A new pack for the modern traveler, how can it be improved?

The “osprey daylite travel discontinued” is a lightweight backpack that can be used for long distance hiking. This pack has been reviewed by many sites, with the most recent review being on Amazon.

If you’re acquainted with Osprey’s Daylite Series, the Osprey Daylite Travel Pack should come as no surprise. The Daylite Travel Pack, the Daylite, and the Daylite Plus have a lot in common, including a strong harness system, an outdoorsy atmosphere, and general adaptability.

Osprey Daylite Travel Pack In Essex EnglandIn Essex, England, Osprey Daylite Travel Pack

Even the taglines for the backpacks from Osprey are identical. The Daylite Travel Pack is “the perfect streamlined companion for on-the-go essentials,” according to the company. The Daylite, on the other hand, is marketed as a “portable and lightweight companion.” Isn’t it similar?

So, what distinguishes the Daylite Travel Pack from the rest? To begin with, it includes a zippered extension that converts it from an 18L to a 24L pack. In addition, the internal arrangement differs somewhat. This evaluation, however, will not include a side-by-side comparison. If you want to make a direct comparison, see our evaluations of the Daylite and Daylite Plus.

Today, we’ll look at the Daylite Travel Pack as a standalone bag. So, let’s get started.

Aesthetics & Materials

Because Osprey is a well-known outdoor gear manufacturer, it’s no surprise that the Daylite Travel Pack has an outdoorsy flair. Black, Amulet Purple, and Petrol Blue are the three hues available at the time of this review, emphasizing the athletic style. The multiple connection hooks and straps that dangle from the pack’s outside serve the same purpose.

Osprey Daylite Travel Pack LogoLogo of the Osprey Daylite Travel Pack

While the Osprey logo and product name are prominently displayed on the front of the pack, the branding isn’t overbearing…at least when compared to other Osprey packs we’ve tried. The pack is also basic enough to be worn in a city, despite its rustic appeal. This is particularly true if you choose black and don’t utilize the external attachment points. (If you like Osprey but wish it had a more urban appearance, check out the Arcane line. #PackHackerProTip.)

Because we know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we polled our Instagram followers to see whether they liked the Daylite Travel Pack’s design, and 77 percent voted yes. That is a very high approval rate. It is, in fact, one of the greatest approval scores we’ve ever observed! (As well as the Daylite and Daylite Plus, which have a similar appearance.)

Osprey Daylite Travel Pack Catch In The FabricCatch In The Fabric Of The Osprey Daylite Travel Pack

The materials used in this pack are 210D Nylon Double Diamond Ripstop. For better or worse, you can see the diamond ripstop pattern, which has a distinct glitter (again, for better or worse). The ripstop fabric is useful because it prevents tiny punctures or tears from becoming large, pack-ruining holes. In theory, at least. The drawback is that this cloth isn’t the most durable available. We’ve already detected a little snag in the material immediately under the logo after a month of use. The good news is that it has been there for some time and has not deteriorated (for which we credit the ripstop material). If anything changes, we’ll make sure to update the Usage Timeline.

The pack also has 400HD Nylon Packcloth on the bottom and accents throughout.

The Daylite Travel Pack is lightweight, weighing just 1.3 pounds, thanks to these textiles. Of course, that’s not as light as the Osprey Ultralight Stuff Pack, for example. But, given the pack’s excellent harness system and structure, that’s really impressive.

Osprey Daylite Travel Pack BucklesBuckles for the Osprey Daylite Travel Pack

YKK zippers, as well as YKK and ITW hardware, finish off the materials. We’ve had nothing but positive experiences with both companies and don’t anticipate any issues.

Components from Outside

As previously said, Osprey specializes in outdoor gear, so we’re not shocked that the harness system is so comfy.

Osprey Daylite Travel Pack Shoulder StrapsShoulder Straps for the Osprey Daylite Travel Pack

The shoulder straps are a little thin, but they’re well-padded. The straps are bent to better suit human bodies and include EVA foam at the top where they rest on your shoulders. (If you’re an alien, robot, or anything else that isn’t human, we recommend a different bundle.) They’re also quite simple to adjust—we love the hooks on the bottom of the straps that help you keep your hold when you relax or tighten them.

Osprey Daylite Travel Pack Top HandleTop Handle Osprey Daylite Travel Pack

The shoulder straps are fastened to the top of the pack in an unusual fashion that includes the top handle. We don’t believe it’s a very effective top handle since it’s difficult to grasp. During our testing, we found ourselves wishing for a specific grip and instead clutching the shoulder strap itself. However, we prefer this design since it distributes the weight of the pack over your shoulders, making it more pleasant to carry. We’re not backpack engineers, but we believe Osprey could maintain the integrated-handle design and add a separate top handle for weight distribution.

Osprey Daylite Travel Pack Back PanelBack Panel for the Osprey Daylite Travel Pack

The back panel is padded in the same way as the shoulder straps. Both include extensive air passages and a mesh layer for excellent breathability. On hot days, you may still get the dreaded swamp back, as with all backpacks. However, it has one of the most breathable back panels we’ve seen.

Osprey Daylite Travel Pack Sternum StrapSternum Strap for Osprey Daylite Travel Pack

A sternum strap may be adjusted as part of the harness system. It’s adjustable by rail, which we appreciate since it’s safe and allows you to get it to the exact location on your sternum. The buckle also has an emergency whistle built in. It’s great to know it’s there in case you ever need it (the exception being a spontaneous whistling-a-song moment). We would have like a somewhat elasticized sternum strap. This design has been seen on various sternum straps, and we’ve discovered that it moves better with your body this way. That is, however, a minor quibble.

There is no way to connect a hip belt to this pack. We wanted to draw your attention to this since it may be a deal-breaker in your opinion. (A hip belt is included in both the Daylite and Daylite Plus packs, so you may anticipate one.) However, we don’t believe this is a major issue. This pack isn’t big enough for a hip belt, at 24L fully stretched.

Osprey Daylite Travel Pack Water Bottle PocketWater Bottle Pocket in Osprey Daylite Travel Pack

Let’s move on from the harness mechanism and discuss the two water bottle compartments. On either side of the pack, there is one. We were hesitant to put these pockets through their paces since the Daylite Plus’s water bottle pockets are less than ideal (which is a polite way of stating that water bottles commonly fall out of them). However, we’re thrilled to inform that these water bottle compartments are fantastic! (We’re so ecstatic that we’re using an exclamation point.)

They include an elasticized top that securely holds standard-sized water bottles. They may also be used with the top compression straps to secure taller things, such as a larger water bottle or tripod.

Osprey Daylite Travel Pack Compression Buckle Getting In The WayCompression Buckle on Osprey Daylite Travel Pack Is Getting In The Way

The compression straps are long enough to reach over the main compartment’s zipper. While this isn’t a major flaw, it has irritated us on few occasions throughout our testing. To access into the main compartment, unclip the compression straps or thread the zipper behind them. Both methods take time, so if you need to get inside the main compartment fast, you won’t be able to. That’s the part that’s the most aggravating.

On the plus side, its design serves as a little barrier to pickpockets. Although it isn’t a significant security element, it is something.

Osprey Daylite Travel Pack ZippersZippers for the Osprey Daylite Travel Pack

Let’s speak about the zipper pulls found throughout the pack while we’re on the subject of security measures. The zipper pulls are U-shaped with a plastic grip on the majority (but not all) of them. They’re simple to pick up and utilize. However, there have been reports that they are not lockable. Zippers that aren’t lockable aren’t a deal breaker for us. However, if you’re concerned about your safety, it’s possible.

The zipper pulls on the zippered extension (which we’ll talk about more later) are different from the zippers on the main compartment, so you can readily tell them apart. This is a well-thought-out design element that we like. We’ve never mistakenly unzipped the expansion while trying to get inside the main compartment during testing (or vice versa).

The Daylite Travel Pack, like the Daylite and Daylite Plus packs, can be connected to the front of numerous bigger Osprey packs, such as the Farpoint 80. It’s a straightforward technique that makes use of the bigger pack’s compression straps and the Daylite Travel Pack’s two connection hooks on the front. The pack may also be worn on the front of your body by connecting it to Osprey’s bigger backpacks using the harness systems’ buckles (this option is only compatible with the Farpoint and Fairview Travel Packs and Osprey Trek series.)

Osprey Daylite Travel Pack Attachment Points To A Larger PackAttachment Points To A Larger Pack On The Osprey Daylite Travel Pack

To be honest, we don’t see any of these features being used in the actual world. The former option requires you to carry a large rucksack on your back. With the monolith on your back, you’ll need to be cautious while turning around or negotiating small locations to prevent knocking people down. And the latter does not sit well with us. In addition, we want to travel light. However, if you want to take use of the possibilities, they are available.

Osprey Daylite Travel Pack Attachment PointsAttachment Points for the Osprey Daylite Travel Pack

The front of the pack’s attachment points, which are used to tie the bag to the front of other Osprey backpacks, also serve as ordinary attachment points. This means you can take items outside if necessary.

The Inside of the Bag

Let’s start with the upper front of the pack’s quick-grab compartment. Before we get started, keep in mind that the zipper might be tricky to maneuver around corners (even with the nice zipper pulls). It’s not a big problem, but it’s worth noting. This pocket is also rather huge. At least for a quick-grab pocket. It has a large capacity and can hold a lot of items.

To protect your sunglasses, phone, or other sensitive belongings, the pocket has a soft lining material that Osprey calls “scratch-free.” Osprey’s iconic bright red plastic key clip is also included. We’ve said before in evaluations of other Osprey gear that we don’t care for this key clip. It doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the bag, and we’re concerned about its durability (although, it has been holding up so far during testing). Furthermore, we think it’s unusual that Osprey placed this key clip in a “scratch-free” pocket since your keys will scrape up your valuables. So keep it in mind at all times.

The remainder of the pocket is empty. Whether you prefer the lack of structure or not is entirely up to you. Some individuals enjoy having a designated area for everything, while others appreciate the flexibility that open space provides (which they can organize with accessory pouches).

Osprey Daylite Travel Pack Horseshoe OpeningHorseshoe Opening Osprey Daylite Travel Pack

This pack’s main compartment includes a horseshoe opening, which means the zippers extend halfway down the bag, allowing for easy access and visibility. The light inside lining contributes to this visibility. This is a feature that we like seeing. See what I mean?

Osprey Daylite Travel Pack Mesh Pockets And Laptop CompartmentMesh Pockets And A Laptop Compartment In The Osprey Daylite Travel Pack

On the rear flap of this compartment is the same “scratch-free” lining that is found inside the quick-grab pocket. There are two mesh pockets across from it. These compartments are great because they keep smaller objects from falling into the dreaded Bottom of the Backpack Black Hole. They are, nevertheless, big enough to be adaptable, and the mesh provides excellent visibility. A gleaming, almost slippery fabric hides behind the pockets, allowing you to effortlessly slide your belongings in and out.

The laptop/tablet/hydration bladder sleeve is located at the rear of the compartment and can hold up to a 14-inch laptop, according to Osprey. However, we were able to squeeze in a 15-inch MacBook Pro. It has a gently cushioned inside and a fake bottom to safeguard your laptop or tablet from accidental accidents. We do, however, wish there was a bit more cushioning. To guarantee proper protection, we recommend using a second laptop sleeve.

Osprey Daylite Travel Pack Hidden PocketHidden Pocket in the Osprey Daylite Travel Pack

The “secret pocket” is located above the laptop/tablet/hydration bladder sleeve. It’s tucked away in a corner. The fact that it’s zipped and within the main compartment provides the majority of its security—pickpockets would have to go through two zippers to get inside. It’s also RFID-blocking. It’s an excellent place to keep passports, additional cards, cash, and other valuables. It’s also simple to reach since it’s at the top of the compartment, without having to fully unzip the main compartment.

Osprey Daylite Travel Pack UncompressedUncompressed Osprey Daylite Travel Pack

The main compartment’s remaining space is available for you to utilize as you see appropriate. And it’s at this point that the zippered expansion comes in handy. When you zip it open, you get an additional 6L of storage space within this compartment (from 18L to 24L). Osprey did an excellent job of integrating this expansion—there it’s when you need it, but you won’t see it otherwise.

The expansion’s adaptability appeals to us. You can zip this bag up to make it a tiny daypack for short day travels. However, you have the room you need for extended days of traveling or packing for shorter vacations.

Osprey Daylite Travel Pack In Ely EnglandIn Ely, England, Osprey Daylite Travel Pack

The “osprey daylite plus review” is a travel pack that has been rated highly by customers. It is made of durable material and has many features that make it a great choice for the outdoors.

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What packs does the Osprey Daylite attach to?

A: The Osprey Daylite attaches to the following packs;

Can Osprey Daylite fit laptop?

A: No, it is not compatible.

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