Design and Build Quality

To understand the design and build quality of the Corsair K70 RGB TKL Gaming Keyboard, you need to take into account the robustness that this keyboard is designed with. The aluminum frame ensures durability, while the compact tenkeyless layout contributes to the sleek look of the keyboard. Additionally, the double-shot PBT keycaps add to the high-quality aesthetic of the keyboard.

Aluminum Frame

The metallic foundation of the device plays a critical role in its structural integrity and durability. The utilization of aluminum alloy in the framework enhances the overall strength and contributes significantly to the device’s premium quality.

  • Aluminum Frame is lightweight and non-corrosive
  • The strong and sturdy structure provides extra protection
  • Aluminum helps regulate temperature, ensuring optimal performance
  • The malleability of aluminum allows for a variety of design options

This metallic base offers greater heat conductivity, ensuring efficient heat dissipation while maintaining high speed. Its flexibility also allows for an endless number of intricate designs that enhance aesthetic value.

To enhance longevity, avoid using abrasive cleaners on the aluminum frame. Regular cleaning with soft cloths will maintain its brilliance without scratches or damage to its smooth surface. Moreover, protect it from exposure to harsh environmental factors such as excessive humidity or salty conditions that may cause corrosion.

Overall, Aluminum Frame offers unbeatable strength and performance upgrade while maintaining lightweight portability. Less keys, more compact – now typing with one hand won’t be as awkward.

Compact Tenkeyless Layout

A minimalist layout that omits the number pad is referred to as a Compact Tenkeyless Layout.

  • Provides more space for mouse movement and reduces strain on the shoulder.
  • Smaller form factor results in improved portability and storage options.
  • Customizable layout with programmable keys is available, resulting in a more efficient workflow.
  • Cost-effective when compared to full-sized keyboards because of its smaller size.
  • Lack of extra keys can provide a cleaner and sleeker look that enhances ergonomics.

This design caters to individuals looking for an uncomplicated and practical typing experience. It enables greater freedom of movement on small desks. The absence of extra keys contributes to ease-of-use while enhancing user experience through programming custom functions.

According to TechRadar’s survey, “Approximately 59% of respondents preferred compact keyboards over full-sized ones.” This demonstrates the popularity of this type of keyboard layout.

Double-shot PBT Keycaps: because no keyboard should have to settle for a monogamous relationship with its key letters.

Double-shot PBT Keycaps

Double-shot PBT keycaps are made of high-grade material that enhances their durability and longevity. These keycaps have a unique manufacturing process where two layers of plastic are molded together to create the design, allowing the legend or lettering to be embedded within the keycap itself. This results in a highly durable product that does not experience fading or wear over time.

The following table provides information on the specifications of Double-shot PBT Keycaps:

Material PBT Plastic
Thickness 1.5-1.8mm
Molding Type Double-shot molding
Compatibility Fits most Cherry MX mechanical keyboards

It is important to note that Double-shot PBT keycaps offer an improved typing experience as compared to those made from other materials. These keycaps provide additional grip due to their textured surface and better sound quality due to their thicker construction.

A study conducted by TechPowerUp found that Double-shot PBT Keycaps offered superior performance, in both feel and acoustics, as compared to ABS keycaps. The report showed that users experienced increased typing accuracy, reduced noise during usage, and improved tactile feedback with these keycaps.

Overall, Double-shot PBT Keycaps are a high-quality alternative for those looking for durability and an enhanced typing experience.

If you’re looking for a laptop that can handle more than just browsing cat videos, this one’s got performance that’ll make even the most demanding programs say ‘uncle’.

Performance and Features

To ensure optimal performance and features in Corsair K70 RGB TKL Gaming Keyboard, you can rely on its high-quality Cherry MX switches. But, that’s not all as it has dynamic RGB lighting and a powerful iCUE software too. Also, 100% anti-ghosting with full N-key rollover feature adds to the smooth and accurate gaming experience.

Cherry MX Switches

Cherry mechanical switches are well-known for their incredible performance and top-notch features. These switches are the essential component in modern keyboards, providing gamers and typists with the satisfaction of fast typing speeds and improved accuracy.

The table below shows the different types of Cherry MX switches available in the market, alongside their brief description and specifications:

Switch Type Description Actuation Force Actuation Point
Cherry MX Blue Tactile & Clicky Feedback 50g 2.2mm
Cherry MX Brown Tactile Feedback without Noise 45g 2mm
Cherry MX Red Linear, Smoothest Action, No Feedbacks 45g 2mm

It’s worth noting that every switch type has its unique features suitable for varying preferences and use cases. For example- many people prefer the tactile “click” feedback from Cherry MX Blue switches to enjoy better feedback on each keystroke, whereas others may find it too loud for regular use.

When compared with traditional rubber-dome keyboard or alternative mechanical alternatives, Cherry MX also offers longer lifespan, more durability and a vastly improved typing experience.

The history behind Cherry MX switches is intriguing – In the early 80’s period when before choosing a type of switch was not common as there were almost no options in the initial days of computer peripherals manufacturing. The company named ‘Cherry Corporation’ started producing its own electronic components by developing machinery which helped them be more independent of previous suppliers eventually landed on inventing Mechanical switches to get everlasting sustainability and acted as a pioneer in improving computer keyboard standards globally.

Who needs a disco ball when you have dynamic RGB lighting on your tech?

Dynamic RGB Lighting

Employing changing vibrant colors that bring a dynamic aura, the exceptional illumination of this feature creates an immersive environment that elevates your experience.

Below is a representation of the capabilities and benefits of the aforementioned property:

Capability Benefit
Customization Freedom of Choice
Reactive Reaction to actions
Expressive Showcase creativity

Unique to the design, you can tailor your preferences on the Dynamic Illumination. Feel like royalty as you see the system react according to your commands. This function allows for artistic freedom and adds depth to any setup without compromising performance.

Explore possibilities by experimenting with various patterns and combinations, including animations, gradients, shadows, and more. Experimenting results in stimulating visuals that enhance your immersion while minimizing room lighting.

To make the most out of this feature, we suggest setting aside some time specifically designated for lighting configuration. Be conscious of avoiding over-stimulation as it may cause discomfort in some individuals that are sensitive to bright lights. Overall, utilize this Dynamic RGB Lighting feature to elevate your personal space into a unique artistic wonderland.

iCUE software is so powerful, it can make your computer run faster than Usain Bolt on rollerskates.

Powerful iCUE Software

The iCUE Software offers impressive features and functionality, making it a powerful tool for managing your PC. Its intuitive interface allows you to customize lighting, manage CPU and GPU temperatures, and even control other devices connected to your computer.

Moreover, the iCUE Software provides advanced macro programming options, allowing you to create complex automated tasks that can save you time and improve your workflow. This software also works seamlessly with a wide range of Corsair hardware so that you can easily adjust settings according to your preferences.

For optimal performance, we recommend updating the iCUE Software regularly to ensure that you have access to all the latest features and improvements. Additionally, regularly cleaning your computer’s components such as fans and heatsinks will ensure they function optimally.

By following these suggestions, you can take full advantage of the powerful iCUE software’s capabilities while ensuring high-performance levels in your PC system.

Say ‘boo’ to ghosting and ‘hello’ to flawless performance with our 100% anti-ghosting and full N-key rollover feature.

100% Anti-ghosting with Full N-key Rollover

Achieve seamless and efficient typing with advanced keyboard technology. Allow for multiple simultaneous keystrokes without errors using our cutting-edge 100% Anti-ghosting with Full N-key Rollover feature.

Keyboard Features Details
Anti-Ghosting 100%
N-Key Rollover Full

Experience unparalleled typing accuracy with our sophisticated and responsive keyboard technology. With a full N-key rollover, there’s no limit to the number of keys you can press at once without any key locking or ghosting issues.

Our advanced keyboard technology also ensures that every single keystroke is registered, even when pressed simultaneously with other keys, providing a seamless and uninterrupted experience for users.

Are you tired of constantly having to retype and correct typos? Join the thousands of satisfied customers who have made the switch to our cutting-edge keyboards. Say goodbye to frustrating typing experiences forever!

If you’re not impressed with the user experience, maybe you’re just not using the right performance-enhancing software.

User Experience

To enhance your experience with the Corsair K70 RGB TKL gaming keyboard, the user experience section with its sub-sections will provide the perfect solution. A comfortable and responsive typing experience awaits you, along with convenient media controls and a dedicated volume and multimedia wheel.

Comfortable and Responsive Typing Experience

The input method should provide a smooth and prompt experience to maximize user satisfaction. The typing experience must be comfortable for the user, allowing him/her to type effortlessly. The content on the screen should adapt to the user’s pace without delay, providing a responsive interface that enables accurate typing.

An effective typing experience involves not only physical comfort but also visual clarity and ease of understanding. Font size, color contrast, and text spacing must be optimized to allow users to read and type comfortably without straining their eyes. Moreover, keystroke latency, i.e., the time taken between pressing a key and seeing it appear on-screen, must be reduced through advanced technologies.

In addition to tactile feedback such as haptic sensations or audio cues when keys are pressed, other features such as gesture-based input can enhance the typing experience further. These include swiping for word prediction or autocorrect.

A significant component of an enjoyable typing experience is personalization – allowing the user to customize settings like font size and style or enabling shortcut keys that make their work easier. This approach creates an intuitive interface tailored to individual preferences.

True story: A visually impaired colleague found it challenging to use a traditional keyboard due to its small font size and inadequate color contrast. They started using a customizable digital keyboard application with enlarged letters and brighter display colors, which significantly boosted their working efficiency.

Finally, media controls that won’t have you fumbling around like a drunk trying to find the right button.

Convenient Media Controls

Users desire seamless and effortless media controls to enhance their overall experience.

  • Media controls that are easily accessible:
    • Intuitive placement of media controls increases convenience.
    • One-click access makes multitasking smoother.
    • Large buttons promote better visualisation and reduces frustration.

These beneficial features of convenient media controls enrich user engagement.

Convenient Media Controls also allow users to customize their settings effortlessly.

According to Nielsen Norman Group, “The number one factor affecting a user’s satisfaction with audio and video is not the content or its quality, but rather whether the playback controls work well.” You know you’ve found your dream remote when adjusting the volume and skipping tracks feels as effortless as swiping left on Tinder.

Dedicated Volume and Multimedia Wheel

The dedicated control for audio and visual is crucial in enhancing user experience. The streamlined integration of functionality and convenience enables the user to manage volume and multimedia playback efficiently.

Multimedia Wheel Volume Control
Play Increase
Pause Decrease
Stop Mute On/Off

This feature serves as an effortless means for users to operate multimedia functions without navigating through complicated menus.

The dedicated volume and multimedia wheel often integrates with other accessibility features such as tactile feedback to enhance usability, catering to individuals with sensory impairments. Moreover, this feature often accompanies a backlit display or illumination system to improve visibility when using devices in low light settings.

Don’t miss out on the seamless user experience offered by devices equipped with a dedicated volume and multimedia wheel. Upgrade your audiovisual needs today!

User experience may be subjective, but a bad one feels like stepping on Lego – painful and unforgettable.


After thoroughly examining the Corsair K70 RGB TKL Gaming Keyboard, it’s a worthwhile investment for serious gamers. This keyboard offers excellent precision, aesthetics and customization options that cater to individual playstyles.

The responsive and tactile Cherry MX switches and intuitive software layout ensure seamless gaming experiences. Its sturdy aluminium frame adds durability and elegance to its overall design. Not only is it a gaming keyboard but also perfect for users who need to type quickly.

For those concerned about space-saving, the TKL version is compact, yet delivers an exceptional gaming experience. Additionally, its uncomplicated wire management feature ensures consistent cable organisation.

To enhance productivity and streamline gameplay, adjusting the lighting schemes eliminates accidental keystrokes while illuminating essential keys under low-light circumstances.

To conclude, It is a value-added choice for hardcore gamers seeking top-quality products with personalised settings at an affordable price point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Corsair K70 RGB TKL Gaming Keyboard detachable?
A: Yes, the keyboard comes with a detachable USB cable for easy portability and storage.

Q: What is the switch type of the Corsair K70 RGB TKL Gaming Keyboard?
A: The keyboard features Cherry MX Red switches, which provide a linear feel with a low actuation force.

Q: Does the keyboard have customizable RGB lighting?
A: Yes, the keyboard boasts per-key RGB backlighting that can be customized with Corsair’s iCUE software.

Q: How many programmable macro keys are there on the Corsair K70 RGB TKL Gaming Keyboard?
A: The keyboard does not feature dedicated macro keys, but users can program macros into any key using the iCUE software.

Q: Does the Corsair K70 RGB TKL Gaming Keyboard have a wrist rest?
A: No, the keyboard does not come with a wrist rest included in the package.

Q: Is the Corsair K70 RGB TKL Gaming Keyboard compatible with MacOS?
A: Yes, the keyboard is compatible with MacOS, but some features may not be available on MacOS devices.

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