Kavu is a rope sling designed to help you safely get in and out of the water with your pup. After trying it for themselves, find out what our testers thought about this product. With our Deals Vault, you can save up to 50% on KAVU • Become a Pack Hacker Pro.

The KAVU Rope Sling is a strong candidate if you’re searching for a sling bag with enough storage for the necessities and blends right in with the outdoors.

KAVU Rope Sling in DetroitThis sling is part of the more enormous KAVU Rope Bag Collection, including seven bags made of various fabrics. Apart from the primary material, the design on each of these bags is the same; thus, we’ll be concentrating on the Rope Sling in this review.

Fit Notes

KAVU Rope Sling Male FitAJ is 5 ft 8 in tall and has a 17-inch torso.

  • Overall, it’s a pleasant experience.
  • It’s simple to sling forward.
  • The bulk of the back is covered (it feels hefty but not too big)
  • The clasp and surplus strap might get in the way of arm mobility due to where it strikes the body.

KAVU Rope Sling Female FitRiley is 5 feet 4 inches tall and has a 16.5-inch torso.

  • To fit correctly, you have to tighten it down very tight, which results in a lot of surplus straps.
  • There’s a space between the bag and the back on both sides, so it doesn’t fit incredibly close to the body.
  • More frequent readjusting is required.

Aesthetics & Materials

We like the branding on this sling—outside, there’s stitching on the backside in the white thread that’s quite discreet (mainly because the bag lies against your back and can’t be seen while you’re wearing it). When you lay the bag down, though, it is obvious, and it serves as a beautiful, contemporary accent. In addition, the KAVU emblem, which depicts a mountain range at sunset, is placed on the front of the sling, which contributes to the sling’s outdoorsy vibe. We used the Tranquil colorway during our testing, but the KAVU Rope Sling is available in various colors and patterns at the time of this review, so you should be able to find something that appeals to you.

KAVU Rope Sling Material with Tree SapWhen it comes to materials, this sling is constructed of 600D polyester, which has held up well in our testing—though we did get some dirt and tree sap on it during treks in the Northern Michigan woods. If you find yourself in a similar circumstance, KAVU suggests using cold water to spot-clean (and you can also check out our gear cleaning blog for more information on how to keep your gear looking fresh).

The KAVU Rope Sling derives its name from the shoulder strap, which is constructed of a strong rope that looks like a climbing rope and is surprisingly comfortable even without padding. It’s a unique option that we don’t see on bags frequently (unless they’re from KAVU). This strap also contributes to the bag’s general outdoorsy vibe—as it’s though slipping it on makes us feel compelled to climb a mountain or hit the trail. (We’ll go over this strap in further detail in the next portion of our review.)

KAVU Rope Sling ZipperThe generic metal zippers on here are fragile and don’t seem very solid when we use them, so we’re concerned about their longevity. So far, throughout testing, we haven’t experienced any difficulties with them breaking or sticking, but it’s worth noting.

KAVU Rope Sling BuckleA huge, V-shaped Woojin buckle may also be found here, which can be used to put the sling on and off. Of course, you may still slide the bag in and out of the skin, but this buckle makes removing the bag faster and simpler. So far, our testing has gone successfully, and we have no problems.

Components from Outside

The exterior of this sling hasn’t got much going on, which we like. But there are a few points we’d like to discuss, beginning with the shoulder strap we discussed before.

KAVU Rope Sling Shoulder StrapWhile we found the rope shoulder strap to be rather comfortable, you won’t be able to vary up your carry as you can with some other sling bags due to the way the strap is secured. It can only be worn on one shoulder at a time, which becomes inconvenient. This is a problem with other slings that have the strap connected in a similar fashion, such as the Patagonia Atom Sling and the Osprey Daylite Sling, and although it’s not a deal-breaker, we’d like to see a solution here that enables us to swap shoulders sometimes. And, at 10L, this is a really huge sling—so enormous, in fact, that slinging it about and carrying it on your chest isn’t particularly comfortable (or fashionable).

KAVU Rope Sling Shoulder Strap AttachmentThe end of the shoulder strap is additionally fastened to an awkward-looking flap at the bottom of the sling. It helps provide some flexibility when modifying the carry that enables the bag to move with you (so it’s not all over the place on your back), according to our experience.

KAVU Rope Sling Strap KeeperOnce you’ve got the shoulder strap where you want it, roll the rest of the strap up and attach it with the elastic loop at the bottom to obtain that #DangleFreeExperience. However, if you don’t have enough space to slide out, you may have to untie the elastic and unroll the strap to relax while removing the sling. In other words, the less hanging you have, the longer it takes to get in and out of the sling.

Of course, if this becomes an issue for you, you can unclip the buckle instead, but it’s still something to keep in mind. The keeper itself is also more prone to slipping off than something that wraps around the whole strap—not a deal-breaker, but certainly not ideal.

KAVU Rope Sling Back PanelThe rear panel is the last point we’d like to make. Some is cushioning for comfort, but it doesn’t contribute much to the structure. There’s also no frame sheet, so the bag feels bulky/bulbous on your back when it’s crammed full of goods.

The Sling Bag’s Interior

The first thing you’ll notice about the pockets on this sling is that there’s not a lot of room for small stuff. We’ve been utilizing the exterior zipped compartment as a dump pocket for things like our wallet and keys—it has some dimension and carries more than you’d anticipate based on its appearance (including most large smartphones). However, to use its maximum capacity, you must stack your items on top of one another, which means that sorting through and retrieving what you’re searching for if it’s at the bottom of the pocket takes much longer than it should.

KAVU Rope Sling Front Zipper PocketWe keep a wallet, keys, a little bag for minor items, and a tin of Altoids inside here for reference. We’ve been stacking the wallet, pouch, and Altoids to create a shelf where we can place our keys. However, since we must arrange our belongings for them to fit, we must remove everything else to get to the gear put first or at the bottom. And while we’re fumbling about, our keys are likely to fall out, turning the situation into a gigantic free-for-all. But, once again, the trade-off is that it can carry many things—the staff will be less organized and accessible than you’d prefer.

KAVU Rope Sling Front Velcro PocketThe second outside pocket on this sling is held by a velcro flap, making it much easier to access—however, although the velcro is mainly tight, it leaves pretty significant gaps at the edges of the pocket. As a result, we’re hesitant to store minimal and costly items since it’s easier for them to fall out if we’re flinging the bag about. It’s worked great for us with bulky but not necessarily oversized objects, such as a small bottle of hand sanitizer or a pair of sunglasses. However, if you have anything else that fits in here, that’s OK.

KAVU Rope Sling Main CompartmentThe KAVU Rope Sling has two more oversized vertical zip pockets for the remainder of your stuff. The main compartment is on the left-hand side (when looking at the zippers), and a fabric welt covers its zipper for increased water protection. It also gives this sling a more polished appearance, which we like. The inside is a good, bright orange, which makes our stuff simpler to identify when we need it—and since the zipper is vertical, you can quickly swing the bag to the front, get what you need, and sling it back.

A zipped pocket runs down the rear of this compartment and is ideal for flat goods like a passport or maybe additional cash. However, you may feel something too big against your back if you place it here (so not a great pocket for your pointy stuck collection). As for the remainder of the area, there’s no other organization, so larger goods like a jacket may easily fit in here. Of course, you can always use your accessory pouches to categorize your items further, but some more organization built into the sling would be excellent.

KAVU Rope Sling Water Bottle PocketAnother zipped pocket on the right-hand side (also covered by a fabric welt) has been used to hold a water bottle—specifically, the Hydro Flask 32 oz Lightweight Wide Mouth Trail Series Water Bottle which fits neatly in here. Although the bottles in this collection are taller and thinner than typical, a regular 32 oz bottle will still do well. There’s also space for other items, such as food if you’re carrying them.

One thing to bear in mind with these categories is that they share space. This implies that if you need to put a lot in the main compartment (like a jacket, a lunchbox, and a couple of books), it will limit what you can store in the right-hand case (such as a water bottle or other similar things), and vice versa. As a result, you’ll need to pack things in as efficiently as possible.

Despite its size, we’ve found that this sling is ideal for lighter loads—a towel, bathing suit, and perhaps a bottle of sunscreen if we’re going to the beach, or simply a light jacket and water bottle with a few extra things in the external pockets while we’re out and about. Unfortunately, the sling becomes bulgy as we try to retain more (which makes it less comfortable to carry and just looks terrible). Overall, the sling’s size nearly works against itself—rather than providing more room for stuff than a smaller sling, it reduces the comfort of the carrier and the efficiency of storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a KAVU rope sling and a rope bag?

A: The difference between a KAVU rope sling and our standard rope bag is that the sling allows you to carry your ropes in your hands.

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