The Ogio Pace 25 is the perfect pack for all of your adventures. The back panel has mesh ventilation that helps with airflow, while there are also compression straps to help reduce weight on the frame.

Daypacks come in various forms and sizes, with some holding just the minimal necessities and others having enough for a weekend escape. It all comes down to figuring out which one is ideal for your gear and use case.

The Ogio Pace 25 Backpack is one to consider if you’re seeking the perfect size. It provides the organization you need for your daily commute and the room you’ll need for weekend vacations.

We’re ready to dive into this evaluation after completing two weeks of testing. Let’s get started.

Aesthetics & Materials

The Ogio Pace 25 Backpack isn’t too huge to seem weird, nor is it too little to appear skinny. We like the design, but according to our Instagram poll on the bag’s appearance, only roughly 41% of you do.

This bag is now available in two colors: Heather Grey and Black, which we’ve tested for the last two weeks. If that’s what you want, it’s pretty low-profile and fits in with the multitude. If you’re looking for a bag that makes a statement, this is probably not the bag for you.

Ogio Pace 25 Backpack Material and LogoHere, Ogio limited the branding to a bare minimum. Their emblem appears just on the front quick-grab pocket and one of the shoulder straps, both black-on-black and blend in well with the rest of the bag. It doesn’t grab a lot of attention, which you could like if you want a more streamlined appearance.

The body of this pack is made of 840D Ballistic nylon, while the bottom and sides are reinforced with 1680D Ballistic nylon—always it’s helpful to have some extra toughness in high-traffic areas of the bag. On the other hand, this fabric feels complex and challenging and has performed well throughout testing. It’s not the most water-resistant item we’ve ever tested, but it’ll keep you dry in the rain.

Ogio Pace 25 Backpack ZippersThe Pace 25 Backpack includes YKK zippers with easy-to-grasp nylon-webbing pulls. We’ve tested several YKK zippers before, and we’re delighted to report that they all glide easily as expected.

The hardware, on the other hand, comes from Duraflex, another name we’ve seen on many packs. The only problem we’ve had is with the sternum strap, which we’ll discuss in the following section—everything else has been perfect.

Components from Outside

Left: Riley, Height: 5’4” (162 cm), Torso: 16.5” (42 cm) | Right: Tom, Height: 6’2” (188 cm), Torso: 19.25” (49 cm)Let’s take a closer look at the harness system before getting inside this beast. We have a few quibbles, but we’ve found it comfortable and breathable throughout our testing.

Starting with the shoulder straps, some spongey cushioning and a mesh lining keep you cool and comfy. They also curve sharply at the top, allowing them to hug your shoulders gently.

One of the straps also has a strong connection point where you may attach a carabiner and fasten anything you wish to keep close. You won’t find elastic keepers, so if you need to tighten them, you’ll have a lot of hanging to deal with.

Ogio Pace 25 Backpack Shoulder Straps and Sternum StrapThe sternum strap comes next. It’s secure, but it takes some work to modify since the connection points must fit through slots in the hardware to be removed and re-secured. This is just a problem the first time; after you’ve set it up for your tastes, you shouldn’t have to alter it frequently.

An elastic keeper on the sternum strap helps control any surplus strap and does a beautiful job. Even with a keeper, some sternum straps may be a little dangly, but this one keeps the bulk of the belt smooth and out of the way. It appeals to us.

The back panel, like the shoulder straps, has a good amount of cushioning and mesh to keep your back comfy and the air moving. A baggage passthrough runs across the rear panel, allowing you to transfer the bag onto your roller luggage and drive it about while traveling. When not used, it folds flat against the bag to provide additional cushioning.

Ogio Pace 25 Backpack Back PanelAt the very top of the pack, there is also a handle. This handle has some cushioning but feels firm in hand and isn’t the most comfortable. However, it is perfectly enough for gripping and taking up the bag when we need to get anything out.

To round up this part, we’d like to call out the water bottle pocket on the bag’s side. It’s a soft mesh pocket with a cinch you can tighten or relax to fit the size of the bottle you’re carrying.

When you put a giant bottle inside, like the YETI Rambler 36 oz Bottle, it’s tough to tighten the pocket any tighter, and as a consequence, the bottle fell out once when we were stooping over to pick something up. We tested a smaller bottle, the Hydro Flask Standard-Mouth Water Bottle with Flex Cap 21 oz, and it fell out. If you want to keep your bottle safer, you can place it inside the bag, but you may not want to have it that near to your electronics.

The Inside of the Pack

Ogio Pace 25 Backpack Hidden PocketWe have a lot of pockets to go through, and the first one is on the back panel. It’s a secret pocket against your back while you’re wearing the bag, keeping everything you store safe from prying eyes. This makes it ideal for storing valuables such as your passport. You don’t want something too sharp or heavy in this area since it will poke into your back and be uncomfortable.

The two tall pockets on each side of the bag are next. A soft mesh bag with elastic at the top may be found inside. Although it isn’t the most stretchy elastic we’ve ever seen, it is ideal for segmenting tiny objects. This pocket also has extra fabric on the entrance, which keeps your belongings from slipping out when you open them.

Ogio Pace 25 Backpack Front PocketsA medium-sized quick-grab pocket is located towards the top of the bag on the front, where you may store your most frequently-used items, such as a wallet or sunglasses. Because it lacks structure, it primarily functions as a dump pocket; however, pouches may be added to provide more division if necessary. The fabric welt that lies above the zipper is also a good detail, as it adds water protection while maintaining a clean appearance.

The pocket underneath this one is about twice as big. Inside, there’s a zipped compartment for anything you don’t want to mix in with your other gear, such as tiny cables and dongles. Two smaller liner pockets are located across from this pocket, which may be used to store a small notepad and a mouse. We’ve started putting the Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0 inside one of these to make it quick to grab when we find a pleasant location to relax.

Finally, on top of this bigger pocket, we have a smaller pouch. It’s packed with RFID-blocking technology to keep your information safe from any nearby hackers. We can’t predict how often you’ll run into this issue, but you can’t go wrong with some extra protection for your passport, wallet, and other cards that might contain sensitive information.

A key leash with a plastic clasp is also included in this pocket, which feels lovely and robust in the hand. We didn’t use it much since we usually keep our keys in our pockets or fastened to our belt loops, where they’re the most convenient. This is the place to put them if you want them to be more secure.

Finally, we’ll be able to enter this major section! This pocket opens in the shape of a horseshoe and only unzips halfway down the bag’s length. This, along with the gloomy inside, might make it difficult to locate your belongings.

Ogio Pace 25 Backpack Removable PouchYou have some unique features at your disposal in terms of organizing. The first is a velcro-attached zippered bag that can be removed from the front flap. This means you can fill it with your electronics accessories, disengage the velcro, and keep it close at hand for quick access—it can function as your own tech bag. It’s constructed of a rubbery silicone-like polymer that’s water-resistant.

It remains firmly connected to the velcro line while inside the bag—we haven’t experienced any difficulties with it slouching or dropping into the bottom of our bag. Our only criticism is that, due to its location, this pouch might restrict view and access to the rest of the bag, particularly when it’s completely loaded with accessories. It’s not a deal-breaker, however, since you can simply remove it when you require full access to the remainder of the compartment.

Two smaller mesh pouches, comparable in size to the ones found in the gusseted side pockets, are located underneath this bag. In the bigger mesh bag below them, you may keep any smaller gadgets you need to segment as well as any thicker cables you might have to remain. Packing out the bigger mesh bag, in particular, may restrict capacity in the compartment’s remainder, which is something to keep in mind.

Ogio Pace 25 Backpack Main CompartmentAnother unique integration is a nylon strap with a buckle towards the top of the bag. It works to keep a pair of more oversized headphones secure, so they don’t get mixed up with your other gear, believe it or not. Unfortunately, we haven’t found much use for it since we usually use a pair of Apple AirPods, but your mileage may vary.

Underneath that strap is two sleeves—one deep and one shallow—for keeping your flat goods, such as a giant notepad, travel papers, or other odd stuff. In addition to the shallower sleeve, there are four pen sleeves to keep pens, pencils, markers, or a stylus organized and accessible as needed.

Then you have some additional room to pack your heavier items, such as a sweater or jacket, an extra pair of shoes, an umbrella for rainy days, and so on. We were able to fill this backpack with everything we need for a weekend vacation, which is ideal for any work-related travel (or for fun). You may also use your packing cubes to help organize your belongings or just let them float. It all comes down to what works best for you and your equipment.

Ogio Pace 25 Backpack Laptop CompartmentFinally, the laptop compartment may be found at the far rear of the backpack. It has a sleeve that can carry up to a 17-inch laptop, although we’ve primarily used a 13-inch MacBook Pro while testing. It features a tremendous fake bottom, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally placing your luggage down. In the front, there’s a more bottomless sleeve for storing a tablet if you have one, and it’s hung to protect your gadgets from accidental drops.

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