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You have a beautiful day, and the weather is nice; the birds are chirping. They run around at night and can’t wait to get home. They buy a train or a bus to get home. To avoid the noise of people, put on your headphones, and you are ready for the plugin.

It’s a good way to survive and go to work every day in peace. But now you see there’s a problem, and that problem is that the Bluetooth headphones only play music through one earpiece.

This is a global problem; no matter how many times you use new headphones or earbuds, there comes the point where you can only hear on one side, which can be very annoying.

So I’m thinking of a solution here. Do you probably think there is a solution to this problem? Should you buy new headphones or earbuds, or is there no need to talk about them at all?

Well, the answer is NO. There are many solutions to this problem. With us, you can solve many technical problems you encounter in your daily life.

There are several ways to solve this problem, but it depends on the type of headphones or earphones you are using. In addition, the repair technique is different for each Bluetooth headset or earpiece.

Therefore, you need special instructions on how to use the Bluetooth device. But, don’t worry; when it comes to technology, you’re in good hands with our experts.

Earplugs are among the most common and sensitive devices found in every household. With the advent of the technological age, Bluetooth headphones have become a necessity and an emergency for those who are often on the go.

Because these headphones are sensitive, they can have problems. Don’t worry; we’ve put together a guide to the most common headphone problems and how to fix them. So hang on, and let’s go.

This blog will teach how to fix a Bluetooth headset when only one side works. Stay tuned at the end of the blog for the answer. You might find something interesting that you haven’t seen before.

1. Headphone jack when only one side is working

One of the most common problems users experience is that their Bluetooth headsets often hitch, break or pause. These problems can cause minor malfunctions or make the Bluetooth headset unusable or unstable because the sound is not consistent. Generally, users report that they ignore the music and only work on one side of the headset.

2. Are they clean?

First, make sure that the earplugs are clean and dry. Sometimes the earphone becomes clogged with dirt, wax, or lint, blocking the sound coming into the earphone. After a while, check your headphones for dirt.

When people use headphones, they usually put them in their pocket or bag, which is a problem. Use a case for them to avoid this problem.

If you find any dirt or debris on the headphones, wipe it off with a dry cloth. If your headphones get wet, we recommend using a microfiber cloth to absorb the liquid. The microfibres are specially designed for this purpose as they do not leave any new fibers on the helmet.

3. Check the stereo balance

Most iPhone users don’t know that iPhones, Macs, and Windows PCs can switch the sound to the left or right earpiece. This option is intended for hard-of-hearing users. So if your headphones only play music in one ear, these settings may have been made by mistake.

To adjust the stereo on the iPhone:

  • Go to Settings, then to Accessibility. (For older iOS devices – Settings, then General, then Accessibility).
  • Scroll down until you see the Hearing category, tap Sound/Sight Effects and make sure the slider is halfway between L and R. (On older iOS devices, the slider is in the Hearing section).
  • If not, adjust the slider, so it is halfway between L and R.
  • The Mono Audio button appears above the slider. Set the Mono Audio switch to the Off position.

Adjusting the stereo balance on a Mac:

  • Open System Preferences, then Sound, then Shutdown.
  • A menu will appear, locate the name of the headphone(s) and select it from the Output menu.
  • Make sure the cursor is in the middle of L and R.
  • To check the Mono Audio box, go to System Preferences and Accessibility.
  • Scroll down until you see the Mono Audio checkbox and uncheck it.

4. Disconnect, reset and restart

Sometimes the solution can be to reconnect one or both devices and reboot.

For older iPhones, headphones, or earphones, simply remove the headphones and restart the devices. When you reconnect the headphones, make sure the headphone jack is in the port of your unit. If the plug is incorrectly inserted or only partially inserted, the sound is weakened, or only one side is played.

Apple’s Air Pods are different. They use a few extra steps before they do that. After you unpack the headphones and put them back in the case, follow the steps below to proceed correctly.

5. Apple air pods Bluetooth reset

  • Open the Bluetooth menu on your device and select Forget Paired Apple Airpods.
  • Then put the Airpods back in the charging case, but leave the lid open.
  • Press and hold the Reset/Setup button on the back of the unit for 15 seconds.
  • Press and hold the button until you see the amber light under the cover flashing.
  • The flashing light means the Airpods have been reset. Now restart the device and set them as new.

6. Check the connection

The first step is to check whether the headphones cause the problem or whether the phone is malfunctioning. To check this, disconnect the connected headphones and try connecting them to another Bluetooth device and see what happens. If you are experiencing the same problems, the problem is with your headphones.

  • It is convenient to be able to turn the headphones on and off from both sides.
  • Wait for the phone, PC, speakers, or another device you are using to confirm that you are connected to the correct device.

7. Check internal connections

Internal communication is often nipped in the bud, resulting in no sound on one side of the earpiece. Follow these steps to check the headset tip.

  • First, remove the foam pads from the headphones.
  • Now unscrew the headset with a screwdriver.
  • Now find the end of the extra cable with a plug on the other end. Take this end and cut it a little. Now you have carefully twisted the wire to loosen or lose the awkward connection in the headphone speaker.
  • Now pack the headphones as before. Make sure you have not lost any parts of the headset.

8. Audio track type

Some of you have the problem that one side of the headset works well with a certain sound and the other side does not, which is confusing.

Now, most of you don’t know that sometimes you listen to mono tracks, and unknowingly, that mono tracks are only played on one side of the headphone speakers.

So you don’t have to worry about one side of the helmet working properly. Instead, check the track type and if it is not a mono track, go to the settings or correct the problem.

9. Cleaning the sleeve

Cleanliness is an important consideration, whether it is your equipment or any other technological device. The dirt in it may be the real reason why one side of your receiver is not working properly.

To remove this doubt, clean the audio jack thoroughly and remove dirt as much as possible.

Use a cotton swab to remove dirt from the audio jack to clean it. Before it gets wet, be sure to turn off your phone or headphones, regardless of the outlet you are cleaning.

After cleaning the plug, you can test the headphones by plugging the cable into the audio jack when the sound is on and then disconnecting the cable. But, first, make sure both sides of the headphones are working properly.

10. Soundcheck

If you are still experiencing the same issues, you should check the audio.

Sometimes the new headphones cannot reproduce the old sound. This means that they cannot play the old audio format. This may be the reason why the sound reaches only one side of the headphones. Check the sound quality or format of the source.

It’s not always the headphones that are the problem; sometimes, the sound quality is too old for the newer headphones to play. In addition, this type of sound sometimes causes interference, so the sound can only be heard on one or both sides of the headphones.

11. Confirm Bluetooth

Bluetooth is another important aspect that usually leads to failure. So first, make sure the Bluetooth function of your device is working properly. And if you still have the same problem, remove all connections and connected devices and reconnect them.

12. Reset

As already mentioned, each model has different specifications and therefore works differently. It is therefore important to know the specifications of your device.

Some headsets or headphones allow you to reset the headset completely. To better understand the process of rebooting your headset, refer to the manual to see if you are rebooting or not.

If you can start over, the question remains: how? In general, the details of resetting are similar for many devices. So I’ve already listed the details you’ll find in the instructions; no need to worry, just follow the instructions.

  • First of all, the most important thing is to have the headphones off.
  • The different models offer different functions. For example, if the headset has a power button, press it for 10 seconds, and it will reboot.
  • If this does not work on your device, press and hold power and volume up/down buttons for 10 seconds to reset the headset.
  • This step is optional, but only if you have a call button other than the power button and the volume button; you must now press and hold the call button or volume button or the power button for 10 seconds.
  • If your headphones have a play/pause button, you can also use it to reset the headphones.

Last Thoughts

This article has listed all the ways to troubleshoot if one side of your Bluetooth headset or earbuds is not working. Please follow these instructions, and we hope that your device is working properly again.

Now that you have the answers to the question of how to fix headphones when only one side works, you will understand better and can take the right steps to solve this problem once and for all.

We hope our article will help you and solve the problem of headphones not working. If there is anything you don’t understand in the above method, we would be glad to welcome you to our comment section and discuss your problem. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my headphone only work on one side?

A: There can be many reasons why headphones may only reproduce sound from one ear. The most common reason sound only comes out on one side is that the wires at the audio jack have been bent back and forth so often that the wiring has shorted out.

How do I connect headphones when only one works?

A: If earphones fail only occasionally, try twisting and winding the cord until sound returns. If twisting the cable does not work, you may need to open the earpiece and solder the connection. In some cases, you may need to purchase new headphones.

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