The Razer Mamba Elite is a wired gaming mouse with 12 programmable buttons. It features a 16,000 DPI sensor and up to 350 IPS tracking speed. In addition, the device supports a 2-millisecond polling rate for an ultra-precise performance that will leave you satisfied during your long gaming sessions.

Widely regarded as the Deathadder’s underdog, the Mamba elite, with its redesigned Ergonomic design and Optical sensor, starts to compete with its near neighbor. We take the Razers Mamba Elite for a spin and put it through WePC’s rigorous testing. The elite has been fitted with their notorious 5G 16000 DPI sensor for what they like to characterize as a new level of accuracy and speed. It is designed for both gamers and daily users. It offers a stunning 99.4% resolution accuracy to help you remain ahead of the game in those intense gaming bouts. Still, it’s also ergonomically built for comfort and usage in daily settings. It has Razer’s incredible RGB system, which includes 20 lighting zones and over 16 million possible light settings. Users may bind, apply macros, and automatically store user profiles to be accessed on any PC using onboard memory and cloud storage. We put the elite through its paces to see how it compares to the Deathadder Elite and others.

This mouse is for any circumstance, with a sleek and attractive aesthetic and a challenging gaming brain. Many people are solely concerned with how it performs in the gaming world, and it’s reasonable to say that this mouse succeeds on various platforms. I especially liked the weight for FPS gaming, as well as the ergonomics, which eliminated finger drag spots and lowered overall hand stress. I’ve tried most of the Razer mice now, and I can confidently state that the ELITE is up to the challenge when it comes to breaking into the gaming world.


  • Excellent Ergonomic Design
  • Optical Sensor with High Capacity
  • Superior Button Lifespan of 50 Million+
  • Beautiful 20-Zone RGB Coloring
  • Synapse 3 is a user-friendly software that is simple to use.


  • Buttons are limited.
  • Scroll Wheel with Extremely High Resistance

Razer Mamba Elite Image 5

Mouse Size & Weight

  • 96 g in weight
  • Medium in size
  • 12.5 cm (4.92 in) in length
  • 6.99cm / 2.75 in Width
  • Height: 1.70 in / 4.33 cm
  • Orientation of the hands: right-handed

Mouse Technology

  • PMW339 sensor
  • Omron D2FC-F-7N Buttons (10M)
  • True DPI: 100-16000 DPI: 100-16000 DPI: 100-16000 DPI: 100-16000
  • 125, 250, 500, and 1000 Hz polling rate
  • Wired connection

What is included in the box?

Razer Mamba Elite Image 1

The Razer Mamba Elite will be housed in a sleek matte black casing with a neon green exterior, which will be no surprise. When you open the package, you’ll find the Mamba mouse in its protective plastic housing, with the cord neatly knotted behind it with a rubber stopper. It’s worth mentioning that the cable, which is 2.1 meters long, is twisted in a compact bundle with 3 inch loops, leaving you with a kinked wire after you’ve unboxed it. However, although it is just transitory, I find it to be a bit off-putting. You’ll find your welcome message, a lengthy user manual, and two Razer stickers inside.

We find the following items inside:

  • Mamba Elite mouse by Razer
  • Greetings letter
  • Instructions for Use


Size & Weight

Without seeming slanted, I’ve always been a big admirer of Razer’s designs, and the Mamba Elite hasn’t let me down when it comes to comfort for short and extended periods. As a significant gamer, I’m constantly looking for mice that have been made specifically for this purpose. I believe Mamba has produced an excellent environment for this purpose. With a weight of 96g, this mouse is almost comparable in importance to its Deathadder Elite counterpart, which strikes the right mix between light, rapid motions, and steady, methodical precision. The mamba elite is a medium-sized mouse that fits nicely in my hand but can also be used by small and large-handed users; it was created with a broad range of users in mind. The Mamba Elite’s enhanced ergonomics and state-of-the-art side grips enable hours of stress-free gaming. Razer engineers created this mouse with more miniature palm and finger stress in mind, resulting in a mouse with no finger drag points. Impressive.

Shape & Texture

Razer Mamba Elite Image 6


Razer mouse seldom stray too far from their signature style, and the Mamba is no exception. There are a few subtle distinctions, though, that I’d like to bring out. The texture is a traditional Matte finish with two newly developed side gripping pads to improve comfort and avoid user mistake when fighting. The places give a good grip for me; however, with fps gaming comes aggressive swiping and fast motions, and I’d like something more stable. Personally, I don’t GRIP the mouse and instead let it rest beneath my palm, which makes it difficult for a gamer like myself to produce a lot of friction. The Mamba has a smooth texture, and after a few hours of usage, hand sweat may be an issue for specific users. As a result, designers created both prominent mouse buttons concave, creating an excellent well for your finger to sit in and providing a secure hold in the hand. Despite this, the Mamba is still a fantastic-looking mouse, with its Chroma featuring 20 lighting zones, as is customary. Two grills, one on each side of the 2.1m braided cable, would not seem out of place on any car, but they do appeal to my aesthetic sensibilities. Overall, a nice-looking mouse, although I think the existing side grips should be improved.


Razer Mamba Elite Image 7

Mamba’s designers developed this mouse with gamers in mind, equipping it with 9 bindable mouse buttons that can all be customized using Razer’s easy-to-use Synapse 3 software. The buttons have a clean finish, and none are too noticeable, which is precisely what I prefer. The two side buttons are placed in such a way that they are easy to use while gaming. I’m a gamer who enjoys assigning orders to their mouse, and after a few games, I was satisfied with the button placement and simplicity of usage. However, three of the buttons are used by the mouse wheel, which I would never use for binding actions.

This mouse uses Omron switches that were co-developed and have a life duration of up to 50 million clicks, which I’m sure we can all agree is extraordinarily long. The principal buttons are simple to use, and resistance does not vary much depending on where your fingers are placed. I thoroughly tested the controls, and the findings reveal that even pushing the switch practically to its base did not result in any more resistance. Both the right and left buttons are concave, providing extra comfort and stability while gaming during intense times when the focus is critical. The mouse 1 and mouse 2 buttons have been constructed in such a manner that they are one with the mouse shell, which is not desired by all parties following a debate. However, I believe it gives the mouse a more polished appearance.


The cable is a standard braided cable with exceptional durability, and when combined with the Razer Mouse bungee, it gives the impression of being practically wireless. We tried the mamba elite with and without the bungee, and although the cable isn’t completely useless, it does become a problem for most individuals. It is, however, a very light wire, so it does not hinder the mouse, but you are aware of its presence. Alternatively, if wireless is more your style, I would strongly advise you to read our Mamba Wireless review.


Razer Mamba Elite Image 8

It’s fair to say that utilizing the Mamba Elite was a fantastic experience for me as an FPS player who is a significant admirer of both the Deathadder and the Basilisk. To begin, we must discuss the design. Razer engineers have designated the design optimization as Advanced Ergonomics, which refers to the most natural posture of the hand regardless of grip type. In summary, irrespective of the size, shape, or grip of your hands, you will find this mouse to be exceptionally comfortable. When held in the palm of your hand, it feels pretty natural, resulting in accurate tracking in any long-range FPS scenario. I observed no latency and exact crosshair location when practicing more aggressive motions, which are perfect for games like CSGO. It’s worth noting that day-to-day duties were just as pleasurable as you’d expect from such a fantastic design. UNLIKE OTHER RAZER MOUSE, the ME does not have a clutch button, but with its well-positioned side buttons, you could bind the sensitivity change to them. Finally, the mouse performed well in all of our rigorous testing, with results that were very comparable to those of the Deathadder Elite, which is widely considered as one of the best.


To say anything other than the sensor is fantastic is an understatement. Everything in the current Razer series is conhe best level of technology and software possible, so to say anything elis brilliant is an understatement. To boost reliability, accuracy, and speed, the Mamba Elite has ditched the Laser sensor in favor of its famed 5G optical sensor with a genuine 16,000 DPI. However, I couldn’t think of a case where employing the full 16000 DPI would be useful. The primary switches are Omron switches that were co-developed and have a life duration of over 50 million clicks, which is amazing given that many of the Razer range only have 10-20 million clicks. The two main buttons are both concave for comfort, aesthetics, and convenience of usage, which is a characteristic I’ve always favored. In the past, main mouse buttons connected to the shell had shorter click lives and lower overall palm friction levels, but that is no longer the case with today’s technology and Omron’s input.


The Mamba elite, like the DE, is pre-programmed to DPI 800, which is convenient since this is the most preferred option among gamers. If you want complete customization, you’ll need to download and install Razer’s newest Synapse 3 software, which gives you complete control over your mouse settings. Synapse has been chastised throughout the years for not being as user-friendly as it might be, but with today’s market, you’ll be able to discover a far better bundle. The app can update drivers for you automatically.


After sitting down and using the Mamba Elite for about a week and putting it through the paces of a serious gamer, I can confidently state that it belongs on Razer’s exclusive list of high-end gaming mice. With the huge Deathadder Elite standing big in the background, it was always going to be tough to produce something comparable but distinct that would appeal to a separate audience, but I believe the Razer engineers have succeeded. This is a fantastic mouse that passed all of the WePC tests, and it would be high on my list of recommendations if you need something that is both battle-ready and simple to use on a daily basis. Finally, the best aspect of this mouse is its ergonomic form, which gives you a sense of being “at one” with it. As we all know, practice makes perfect, and the Mamba Elite allows you to put in the hours while putting the least amount of stress on your hand.

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