The Leatherman Style PS is a new multi-tool that has been designed specifically for this purpose. It comes with an innovative design and features five different tools in one knife. However, the most impressive aspect of the tool is its ability to be used without any extra parts or attachments when it comes time to clean up your work area. Because of these attributes and more, the leatherman style ps becomes a must-have for those looking for versatility from their multitool.

The “leatherman style ps vs. cs” is a multi-tool that has been designed by Leatherman. It comes in two different models, the Style PS and the Style CS. The Style PS is stainless steel and features 420HC stainless steel blades. The Style CS is made of titanium and features 420HC stainless steel blades.

We should point out that this gadget is a little more prominent and more noticeable than some other travel-friendly multi-tools on the market so that you could have some problems getting through airport security. While we’ve managed to save the PS so far, our Piranha 2 Leatherman was stolen from us a few years ago in Malaysia. So even if you are permitted to retain the multi-tool, you may be halted, resulting in a lengthy security check—just something to think about.

Leatherman Style PS ClosedStyle: Leatherman PS: This page has been closed. However, with the Style PS, Leatherman has managed to cram eight tools into a single package. Knife nose and standard pliers, wire cutters, a file, scissors, tweezers, a bottle opener, and a mini-screwdriver are among the tools included. Moreover, unlike some other multi-tools, all of these capabilities are truly helpful.

We’ve been putting this multi-tool through its paces for almost a month, so you can guarantee it’s been put to the test. In addition, it comes in two colors at the time of this review: silver and black and silver and red. Although in proper Pack Hacker form, we’ve been testing the silver and black, we believe they’re both reasonably slick.

Usage & Features

The two types of pliers—needle nose and regular—will be discussed first. They’re practical and have a firm grasp on anything you’re grabbing, from nails to cables. They may also be used to tighten certain screws and bolts on any unsecured furniture in an Airbnb or coffee shop.

Leatherman Style PS PliersThe wire cutters are tucked away within the pliers. We haven’t needed to cut any cables yet, but it has helped slice through packing. I’m talking about the packaging, which is effectively 500 layers of plastic. It’s also helpful in snipping any loose threads or pulls on your clothes to keep you appearing professional on the road.

Leatherman Style PS Wire CutterThe spring-loaded scissors are the next item on the list. These scissors aren’t very sharp, but they can cut paper if necessary (maybe you’d want to do some crafts on the plane?) This may aid with loose threads on garments and bags, much like the wire cutters. They may also be used as a little knife to tear open boxes and other similar items. Of course, this fake knife won’t be as valuable as a real knife, but that’s what you have to give up to meet TSA requirements.

Leatherman Style PS Cutting PaperThen there’s the file, which we utilized after a typical rock-climbing-nail-breaking situation and are pleased to report is rough, so it files fast and readily.

The flat head screwdriver, which can be used as a Phillips’s head in a pinch (but couldn’t every flathead function as a Phillips’s head in a fraction? ), is at the end of the file. The screwdriver works fine; however, since the driver isn’t huge, the screw will have to be relatively small.

Leatherman Style PS ScrewdriverThe tweezers, accessed by tugging on the little tab near the carabiner, are surprisingly effective. Although we must confess, we struggled to get the tweezers out when we initially got our hands on this multi-tool. We had to enlist the assistance of another multi-tool, the Nite Ize DoohicKey (that’s multi-tool inception for you!). However, they’ve loosened up over time and may now be pushed out with a finger.

They’re also rather sharp, which helps keep your brows in control and dislodge splinters when traveling.

Finally, there’s a conventional bottle opener. We’re not complaining that one of these must be included on every single multi-tool. This one works well and can also be used as a carabiner.

However, since the carabiner is tiny, attaching the multi-tool to your keys and then your keys to your backpack will be a tight fit.

Leatherman Style PS Bottle Opener

Testing & Durability

We’ve been testing the Leatherman Style PS for about a month now, as we noted above. We haven’t found any flaws, significant or little, and it’s come in helpful many times.

And, although it’s a little bigger than some other airline safety equipment on the market, making it more likely to be noticed at security, we’ve been highly impressed with how handy and practical all of the features are. It’s an excellent option to keep on hand for regular usage or to take with you while traveling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Leatherman style ps have a pocket clip?

A: The Leatherman style PS does not have a pocket clip.

What is the best Leatherman multi-tool?

A: The best Leatherman multi-tool is the Voyager because it has a knife blade, a can opener, two screwdriver bits, and more.

Where is Leatherman Style PS made?

A: Leatherman Style PS is made in the United States.

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