This is a review of the Vapur Eclipse Water Bottle. It’s an insulated stainless steel water bottle that can keep your beverages cold for up to 24 hours and hot for 8 hours. With its accompanying app, you’ll be able to track how much liquid you’ve consumed and set intelligent reminders for when it needs refilling or cleaning out.

The Eclipse Vapur Water Bottle is perfect for what it is: a travel-friendly, ultra-compressible water bottle. This may be the water bottle of our dreams.

We don’t fantasize about travel water bottles… That’d be strange. To be clear, we do not do anything like that.

On the other hand, we have been using the Eclipse Vapur Water Bottle for over a year and have enjoyed it. Let’s get started with the review.

All of Vapur’s water bottles in the Eclipse series have a matte surface, and there are a variety of colors and styles to choose from. We like the matte finish, although it should be noted that frequent use might cause it to chip off with time. There’s an orange carabiner clip on the Night Blue version and a black bottle with a black logo, and a black carabiner clip on the Blackout edition.

From a branding standpoint, no matter what color or style you pick, you’ll end up with the same Vapur logo. Nothing out of the ordinary, which we appreciate. These are constructed of BPA-free polyethylene and nylon welded together at the edges to keep them together. While the Eclipse is available in two sizes—one liter and 0.7 liters—when compressed, they are almost identical. The carabiner and cap take up most of the space, with just a little amount of additional cloth folded up.

Vapur Eclipse Water Bottle CollapsedAnd if you’re unsure how to “fold-up” a water bottle, don’t worry about it. It’s a breeze to compress these nasty guys. All you have to do now is

  1. Make sure it’s empty (thank you for the suggestion).
  2. The cap’s flap should be opened.
  3. It should be rolled up.
  4. To keep the rolled material in place, use the carabiner clasp.

This gadget is not only simple to roll up, but it also collapses into almost nothing. We examined the Nomader Collapsible Bottle and can categorically state that the Eclipse pales in contrast. (At least when it’s all packed up.)

Vapur Eclipse Water Bottle (Right) Compared to the Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle (Left)Vapur particularly excels in this area. For one-bag backpackers or anybody trying to keep their pack light and compact, the capacity to store up to a liter of water with virtually any footprint in your luggage is a lifesaver.

It’s also ideal for slipping an empty water bottle through security without taking up valuable carry-on capacity. Pass through security and complete the form on the other side. You’re not only saving money by not having to take out a small loan to purchase a throwaway water bottle from an airport kiosk, but you’re also helping the environment! It’s a win-win-win situation.

And that’s where the victories come to an end. (Excuse me—we have to be honest about this.) It’s our job, in a way.)

There are a few disadvantages to having so high compressibility. To begin with, there is no insulation, which we understand and believe is worth sacrificing for collapsibility. You may add ice cubes or place the container in the freezer (complete or not) to keep things more relaxed, but the temperature will increase fast anyway. Fair warning: if you freeze this with water to make one large ice cube, don’t fill it all the way. Water does have the ability to grow—# Science.

Vapur Eclipse Water Bottle In UseWe’ve discovered that your water gets relatively warm in this, particularly if you wear dark clothing and are out in the sun. If you’re searching for an insulated bottle, the YETI Rambler or Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Bottle are good options, but they’re metal and non-compressible. That is, of course, the cost-benefit analysis. Unfortunately, our staff is split on the importance of chilly water, so we’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Another minor disadvantage is that drinking from it might be uncomfortable because of its versatility. This is most noticeable when the bottle is less than halfway filled, as it flops about in your fingers when you attempt to tilt it up, and It’s a bit crooked, as you can see. Is this going to be a deal-breaker? No, not for us. We’ll happily accept some inconvenient water usage in exchange for a lot of weight and space savings.

Vapur Eclipse Water Bottle Utilizing CarabinerIt’s time to go back to the activities we like! Another feature of the Eclipse is the carabiner clip, which can be used to attach it to backpacks or anything else. We want this since you can attach it to a shoulder strap and be ready to go even if your bag doesn’t have a water bottle section. (Patagonia Arbor Pack, we’re looking at you.) It might be a little tricky depending on where you attach it and the bottle size—it could flap about a little—but it’s still a fantastic thing to have.

Vapur’s most recent innovation is the inclusion of a filter straw in their bottles. This attaches to the top of the bottle, enabling you to fill it with “dirty” water and have it filtered as you drink. In reality, we’ve found this to be “okay”—mainly because a LifeStraw has a far superior taste. The Vapur filter will remove all germs and other contaminants but will not alter the like, which isn’t ideal.

Vapur Eclipse Water Bottle With FilterAnother disadvantage is that sucking the water out with the built-in straw might be tricky. Last but not least, you lose almost all you desire from compressible water with the filter in place. You can’t compress it, and stowing it in your backpack is a lot more complicated—you get the point.

If something is essential to you, it may be worthwhile to purchase. You may always keep it in a different backpack section and use it when needed. However, we never needed it throughout our testing.

If you have a dishwasher, cleaning this bottle is a breeze—toss it in there, and you’re done. It’s still relatively straightforward if you don’t have a dishwasher (for example, if you’re traveling). We’ve just filled it with warm soapy water, let it soak for a time, and then rinsed it well.

It’s also worth noting that if you use this for travel, you should clean it regularly. When you travel from nation to country, you take up a lot of germs from each water source you come across. This isn’t a good situation. So make sure your bottle is clean. (As well as yourself, but that is self-evident.) Right?)

Testing & Durability

Vapur Eclipse Water BottleWe’ve been using the Vapur Eclipse collapsible water bottle in the one-liter Night Blue edition for almost a year at the time of this review. The one-liter Blackout version with the filter and the 0.7-liter Night Blue version is also available, but they haven’t been tested as thoroughly as the one-liter above.

So far, there have been no leaks or difficulties with the bottle’s operation. It has many cosmetic dents and scrapes, and the matte paint has been scraped off almost completely. Although it doesn’t look amazing, it still works like a charm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which water bottle is the healthiest?

A: I recommend a water bottle made of glass. Not only is it the healthiest option, but also because plastic and other materials can leech chemicals into your body!

How do you clean a vapor bottle?

A: You can put the bottle in boiling water for ten seconds or use a detergent and some cold tap to clean it.

How do you use a vapor water bottle?

A: You fill it with water and then use the mouthpiece to drink from it. This is not recommended for people who can’t control their hand movements, though, as you might spill some of the contents because your hands are shaking.

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