RhinoShield SolidSuit is the perfect protection for your phone, tablet, and wallet. It has an anti-slip design to ensure that it doesn’t slip out of your hand while using a case.

Unless you’re one of those folks who has never dropped their phone (which we doubt exists), you’ll need a case. There are a million different cases to select from, but the SolidSuit Case by RhinoShield is one of the best (haha). This cover is stylish, comes in various colors and designs, and is durable enough to keep your smartphone safe in all but the direst of situations.

RhinoShield SolidSuit Case In HandIn addition, RhinoShield offers a 2-in-1 Wide and Macro lens that attaches to the RhinoShield SolidSuit case through a mount (sold separately). We like the RhinoShield environment for travel, and we want the lens, so let’s take a look at this scenario.

Aesthetics & Materials

Style is unquestionably crucial when it comes to phone cases. So it’ll be wonderful not to despise this item since you’ll be gazing at it for years. While the original black SolidSuit case we’ve been testing isn’t very fashionable, it’s straightforward and polished enough that most people won’t find it offensive. And, if you’re acquainted with our brand, you’ll see that we admire its simple, crisp feel.

RhinoShield SolidSuit CaseIf you want to up your style game, the case comes in various colors and designs (how many depends on which material you choose for the backing). Whatever your style, we’re confident you’ll discover something that appeals to you. If that’s not enough, you may even purchase more buttons in various colors for even more customization and color.

RhinoShield SolidSuit Case PHYou may even have the casing custom engraved if you want to go all out. Our bottom has a simple white PH etched into it (because of Pack Hacker). This, along with the overall matte black case and white side buttons, gives our case a sophisticated feel. Furthermore, the point is relatively thin, so it does not have the bulky appearance that other robust issues have.

Classic, wood, walnut, carbon fiber, leather, microfiber, and brushed steel are among the eight backing materials offered for the SolidSuit. The remainder of the cast is comprised of RhinoShield’s BPA/BPS-free “specially-formulated bespoke polymer,” and the “traditional” case we’ve been testing is entirely composed of this material.

Usage & Features

RhinoShield SolidSuit Case LipOne of the case’s most excellent features is the raised lip cover that folds over the phone’s screen, adds a layer of protection, and keeps your cellphone nearly suspended.

When a screen contacts the edge of the glass exactly right (or incorrectly), one of the most typical ways for it to break is. The SolidSuit case’s lip prevents this from occurring.

RhinoShield SolidSuit Case Screen ProtectorOf course, if you drop your phone screen and it immediately meets a sharp point, you will have issues. As a result, RhinoShield now offers a screen protector that can be applied to your screen. We haven’t tried this screen protector ourselves, so we can’t comment on how well (or poorly) it performs. We like to live on the edge of things.

RhinoShield SolidSuit Case MaterialThe case’s inside has a honeycomb design for further stress absorption. We’re not case scientists at Pack Hacker, so we can’t describe why this honeycomb approach works, but we can say it’s worked for us in the past.

The case is snug and securely holds the phone. It’s a little difficult to put on and take off, but we believe that’s a good thing. You won’t go far with a sloppy case.

The involvement of the SolidSuit case in the larger RhinoShield ecosystem is now another element of the case. You’ll need a RhinoShield case to utilize one of RhinoShield’s camera lenses (we’ve heard the lenses will fit on other cases, but we can’t recommend it). While we haven’t tried all of RhinoShield’s lenses, we have been fans of the 4K HD Wide + Macro Lens, which captures stunning photographs and is firmly attached to the case—we’ve never had to worry about it slipping off. And, compared to taking a separate camera, employing RhinoShield lens or lenses will take up a lot less room in your suitcase.

However, if you don’t want to use a RhinoShield lens, the SolidSuit case is still a wonderful option.

Testing & Durability

For the last two months, we’ve been putting the RhinoShield SolidSuit case to the test. So far, our phone hasn’t been scraped, cracked, dented, or had any loose wires. The case itself hasn’t survived as well, with a few scuffs around the rubber coating’s edge. But that’s the point of the case: to endure a hammering while keeping our phones secure. While the “damage” does not seem to be especially attractive, it is not an issue in terms of durability. We anticipate that the lawsuit will continue to stand up for a long time.

RhinoShield SolidSuit Case DamageThe SolidSuit case has one bothersome quirk: it’s a little stiff at first. This is because the cover sits tightly around the phone it’s protecting right out of the box. You can feel the gap between the phone and the outside and even push the phone a few millimeters (almost like a button). We were concerned that this meant the case wouldn’t work, but our fears were unjustified, as the case broke in after around two weeks.

RhinoShield SolidSuit Case LensOverall, we’re pleased to report that the RhinoShield SolidSuit performs well. It isn’t the most robust case on the market, and it shows signs of wear quickly, but when combined with the rest of the RhinoShield ecosystem, it’s a terrific alternative for traveling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SolidSuit?

A: SolidSuit is a skin for your iPhone that transforms it into a fantastic head-mounted display. It offers you the ability to watch movies and play games on your phone without holding it in front of you or even using headphones!

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