The Corsair iCUE is a full-sized PC case with integrated RGB lighting and two 5.25″ drive bays that have been designed to make personalizing your rig more straightforward than ever before. This unique design allows you to swap out different colored quickly LED strips on the inside of the case, allowing for constant color changing without opening up your computer.

Let me begin by mentioning that the whole 4000/5000-series PC cases are stunning, and in my opinion, they are the brand’s best-ever in terms of aesthetics. You may be wondering about the 500/1000D. Considering how much less expensive even the iCUE 5000X is, it’s a no-brainer for me.

The exterior looks are stunning from every aspect, but beginning with the front, wow. Both the 5000X and 5000D Airflow have pre-installed fans on the show, with the two significant differences being – To start, the 5000X has three 120mm RGB fans, while the Airflow comes with two airflow fans pre-installed. The kind of front panel is the other distinction, and this is the one that will influence your selection. The front panel comprises two layers, with the fans positioned somewhat back to provide spectacular images. One of the four glass panels in front of the 5000X’s fans, the Airflow has a perforated metal panel, thus the name “Airflow.”


The Airflow version will be your best chance for sheer performance, and you’ll spend less for it, but if you’re a sucker for how things appear, like me, the additional bucks for the glass-fronted RGB 5000X are more than worth it.

The Rear

The rear has a single 120mm fan and is quite essential. In either case, they didn’t include a back fan, which surprised me, but there is still enough circulation in both. Of course, you can move one of the 5000X’s three RGB fans to the rear for better airflow, but I’d advocate using any old 120mm fan or purchasing another RGB fan from Corsair to keep the 5000X’s beautiful looks intact.

Because the 5000D Airflow comes with just two fans, I suggest purchasing a spare fan simultaneously as the case. Because the 5000D lacks tempered glass, you’re less likely to notice anything from a visual standpoint, but it’ll be your best choice for thermals.

We receive 7+2 GPU slots, allowing you to place your graphics card vertically. While there’s not much more to say about the backs of these cases, I’d like to comment on the quality. The PCIe card mounting slots are intense, but more importantly, they align precisely with the screw holes on your GPU. I’m not sure if you’ve ever had a bad case where you had to bend the back panel to get a screw in, but Corsair’s 5000X and 5000D made it as straightforward as they should be.


The Side

With a wide tempered glass window that allows you to see everything, even the shroud, and an opaque white border, the side gives you a look inside both the 5000X and 5000D. Both side panels feature Corsair’s innovative tool-free design, which makes installing and changing components a breeze. There are some more latches along the other end of the side panel that prevents it from striking the table when you take it off, and although it will simply sit there, kind of dangling, it is better to retain hold of it until it is entirely off.

5000X 5

As previously said, this is “tool-free,” which we see a lot of in this price range, but sometimes with screws that are so tight that a screwdriver is required. The 5000X and 5000D, on the other hand, simply release, saving a few layers of thumb skin.

Another noticeable change between the two variants can be seen on the rear panel. The 5000X has a perforated part near the front where you may add extra fans or a radiator, as well as another glass panel towards the rear. The perforated part is also present on the 5000D, although the remainder of the panel is solid metal. Both look amazing from an aesthetic standpoint, and although most people aren’t concerned with how the rear looks, the 5000X glass allows you to construct some neat cable management and show it off.


The Top

The angular vents on each side of the glass or mesh panel on the top of the 5000X and 5000D continue from the front of both casings. Again, both look excellent, but the 5000X’s glass top is simply stunning, and although the airflow may be lacking in comparison, Corsair’s ventilation architecture ensures that all components are kept cool.


Everything comes off easily and intuitively, much like the rest of the case, and the glass panel has the same opaque border as the side panel. I believe we should take a moment to enjoy the basic but powerful branding and design when staring at the top. Corsairs seem like part of the overall aesthetics and are a good design decision. I’ve never been a fan of branding or the odd rubber tab, but it looks like it’s part of the overall aesthetics and is a fantastic design choice. The dust filter is revealed by removing the top panel, which has a basic but attractive design that goes a long way, in my opinion. The filter magnets have been coated white on this model and black on the black version to assist them in fitting in with the clean design.


The case’s top accommodates three 120mm or two 140mm fans, allowing you to use a 360mm or 280mm radiator if necessary. I chose the Corsair H150i Capellix AIO cooler with the rad mounted on the top when I built this case. It was pretty simple to install, owing to the large interior. Still, more significantly, I was able to connect the CPU power after installation without having to grab someone in the office with baby hands.


We can see the I/O towards the front of the casing, which consists of:

  • Button of Strength
  • Button to Reset
  • Two × Type-A USB 3.1 Gen1
  • 1 Type-C USB 3.1 Gen2
  • 1 x Audio Jack for Headset

Overall, the 5000X and 5000D look fantastic no matter where you stand or where they could fit into your setup. These are excellent instances.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the Corsair 5000X?

A: The Corsair 5000X is a vast and powerful high-end PC case. It has two 5.25 drives bays, three 3.5 drive bays, seven expansion slots (including one hidden), eight PCI slots, four USB 3.0 ports on the front of the case
and one USB 2.0 port on the rear panel for easy access when building your system to provide plenty of room for power supplies or graphics cards up to 12 x 9 inches once installed

Does the Corsair iCUE 465X RGB come with fans?

A: The Corsair iCUE 465X RGB is an all-in-one liquid CPU cooler with a mounting bracket. There are no fans included, but there are additional fan options you can buy separately from Corsair to suit your needs.

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