A little magic: Players who gather with great pride buy the cheapest cards and build the cheapest card games. This pride in sobriety has created formats such as Pauper that do not allow the card to be used rarely, which is above average.

However, other players can be proud instead of having the most expensive cards. Masterpieces will be particularly interesting for these players because they are often both rare and expensive.

We have brought together some of MTG’s most expensive masterpieces in this list. However, it is important to note that these maps are not always easily accessible, so some of the links in our list do not match the version of a masterpiece.

In addition, prices are subject to change. Magic: Collecting cards is very similar to the stock market, and the price can drop quickly. The cards on this list were simply the most expensive at the time of writing, in the summer of 2020.

What is a Masterpiece?

Let’s start with the basics if you don’t know what a masterpiece is. The masterpiece cards resemble minigames that appear in several large card sets. They consist of a unique printout of other maps from the history of the MTG.

They are extremely rare and are considered rarer than mythical maps. In a way, they are related to the subject of the large ensemble in which they are printed.

There are only three parts of masterpieces: Zendikar Expeditions, inventions of Caladesh, and Amonhet.

There are two ways to get masterpieces: accidentally buying boosterbags of your decor and drawing or direct purchase. Unfortunately, at the moment, the number of series of masterpieces is low.

Favorite Masterpieces in MTG

The flooded strand was originally printed as part of the Battle of Zendikar. This is what you would call bringing land, which means you can pay a health point and donate it to find a map of the level or islands in your library to put on the battlefield.

This may seem uncomfortable for a beginner, but it is an extremely powerful effect. It allows you to find the country you really need and it also helps to reduce the space in your library. This means that you will move less often to land at the end of the game, which you don’t need.

Many will tell you that the Force of Will is one of the most powerful cards in the game. You can pay for life and banish the card or pay the mana on the card to reverse the spell.

This gives you instant access to the counter-attack spell even at the beginning of the game if you only have a few countries on the battlefield. The power of this map has certainly contributed to its value, as it has easily earned a place on this list of most expensive masterpieces.

It’s a card that can stun beginners. Everything is left to chance, and you can lose a life if you don’t throw the coin dictated by the card.

But an experienced magician will tell you that life is just another resource to make contact with. With Mana Krypt, that’s exactly what you can do. You get two free mana per turn and only a 50% chance to lose a life.

However, people who use Mana Vault usually find a way to unpack it to prevent the damage it causes when you tap it and to get three mana if you tap it more than once.

Like a flooded current, the foggy rainforest is another lure. So he appeared first and in the battle of Zendikar.

It has the same advantages: the possibility to pay and donate to go to the library or the forest or an island. This means you can get green or blue mana if you need it.

This beauty is an amazing example of a masterpiece card. In addition to the usual beautiful views, Mox Opal also has the power of a masterpiece.

You can get any color for free for zero mana cost – as long as you have at least three artifacts in common. The amazing thing about this card is that you get colorful mana. Most cards have a certain mana value, and with Mox Opal, you can pay them all in part.

The contaminated soil in the delta is of great value and therefore deserves a place on this list. They are powerful, beautiful, and rare – a combination that contributes directly to higher costs.

With this tempting map, you can search for a map of an island or swamp at the cost of your life and donate it to the Dirty Delta. In other words: You can get blue or black mana when you need it, which can be vital in a multi-colored game.

No wonder there’s another bait. Warming up in the Tarn has the same advantages as other land attractions, except that you can look for an island or a mountain instead.

Attractive paintings are also visible at the front. A steam bath that looks like a volcano and on which an easily imaginable object floats.

Swords are among the cruelest objects in the history of magic. However, some are stronger than others, and the sword of leave and hunger is one of them.

By attacking with a creature equipped with this sword, you can free all your land and force the enemy to throw it away. There is no disadvantage in the true sense of the word.

The last card on the list is another ace: Green catacombs. It allows you to get a map of a swamp or forest out of your library by paying for life and sacrificing yourself.

Once again, bring in the mighty countries. That’s why they’re so expensive and so rare – they’re highly sought after, especially by collectors.


Masterpieces are like legends. We see them occasionally, but usually only in the hands of dedicated collectors or long-term actors.

If you’re new to the game, you may not have a game of your own yet. But don’t worry – if you’re looking for your own masterpieces, you can buy boosters from the kits they contain, buy individual tickets or even see if more will appear in the future. Maybe one day, you’ll have the pleasure of pulling one of the backpacks further on the line.

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