Pro-Optic Sensor R6 as a sensor
  • Omron 5 million buttons
  • DPI: 7000 DPI (incl. overdrive).
  • 125, 250, 500, and 1000 Hz polling rate
  • Wired connection

What’s in the Box?

Roccat Kova

Every new Roccat product that comes through the Gaming Verdict office seems to become bigger and bigger, and the Kova Pure is no exception. The packaging maintains the same color scheme of mostly black with blue and white accents, which is characteristic of Roccat’s new collection. The Pure Roccat Roccat Roccat Roccat Roccat Roccat (RKP) is encased between two layers of thin plastic that, to be honest, doesn’t seem very protected. However, the mouse does lie snugly between the two layers, so I’m not too worried about its safety. The cord is packed snugly and tucked under the mouse, which is kept in place by the welcome message and User’s Guide.

  • Pure Roccat Roccat Roccat Roccat Roccat Roccat
  • User’s Guide
  • Note of Welcome

Size & Weight

Roccat Kova 5

If you’re unfamiliar with the Roccat brand, you probably think the RKP has a complex design, and you’d be correct. On the other hand, Kova’s method is described by Roccat as “stripped down and streamlined,” two characteristics that don’t immediately come to mind when looking at this mouse. An angular and loud description would be more accurate. The height and breadth are deemed typical, with a hump peaking at 3.8 cm and a width grip of 6.6 cm. The length reaches 13.1cm, comparable to some of the most extended mouse we have in the GV office (Fnatic Clutch, Logitech MX518 Legendary, and SteelSeries Rival 600). However, it is ideal for palm and claws grip users. Roccat has managed to keep the mouse under 100 grams, only 99 grams, which provides it the solidity that certain users need while still allowing it to be thrown about if required. Why not take it a step further and make it a functional ambidextrous mouse? The RKP has been created with broad demography, with average weight, breadth, and height, so why not take it a step further and make it a fully functioning ambidextrous mouse? That’s precisely what Roccat opted to do, making the design perfectly symmetrical while retaining all of its functions.

Shape & Texture

Roccat Kova 7

If you’re familiar with the gentle slopes and subtle curves of say, the Logitech G203, you’re going to take one look at the Pure Roccat Roccat Roccat Roccat Roccat Roccat and think, my god! what did they do… The design is both angular and edgy with no subtleness whatsoever. That’s mainly down to the 2 additional front buttons which stick out of the shell quite prominently and the way the side grips and base seem to be layered for aesthetics only. If like me, you’re into something a little more refined then you’re going to absolutely hate the RKP’s design. However, there is obviously a large market that appreciates the design of this and other similar-looking mice. If you were to remove the top 2 front buttons and smooth the design out it would be quite sleek but Roccat have designed this for the hardcore gamer and we all know how they love additional functionality. The hump slopes gently down towards the front where the 2 exposed front buttons are raised to create this kind of housing for your 2 fingers. The texture of the shell and side grips has been finished with a smooth, soft-touch plastic which feels great but doesn’t provide a tonne of grip. I must say the overall feel of this mouse, for me and my hybrid claw grip feels quite awkward. The buttons on the right-hand side of the mouse just seem to get in the way and I’m constantly clicking them accidentally. I can see how this mouse would be practical for someone with a static palm grip but for me, it just feels wrong.


Roccat Kova 8

If you count the scroll up and down keys, Roccat has given the Kova Pure 12 buttons. A DPI cycle button and your scroll wheel are located on each side of the two main primary buttons. Even though I’m not a big believer in over-complicating a design, I have to admit the buttons have a nice feel to them. To save time, I’ll simply discuss one side of the RKP since it’s perfectly symmetrical, as I indicated previously. To begin, the two major mouse buttons have a strong tactile feel. The actuation has a little amount of travel, but it’s not anything I’d be worried about. However, my thumb is half on the grip and half on the buttons while resting. Therefore, the thumb buttons seem to be positioned strangely. Usually, this isn’t a problem, but the soft nature of the Roccat buttons made accidental clicks a problem for me.

Furthermore, the two front buttons, as we’ll refer to them, which are exposed above both M1 and M2, were a continual source of frustration, so I had to unbind them long before I could utilize the mouse in-game. Slide your ring finger slightly to the right, and your tossing grenades will shift from left to right and center. They also form a type of enclosure for your fingertips, which I found confining and uncomfortable. The scroll wheel has a slight motion and feels robust, but it’s not particularly useful. Below is your DPI button, which is comfortable to use and can be linked to in-game instructions through the swarm and in-game settings.


To summarize, the cable is made of braided fiber and is 1.8 meters long. It has a substantial feel and is pretty thick in the braid. Longevity and durability are unquestionable advantages. Unfortunately, I had a lot of braid/mat friction when using my ASUS ROG sheath. I ultimately paired it with the Razer bungee, which alleviated many of my issues but anticipated a lot of cable drag spots if you don’t do so.

Mouse Performance & Sensor

Roccat Kova 9

We waste no time getting to the performance of the RKP and testing it against different genres with varied results. I tried the mouse initially on CS: GO to see how it would stand up to the likes of the Razer Abyssus and Logitech G203, which are in the same price bracket. The first noticeable thing with the Kova Pure was the ergonomics, which just felt awkward. Initially, I wasn’t sure whether this was down to the fact I’d been using the Logitech MX518 Legendary for a while, which has excellent ergonomics or just down to the shape & design of the Kova itself. What was clear, however, was that after a couple of days, the feeling didn’t dissipate, unfortunately. My palm did sit on the hump reasonably nicely, but my thumb was all over the buttons, my 1st finger and ring finger would constantly activate the two front buttons, and my little finger always felt uncomfortable. There are some positives in mind, and the sensor is what they call a Pro-Optic Sensor R6 with up to 3500DPI. Ultimately, it’s the Pixart PMW3320 IR LED sensor, which can be boosted to 7,000 DPI with the overdrive mode. You have an adjustable polling rate of up to 1000hz, and the sensor can track 20g of acceleration. The sensor, for me, is probably the stand-out feature of the mouse and has excellent tracking. There was little to no jittering or smoothing, and I couldn’t notice any acceleration. Once I had unbound those pesky extra finger buttons, I had a decent session on some FPS and found my aim was pretty decent in both long and short situations. I especially enjoyed how the mouse felt stable when spraying up close. Sometimes a lighter mouse can feel a bit sensitive to movements in these scenarios, but I was relatively pleased with the RKP’s performance here. I also tried playing battlefield and PubG, and the same can be said for those. The RKP has, however, been designed as an all-rounder, and with the excellent easySHIFT+ feature, you can effectively have 22 different function buttons at your fingertips which will be perfect for MMOs and MBOs.

The Kova comes with two RGB zones from Roccat, which are pretty rudimentary, but what do we expect for the price? It doesn’t compare to the Razer Mamba in terms of customization, but it’s close enough. The zones are on the scroll wheel and towards the base of the mouse, where they are scarcely visible to the user. Everything can be customized using Roccat’s Swarm program, and you can choose from up to 16.8 million colors. When I was gaming, the liftoff distance was roughly 1CD, which is relatively standard these days and wasn’t a huge problem.

Software on Mouse Software

After connecting your Kova Pure, you’ll be prompted to download and install Roccat’s peripheral software Swarm. Don’t worry. The program is reasonably good and comes with many features and standard tools. The program will detect your mouse and, if required, install the current drivers, after which you may tune, bind, and personalize most aspects of your mouse. Set your DPI, polling rate, and reaction time to your liking, and customize the RGB zones. The LOD tool, which allows you to change how sensitive the mouse is when it’s picked up off the mouse pad, is one of the most admirable aspects of the program. It’s particularly beneficial for persons with poor sensibility who use the mouse to cover a lot of ground. Furthermore, the Kova has its onboard memory, allowing you to store your preferred profile for use on the go. Swarm, in general, provides a plethora of options for comprehensive customization.


To summarize, the Roccat team has again designed a mouse that looks like it belongs in a Transformers film. There are no surprises here. However, the RKP has attempted to accommodate all players, including various gaming genres, hand kinds and grip styles, and even which hand they play with. The sensor and the ambidextrous design, which does not compromise usefulness, are the standout aspects for me. However, it falls short due to its poorly placed buttons, which are only valuable for MMOs. To summarize, if you’re searching for a good gaming mouse at a reasonable price that can handle a wide range of game kinds, the RKP could be the mouse for you. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something polished that feels fantastic in your hand and is primarily designed for FPS, I’d recommend the Logitech G Pro or Razer’s Deathadder Elite.

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