The Moleskine Soft Dot Grid Notebook is a classic, flexible and timeless notebook that can be used for writing or drawing. The notebooks are inexpensive with a very high quality construction, making them the perfect option to use in classrooms an

The “moleskine dotted notebook soft cover” is a review of the Moleskine Soft Dot Grid Notebook. The notebook has a classic design and comes in a variety of colors.

Moleskine Soft Dot Grid Notebook Review

Some of you like the sensation of putting pen to paper, of ink gliding over a clean new sheet. Some of you have probably not written in a notepad in years (due to technological advancements and such). If that’s the case, go ahead and pass the time with these till we’re through.

Let’s discuss notebooks now that we’ve weeded out the non-paper aficionados. Perhaps you’d want a place to write your love letters or keep track of all your greatest aspirations and hopes. Maybe you’re simply doodling to avoid making eye contact with the strange individual sitting next to you on the aircraft. The Moleskine Classic notebook is available for all of those moments and everything in between.

The Moleskine notebook is exceedingly basic in design, with just solid colors and three sizes—pocket, large, and extra large (since obviously Moleskine doesn’t believe in medium). The big, flexible soft cover notepad in khaki that we tried was the one we used. It’s the polar opposite of the Lisa Frank knickknacks that strewn glitter all over your third-grade classroom.

Moleskine Large Dot Grid Soft Cover Notebook Back CoverBack Cover of Moleskine Large Dot Grid Soft Cover Notebook

The soft cover is a nice compromise for individuals who want something semi-flexible and more sturdy than a fragile paper cover but don’t want to risk a rigid hardcover cracking or breaking. It’s a much lighter than the hardcover, and it’s held up quite well after a year and a half in a backpack. This is most likely due to the cover’s elasticity paired with the elastic closing strap that securely binds the pages together. The synthetic leather is pleasant to the touch and helps to keep the notebook free of dirt and bothersome pen markings.

Moleskine Large Dot Grid Soft Cover Notebook Dot GridDot Grid Moleskine Large Dot Grid Soft Cover Notebook

There are three page layout options: blank, ruled, and dot grid. Dot grid was our choice. The dot grid is fantastic since it provides enough structure for writing while being unobtrusive enough for drawing. The bookmark ribbon takes up very little space and eliminates the need to dog-ear pages to note your place.

Moleskine Large Dot Grid Soft Cover Notebook Back PocketBack Pocket Moleskine Large Dot Grid Soft Cover Notebook

A little paper pocket may be seen towards the rear of the notebook. It’s not very strong, but it’ll fit your passport, a few business cards, and the phone number of that lovely bartender you’ll never see again.

While you may not be able to pay that bartender, you can get one of these for approximately $15. To compare pricing, we did a fast shopping search for “notebook,” but all that came up were laptops—touché, techies. Overall, this is a really good value considering the quality and durability that a Moleskine provides.

Moleskine Large Dot Grid Soft Cover Notebook - Included in our 5 Travel Friendly Creative ToolsIncluded in our 5 Travel Friendly Creative Tools is the Moleskine Large Dot Grid Soft Cover Notebook.

Which leads us to our last question: how do you say Moleskine? The debate about whether to pronounce “mole-skin” or “Mole-Uh-Skine” continues, but it doesn’t seem to matter to CEO Arrigo Berni, who previously remarked, “We want people to feel free to speak the name whatever they choose.” We’re not going to argue with him (well, we would, but not about that).

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The “moleskine bullet journal” is a book that has been around for a while. It’s a notebook that you can use to keep track of your thoughts, ideas, to-do lists, and everything else in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is so special about Moleskine notebooks?

A: Moleskine notebooks are renowned for their quality and durability. They have a reputation of being the go-to notebook brand that is favored among artists, writers, scientists, students – anyone who needs to take notes or use it as an inspiration for writing/art.

Is a Moleskine notebook worth it?

A: A Moleskine notebook is an expensive option for people who want to doodle in their notebooks. They are also great for when you need a journal, like taking notes on your day at work or school.

Which is better Moleskine or Leuchtturm?

A: Although most people prefer Leuchtturm, Moleskine is also a highly respected brand. They are both very good in terms of quality and price.

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