The Midnighter Belt is perfect for hunters who like to carry their essentials with them on the go. This belt, handmade in America of 100% leather, has a durable zipper that allows easy access without removing your gun or knife. The belt also features two large pockets, which will help you keep track of everything from ammo and bandages to snacks and more.

Arcade should be on your radar if you want to push your belt game to the next level. This brand is all about “the most ignored of accessories” (belts, for those who aren’t keeping track). Adventure belts, leather belts, woven belts, and suspenders are available.

We’ll be looking at the Arcade Midnighter Adventure Belt in this review. This belt is part of the “adventure” line created with travel in mind. The Midnighter belt is available in two lengths: regular and extra long.

Features, Fit, and Fabric

Belts are often used to dress up a look. But that isn’t the case in this circumstance. It’s appealing in a minimalistic, almost futuristic sense, and the sleek black hue is particularly appealing. However, one member of the Pack Hacker group claimed that this belt was a baggage strap. So, no great praise (unless you like the aesthetics of baggage straps!).

Arcade Midnighter Belt LogoIt’s also worth noting that the branding is prominent. The logo is on the buckle, and a couple of additional branding tags are strewn around. You won’t forget where you purchased this belt since it’s not over-the-top.

Of course, Arcade didn’t intend for the Midnighter to be a fashion statement. Instead, it was created to be a “lightweight, low-profile, and ideal outdoor belt for all your favorite sports,” according to the designers.

Yes, in a nutshell. It is unquestionably light and low-profile. The third part—it is ideal for all of your favorite activities—is a little more challenging to define. It is contingent on the kind of your preferred pastimes (obviously).

Arcade Midnighter Belt CompressedWe all like doing two hobbies here at Pack Hacker: eating and traveling (sometimes at the same time because we can multitask like that). And for both of them, the Arcade Midnighter Belt is ideal.

First and foremost, it is stretchable. This gadget is made of 90% nylon and 10% rubber, and it’s so elastic that you can grow into it. The Midnighter, on the other hand, can handle whatever food you throw at it. It’s also capable of a few strenuous dancing maneuvers or yoga positions.

Arcade Midnighter Belt StretchThe buckle is composed of smooth, firm plastic. As previously said, it does not weigh a great deal (a bonus for travel). You may even leave it on when going through airport security since there are no metal pieces. We put it to the test on a domestic trip from Detroit to Phoenix, and it worked well. However, each TSA agent is unique, as is each airport, and your mileage may vary.

Arcade Midnighter Belt BuckleOne little quibble with the buckle is a touch tall, at least for us. You may feel it pressing into your skin while you’re seated. It doesn’t dig in or anything, but you won’t be able to forget it’s there. Other “big” belt buckles avoid this issue by sitting away from your body (we’re not belt engineers, so we’re not sure how this is accomplished). The clip is close to you here.

You can adjust this item, just as you can, with belts. It takes a little longer to adjust than other belts, but that’s great since you won’t need to do it often (remember, it’s elastic!).

The extra band may be tucked into a tiny, elastic loop on the inside of the belt. Although this technique makes everything seem neat, the doubled-up cloth may become cumbersome and thick.

Arcade Midnighter Belt BackFurthermore, the elastic loop does not like to remain in position while removing or putting on the belt. To prevent that elastic loop from going crazy and wandering about, you’ll need to grasp the thicker section of the belt. None of these has been a deal-breaker, but it’s worth noting.

Testing & Durability

We’ve been using the Arcade Midnighter Adventure Belt virtually every day in Detroit, Michigan, for the last six months. In addition, we have taken it on excursions to Phoenix, Arizona, San Pedro, Belize, Portland, Oregon, and other cities. Overall, it’s a reliable belt that performs as expected.

Arcade Midnighter Belt In HandIt’s been holding up nicely. However, the flexible, elastic material is beginning to pill. And we’re interested to see how it holds up in the future. Because the buckle is made of plastic, we don’t expect it to endure as long as a metal buckle. But we haven’t experienced any issues thus yet.

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