The product: Milwaukee M12 Hoodie

Our assessment: 4.9/5

It is a highly efficient heated sweatshirt that heats up very quickly and retains the heat inside thanks to a thermal wafer lining. It is ideal for those who work on the road and perform a variety of tasks over a long period of time. This sweatshirt comes with three different temperature settings to withstand the intense cold of winter.

Here are some basic functions:

  • With the Quick-Heat function, the hood can be heated as soon as it is switched on.
  • easy to use heating settings
  • It warms both the chest and the back.
  • Operates for six hours on a fully charged battery.
  • It is available in eight different sizes.

This is really one of the best-heated sweatshirts on the market, and it even came second on our list. There are many reasons why we love this heated sweatshirt, and we are going to look into everything that has to do with the Milwaukee M12 sweatshirt.


Tissue is very important for everything worn on the body. The outer material consists of a mixture of cotton and polyester. It is made of 53% cotton and 47% polyester, and since this sweatshirt is made of both fabrics, you don’t have to worry about shrinkage in the wash.

The inside of the sweatshirt is made of exactly the same materials, but this time it is made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. In addition, the interior has that very cool feature known as waffle weaving, where the fabric is designed to actually retain and retain the heat generated in the hooded sweatshirt.

Polyester has great advantages, such as fast drying in humid conditions, resistance to mildew, no shrinkage, and durability. Cotton is a natural fabric that breathes, feels very soft and comfortable, and is naturally hydrated.

Waffle tubing

The waffle lining captures the heat generated by the hooded sweatshirt and keeps it inside the sweatshirt. Compared to a standard sweatshirt, the waffle-weave improves overall comfort. Because it’s multi-layered, it keeps you much warmer than your usual sweatshirt or hoodie.

How do I use a Milwaukee M12 Sweatshirt?

This sweatshirt has carbon fiber yarns woven all over the chest and back. The wires are hidden behind layers of fabric so that they cannot be seen. The wires are then powered by a red lithium battery that operates at full power for six hours.

To warm up your sweatshirt, you need to connect the battery to the wires in your pocket. To turn the sweatshirt on, you see a small square with LEDs, so you turn it on. Just like a heated jacket, the sweatshirt automatically switches to the highest position. If you don’t want your sweatshirt to be too high, you can click again to switch to a medium setting and again to switch to a low setting.

Once you have it in the desired settings, you can get started and use a heated sweatshirt. In Milwaukee, there are three different colors: black, red, and grey. There are also eight different sizes, which is surprising because not all brands offer the same choice of sizes.

Lithium battery

The battery is one of the most important parts because the sweatshirt is lined to keep it warm. You will receive a red 3.0 lithium-ion battery and charger that comes with your sweatshirt.

The battery can last up to six hours at its lowest temperature when fully charged. The higher the heating level, the more energy the battery consumes and the shorter the battery life. The good news is that the battery is charged. So, if you run out of chargers, you can connect them to a charger that works fast enough to charge them.

The battery is stored in the left side compartment. The battery weighs just under seven ounces, which means it won’t be heavy in your pocket. When wearing the hood, the battery is clearly visible. The bag is big enough. If you have an extra battery from Milwaukee, you can take it with you.

Adjustable heating parameters

All products to be heated have different temperature settings. This is a very interesting feature because you can really adjust the heat setting according to the amount of heat you want. For example, the Milwaukee M12 Hoodie has three different heating modes, ranging from low, medium, and high.

The lowest setting takes six hours. If the temperature rises, the battery will not operate for as long. The average setting takes about four hours. The highest setting only takes two and a half hours. Another great idea: If you plan to use the stove a lot, I suggest you bring an extra battery that you can use when you run out of juice.

LED temperature monitor

On the front of the sweatshirt, you see a small rectangle. It is, in fact, a temperature controller, but also a switch and a switch. To turn on the sweatshirt, press and hold the button for two seconds. This puts the jacket on, and you do the same thing to turn it off.

It is also a button that controls the various heating settings. If you have not read the above section, I would like to tell you again that three different heat settings exist. A different colored LED lights up for each heat setting.

Heating zones

The Milwaukee M12 heated sweatshirt has two different heating zones. One is on the chest and the other on the back. There are no heating elements in the hands, but the heat created and generated in the chest and back moves through the hands.

Ribbed cuffs on the hands and around the bottom edge of the sweatshirt ensure that they are well absorbed in the heat. When you combine this with layers of woven thermal filling, you get a very hot bag of heat that keeps you warm and toasted for hours.


With all the products that people wear, they eventually become dirty and need to be cleaned properly. So how do you clean the heated product with the wires running through it?

A lot of people ask that question, and it’s really something you don’t have to worry about. The yarns are wrapped and safely stored in the thick fibers of the hooded sweatshirt. You shouldn’t let water spoil you when you wash it.

The most important thing to remember is to remove the sweatshirt’s battery before putting it in the washing machine. If the battery gets wet in the washing machine, it will break down, so it is very important to remove it first.

You can put this heated sweatshirt in the dryer. In Milwaukee, they say you can wash and dry a hood in the washing machine. Some brands can’t tumble dry, but you can rest assured that they can.

Who Can Wear This Sweatshirt?

This is a unisex sweatshirt that both men and women can wear. You should look at eight different sizes and check the specifications for each one to see which one suits you best. Normally you have to be faithful to your mate.

There are also three different color options, which is very nice. You can choose between black, grey or red. They all have the same design, and the only difference is the color of the fabric.


The Milwaukee brand is a highly respected brand that many people trust. They have high-quality products, especially their heated products, including the Milwaukee M12 Heated Hoodie. We like this sweatshirt because it can be used with or without heating.

We love the material the sweatshirt is made of and the fact that it doesn’t shrink when washed. We also like the thermal layers that keep all the generated heat inside to keep it longer.

The battery works for a long time and charges quickly so that it can be recharged again and again. Both men and women can use this fantastic sweatshirt to be washed and dried.

It is an ideal high-quality sweatshirt that can be used all year round with or without heating. I hope my review of the Milwaukee M12 Heated Hoodie has helped you decide if this is the right Heated Hoodie for you. It can be used at different temperatures and even in different weather conditions.

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