HyperX Cloud Flight S is a wireless gaming headset with powerful 50mm drivers and a mic. In addition, the new SteelSeries Engine 3.0 software gives you everything you need for game audio immersion and precision control.

When it comes to gaming audio peripherals with a good price-to-Performance ratio, HyperX is a household brand. Every market has a HyperX headset, and we’ll be looking at their flagship wireless model, the Cloud Flight S, today.

I figured the latest HyperX Cloud Flight wireless headset was the same product with Qi wireless charging and surround sound tossed in. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. HyperX has rectified a few design flaws brought to their attention while also adding extra premium features to this attractive pair.

Of course, more features come at a premium, but with a promising design and sound profile, they might be one of the best wireless gaming headphones available.

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  • Design – A lovely, understated design that can be used for more than simply gaming.
  • Performance — Outstanding audio in-game.
  • Qi Wireless Charging — For wire-free charging, this headset works with any Qi charging device.
  • Comfort – These are very light and the plush earcups are incredibly soft


  • Software – Not the finest, missing a graphical equalizer.


As usual, HyperX’s packing was simple and straightforward, with the sleeved box showing the goods neatly and, more importantly, unharmed. The setup was simple; just put in the dongle and you’re good to go. There was some charge on them already, but I prefer to fully charge the wireless models before testing.

The following is what we find inside the box:

  • Cloud Flight S Wireless Gaming Headset by HyperX
  • Dongle USB
  • Charging Cable for Micro-USB
Frequency Response of Headphones 10 Hz to 20000 Hz
Frequency Response of the Microphone The frequency ranges from 50 to 18,000 Hz.
Wireless Wireless
Life of the Batteries 30 Hours
Pattern for Picking Up Bidirectional
Weight 310g
Length of the Cable 1m


The design is almost identical to the original Cloud Flight headset, with the exception that the brilliant red wire between the headband and earcups is no longer visible since it seems to be contained in the plastic frame.

This wireless pair looks fantastic, with the same subtle style we loved about the original model, making these a much more versatile pair than your traditional gaming headsets. They have done away with the LED lighting on the HyperX logo, which most Cloud Flight owners turned off, preserving the Life of the Batteries.

These are much more elegant than the HyperX headphones I’m accustomed to, which are often large and flamboyant. These have reduced a lot of their size, with just the earcups remaining hefty in an attractive manner. Despite the reduction in weight, they nevertheless provide the same degree of comfort that HyperX is renowned for, if not better than the original Cloud Flights.

Create a high-quality product

DSC05276 2

HyperX headsets always seem to have a great Create a high-quality product that is reliable and robust. Even their budget offering, the Cloud Stingers, are sturdy for the price, so it comes as no surprise to see a well-made product here.

Aside from the steel sliders within the headband, the whole construction is made of plastic. The plastic feels sturdy, and although it doesn’t bend as much as some other brands, it has enough give to avoid inadvertent breakage. The plastic is a matte black and looks fantastic; I mean, it’s simple, but that’s something I like. The design is more general than the Arctis 7, but it’s much more understated than the Corsair Virtuosos.

The earcups are made of a sturdy leatherette, although this might be a future weak point. I haven’t had them long enough to assess the earcup material’s durability, but I’ve owned enough items with this feature and they’ve all started to flake at some point.

The supplied boom mic is removable and keyed, which means it can only be used in one direction. The Microphone cable is made of a strong, flexible plastic that can be readily molded into the desired shape. The end, like the rest of the headset, is made of durable plastic to protect the business end when being transported or dropped.

The HyperX Cloud Flight S has some of the most straightforward hardware controls I’ve encountered, with everything you need right at your fingers. The volume scroll wheel is located on the right earcup. The wheel is simple to locate and has visible notches to assist in the procedure. It’s an endless wheel with an audible triple beep when you reach maximum loudness.

The bulk of the headset’s functionality may be found on the left earcup. The power button, which is concave to distinguish it from the 7.1 buttons and is reasonably simple to push, is located underneath the status LED. Even if the headset has gone to sleep, you must push and hold to switch it on. I would have wanted the headset to come back to life when audio is played, but it isn’t a deal-breaker for me. The slightly convex 7.1 surround sound button, the micro-USB charging connector, and a space for the Microphone are all located underneath the power. The mic mute button was on the earcup of the original Cloud Flight headset, and HyperX has continued this design while going a step further. This earcup now has four customizable buttons, including mute, mic monitoring, and left and right controls for game/chat audio balancing.


DSC05278 2

The HyperX Cloud flight S gaming headset is very comfortable and outperforms the previous model. This is due to the increased plushness of the cushions and their lightweight. These are just 320 grams with the Microphone connected, and you’ll hardly see them on your head.

The clamping force is in the center, almost ideal, and keeps them securely on your head without becoming unpleasant over time. Gamers who use glasses will like the broad cushions and accommodating clamp force.

The headband padding is relatively minimal, which is unfortunate, but I never felt the plastic while wearing them, and the headband seemed to distribute the weight of the earcups evenly.

The earcups are lovely, and they’re a lot thicker than the Cloud Flight headsets. While I haven’t owned them long enough to comment on their longevity, the luxurious memory foam cushions have received a lot of praise. I prefer cloth weave on the earcups since it is softer and more breathable, but the leatherette is gentle to the touch and breathable enough for comfort. I tried these out for many hours at a time, and they never caused my ears to sweat or were uncomfortable, so they get a massive tick for comfort. The earcups have a lovely oval shape, allowing my ears to fit securely within without hitting the inner wall. HyperX has provided soft cushioning to the driver wall for individuals with big ears, just in case.

The Cloud Flight S headset has enough adjustment options to make it comfortable regardless of your head shape or size. The earcups are tilted, which aids in achieving an excellent natural seal on your head and a great overall fit. The earcups have the same 90-degree rotation as the originals, allowing them to fit comfortably on your shoulders. I could move my head around freely without feeling constricted as I did with the SteelSeries Arctis 7’s since they were resting on my shoulders. When you rotate the earcups back into their natural position, tiny metallic clasps snap into place, giving you a tactile sense and halting any undesired rotations.

The way HyperX has perfected comfort in such a casual way is incredible; they are among the finest.


Across the board, this updated version of the Cloud Flight headset functioned well. In terms of performance, there is no discernible change from the original model, and gaming has been a delight throughout testing.

The treble accuracy was muddy and subpar at best, with vocalists in songs buried beneath the bass at times and missing clarity in general. My only criticism of the sound quality was the treble, while the mids and bass accuracy were excellent. These were punchy without being overpowering.


DSC05277 2

As previously said, the sound in-game was a treat and, to be honest, pretty unexpected. I understand that these are high-end gaming headsets, but I wasn’t expecting the in-game audio to be as good as it was.

The bass came into its own when playing FPS games like Squad, immersing me in the mortar fire, explosions, and rifle crackling. What was most remarkable was that I could still identify where I was being fired from even in the most chaotic of encounters. The squad is a military simulation. Thus, precision is essential, and the audio effects in the game are outstanding. The HyperX Cloud Flight S performed the game justice and provided consistently high quality.

When I initially hooked them up to play CS: GO, I had to turn up the in-game audio since they were softer than the competition. This was not a problem, as they also performed well in competitive CS. The stereo image is outstanding, providing me with complete spatial awareness and making it easy to track adversary movement.

When switching to CS: GO, the chat and game audio controls were more straightforward than those on the Astro A50s. It’s a feature I don’t use very often, but these functions have been excellent; HyperX has kept things simple while truly improving my gaming experience.

Overall, these are superb for gaming, and while they feature that subtle design for your daily commute, the audio quality for music wasn’t the best. Despite this, these are the standout option amongst the competition. The similarly priced Arctis 7’s maybe slightly better for music, but I’d have to say the Cloud Flights beat them for gaming. The Sennheiser GSP 370s come in at the same price and feature 100 hours of Life of the Batteries, yet they have teething issues with Windows 10 that can frustrate people. Finally, the Corsair Virtuosos also come in around this price point, with some of the best Create a high-quality products we have seen, yet they are uncomfortable and have poor audio Performance. So with all this in mind, I have to say hats off to HyperX here.


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Like other HyperX headsets, the Cloud Flight S comes with a detachable boom mic, making it a highly flexible pair of headphones. In addition, the noise-canceling microphone features a bi-directional polar design and excels in even the most challenging circumstances.

The mic performed an excellent job of canceling out background noise from my TV, loud family members, and my mechanical keyboard’s clickity clacking. While this mic will pick up the over-the-top MX Blues, a little fiddling with the Discord settings makes this mic a delight for my teammate’s ears.

The mic is adequate for a wireless pair, with some compression, but my voice was usually the most prominent sound my colleagues heard. Moreover, the mic’s quality remained constant even as I moved throughout the apartment, in and out of various rooms, with no dropouts or disruptions.

The microphone isn’t as good as Corsair’s Virtuoso wireless option or the Arctis 7’s ClearCast mic, but it’s enough for making crystal clear calls.


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Features are crucial with wireless gaming headphones and may frequently be the deciding factor. Of course, HyperX is recognized for its usual comfort, but we’ve already spoken about that, so now it’s time to discuss the lovely minor features this product offers.

Life of the Batteries

The Qi wireless charging function is the key feature and distinction between the Flight S and ordinary Flight headphones. This ubiquitous technology is increasingly being utilized in mobile devices, gaming mice, mousepads, and just about anything else that requires charging. Unfortunately, I could not use this function due to a lack of technology at home; oops! Regardless, this makes the headset genuinely wireless, and the ease of just placing it on the charging pad is such a breath of fresh air; this headset is a breath of fresh air.

HyperX advertises 30+ hours of Life of the Batteries with this headset, but I managed to squeeze about 31 hours of continual usage. The headset took around three hours to charge fully, and they come with an auto-off feature, helping save battery. I wasn’t a fan of having to press the button to wake them up, I’d preferred audio to do that, but this is a minor issue.


DSC05275 2

HyperX brings my new favorite wireless gaming headset to the table. The Cloud Flight S contains all of the premium competition model’s features plus a few more. Unfortunately, the only flaw is HyperX’s lack of software support and EQ, which means you won’t be able to tune them. Fortunately, they sound fantastic for immersive single-player and competitive online multiplayer gaming right out of the box.

These are pretty comfortable, and although they are priced similarly to the Corsair Virtuosos and Sennheiser GSP 370 wireless variants, they are more comparable to the SteelSeries Arctis 7’s. Which one you choose will depend on what you want to get out of the product.

The Arctis 7’s are undoubtedly the best option for a comfortable gaming experience with exceptional audio performance. However, the feature-packed HyperX Cloud Flight S is the way to go for those searching for a more casual-looking pair that is good for gaming and as comfortable as the others. Just keep in mind that there is no graphical EQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the HyperX Cloud Flight S worth it?

A: The HyperX Cloud Flight is a great headset worth the money. They have an open design, so they don’t offer much noise cancellation, and the sound quality isn’t fantastic either. However, if you can deal with these limitations, then this will be a good headphone for you to use.

Is the HyperX cloud headset good?

A: The HyperX Cloud Stinger is a great gaming headset with some unique features, such as the ability to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth or USB. It’s also compatible with both PlayStation and Xbox, so you won’t have to worry about buying two separate headsets for your systems.

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