Many companies and athletes are jumping on the trend of off-the-shelf functional footwear, but what is more important than a strong shoe? How they carry themselves in their shoes. Lems Boulder Boot Review takes you to an in-depth review explaining why these shoes have been designed with such high-quality materials and how they will last for many years.

The Boulder Boot, a compressible and ultra-lightweight shoe from Colorado shoe experts Lems, is the subject of this study.

We’ve evaluated some Vivobarefoot shoes, and we’re fully committed to the “barefoot buzz” (we’ll go over all the perks later), so we’ve been waiting to try on a pair of Lems for quite some time.

Lems Boulder Boot In Essex EnglandIn Essex, England, Lems Boulder Boot

We’ve been using the Lems Boulder Boots daily in England’s chilly and icy winter environment for a little over a month. So let’s get started on this review and see how they fared.

Aesthetics & Materials

Lems Boulder Boot In Essex EnglandIn Essex, England, Lems Boulder Boot

The Lems Boulder Boot has a classic appearance, which we enjoy. We believe it’s hard not to enjoy the look since it’s clean and simplistic. However, we were surprised that just 46% of our Instagram followers agreed with us. We’re not sure whether people dislike brown boots or because of the particular aesthetic, but we had hoped for better results.

We do polls like this, so make sure you’re following @packhacker on Instagram if you want to be a part of the next one.

Lems Boulder Boot ColorsColors of Lems Boulder Boots

The Lems Boulder Boot is available in five colors at this review: black, brown, wood, buckeye, and navy stout. We chose wood, but it wasn’t easy to select a color since they are all solid possibilities.

While the Boulder Boot will look the best climbing over boulders or walking through a national park’s woodland, we believe it would also look great in urban settings. Therefore, it earns a huge thumbs up in the adaptability department.

This is just a reminder that the black color is vegan-friendly and has no leather embellishments. On the other hand, Lems also produces the Boulder Boot Leather, entirely made of leather. If that wasn’t plain enough, it’s also utterly non-vegan.

Lems Boulder Boot BrandingBoulder Boot Branding by Lems

Lems has limited the branding on the shoe to a bare minimum, much like the rest of the sneaker. There’s a logo on the sole, a little tab across the collar, and a slogan on the tongue that says “living easy & basic.” We prefer living simply and sparingly, so it seems like a marriage made in heaven.

The Lems Boulder Boot has a lot to offer when it comes to materials.

Lems Boulder Boot 1200D Nylon & Nubuck Leather1200D Nylon & Nubuck Leather Lems Boulder Boot

To begin, the boot’s upper is made of 1200D nylon, with Nubuck leather embellishments on the heel, toe, and collar. Both materials are long-lasting and high-quality options. Lems haven’t skimped on anything here, and they are made to endure.

Lems Boulder Boot OutsoleBoulder Boot Outsole by Lems

The outsole is constructed of LemsRubberTM, which is created by Lems (or at least we think it is; otherwise, the name is a complete coincidence). Lems doesn’t say much about this particular rubber on their website, but we know it’s air-injected, making this boot incredibly light compared to others on the market. We give the outsole a vast thumbs up after one month of usage since it shows no indications of wear. If this changes, we’ll update our use schedule below.

Lems Boulder Boot Cotton LiningCotton Lining Lems Boulder Boot

Finally, the shoe’s interior is made entirely of cotton, soft, durable, and gives a nice and comfortable fit. Cotton is additionally insulating due to the air trapped between the strands. In addition, the tartan pattern isn’t too bad.

It’s vital to notice that this shoe doesn’t have any weatherproofing. While nylon and leather are weather-resistant, you’ll be alright if you are caught in a deluge—you shouldn’t linger outdoors in a downpour for too long or walk through puddles since water will seep through. This hasn’t been a problem in our testing, but it’s something to keep in mind if you live somewhere with a lot of rain.

We’re also concerned about the lack of weatherproofing paired with a cotton lining. Cotton and water don’t mix well, as you’re probably aware. When cotton becomes wet, it remains wet for a long time, which means that if it’s on your body, you’ll quickly get quite chilly. To summarize, if you get wet in these boots, your feet will get cold, and the shoes will take a long time to dry. Although cotton is undoubtedly comfy, it seems that a wool lining or any other synthetic material would have been a better option. (But, hey, we’re not designers of shoes!)

Features and Advantages

As you can undoubtedly see, the Lems Boulder Boot isn’t just “any old boot,” It offers several advantages above the normal boot.

Weight of Lems Boulder Boots

They’re not too heavy. On the contrary, these things are incredibly light, weighing 9.9 oz for a men’s size 10 US (our size 13 US weighed 13.5 oz). If you’re used to wearing big boots, this may take some time to adjust to, and it may seem as if you’re not wearing anything at all at first, but once you do, it’s fantastic. This is also useful if you need to store these boots in your backpack or hang them on the outside. And while we’re on the subject of stuffing this footwear inside your pack.

Boulder Boot Compression by Lems

They can be compressed. “How can a boot be compressible?” you may be wondering. We’re not sure ourselves, but they are! It’s rather remarkable. Some shoes compress more than others, such as the Vivobarefoot Kanna, Gobi II, and Lems Primal 2; however, the Boulder Boot compresses relatively little for a boot! We’ve never had to stow them away since we like to wear them in transportation, but it’s lovely to have the choice.

Lems Boulder Boot Toe Box Vs A Traditional BootToe Box of a Lems Boulder Boot vs. A Traditional Boot

They have a roomy toe box. Traditional shoes’ toe boxes (the front of the shoe) are so tiny that they may squeeze your toes together over time. This isn’t good. Thankfully, companies such as Lems have taken note and are fighting back. The more giant toe box lets your toes rest in the natural position, and we have to tell you, it feels great. We were concerned that the broader front might seem weird, but we’re delighted to report that it looks great, and our toes are happier.

Lems Boulder Boot Zero Drop DesignBoulder Boots from Lems with Zero Drop Design

They’re a shoe with no drop. The Lems Boulder Boot, unlike other shoes, has no elevation from heel to toe. This zero-drop design is said to straighten your spine and restore your posture, reducing lower back strain. We want to point out that we’re neither scientists nor doctors…but we’ve observed the advantages. This isn’t to say that all other shoes are harmful to you, and we don’t anticipate sneakers like the Nike Air Max to go away anytime soon, but we suggest giving a zero drop shoe a try to see how it works for you. They could astound you!

If you’re accustomed to conventional footwear, the barefoot and zero-drop design may take some time to adjust to. On their FAQ page, Lems explains:

“At first, you may feel some pain, but this is just your feet’s tendons and muscles adapting to the lack of support that most current shoe designers integrate into their designs.” This should pass in a short amount of time. We usually advise wearing the shoes minimally, then gradually increasing the amount of time you wear them. After that, it’s all about making the switch! “Believe in the process.”

Testing & Durability

Lems Boulder Boot In Essex EnglandIn Essex, England, Lems Boulder Boot

We tested the Lems Boulder Boots for slightly over a month in the chilly and wet English winter at this review.

Regarding durability, Lems estimates that these boots will last 300 to 600 miles, and they’re looking excellent so far.

Lems Boulder Boot Cotton Lining Susceptible To WearCotton Lining Susceptible To Wear Lems Boulder Boot

The cotton lining around the collar seems to be prone to wear and tear, but that’s OK for now, and we’ll keep our use timeline below updated if anything changes.

Just a heads up: the leather around the ankle takes about a week to soften. It was a little unpleasant, even though it didn’t rub. You should wear them sparingly and break them in before taking a long vacation.

Lems Boulder Boot In Essex EnglandIn Essex, England, Lems Boulder Boot

The Lems Boulder Boots worked well in most terrains throughout testing. There’s enough grip for a bit of excitement while yet being able for use in urban settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Lems Boulder boots last?

A: Lems Boulder boots will last for about three months.

Are lems shoes worth it?

A: Lem might be a good brand, but that doesnt necessarily mean they’re worth your money. You can find cheaper shoes in the market with similar quality.

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