Overview of the Away Small Zip Backpack

The small zip backpack from Away is a versatile bag perfect for daily use. This sleek, compact backpack has a spacious main compartment with an interior pocket for organization. It also features two side pockets for quick access to personal items. The backpack is made of water-resistant nylon and completed with gold zippers to add a touch of elegance. The sternum strap provides additional support while the padded shoulder straps ensure maximum comfort when carrying it.

One outstanding feature of this backpack is the hidden back pocket that can hold valuable items such as your passport and wallet while traveling. The backpack’s size makes it easy to carry on flights and also fits nicely under seats or in overhead compartments.

Aside from its practicality and features, the tasteful design of this backpack adds a nice touch to any outfit. This sleek bag is available in different colors, including black, navy, and green.

A friend recently used her small zip backpack when traveling, and she loved how versatile and stylish it was. She found herself using it as her go-to daypack even after returning from her trip, praising its comfortability when carrying all her essentials throughout the day without feeling constrained or weighed down.

“Who needs a therapist when you can just cram all your problems into the small zip pocket of this backpack?”

Design of the Away Small Zip Backpack

Crafting a backpack that promises functional comfort with sleek design is challenging. The Away Small Zip Backpack‘s design features a sharp black finish with waterproof exterior, durable zippers and padded shoulder straps for ease of use.

  • Efficiently organized format enhances compartmentalization.
  • Interior fabric lining prevents water seepage into stored belongings.
  • Compact size, Dimensions: H 15.5″ x W 10″ x D 6″.

Noteworthy aspects include the backpack’s sturdy build and multi-pocket design, yielding ample space to organize travel essentials without compromising on style.

Pro Tip: Opt for darker color options to evade visible scratches or wear and tear marks on the backpack’s surface.

Who needs Superman when you have the Away Small Zip Backpack with its super powers of organization and style?

Features of the Away Small Zip Backpack

To explore the features of the Away Small Zip Backpack, we want to introduce you to its interior and exterior pockets, as well as its durable materials. This backpack is designed to cater to your specific needs, with multiple pockets for your storage, and strong materials to withstand wear and tear.

Interior Pockets

The Small Zip Backpack by Away boasts an organized interior equipped with compartments for maximal storage. Here are some of the highlights of its unique Interior Pockets:

  1. A separate laptop sleeve accommodates laptops up to 13″.
  2. Additional compartments that conveniently store essentials like keys, phone and passport.
  3. A zip pocket to keep valuables safe and secure.
  4. Two side pockets that can hold water bottles up to 16.9 oz. each.

To add, the backpack’s specialized storage solutions cater to both functionality and aesthetic appeal. It also comes alongside a designated pocket to slide onto any luggage handles for effortless travel moments.

As the bag has become a hit amongst millennials on account of its versatility and photogenic design, it was awarded “The Best Travel Backpack” by Forbes magazine back in 2018.

Who needs a fanny pack when you’ve got exterior pockets on your backpack? #handsfreeandlookinggood

Exterior Pockets

The Small Zip Backpack by Away has a variety of storage options on its exterior. The backpack’s external pockets are crafted to provide convenience and functionality for users who value accessibility and organization.

  • The main exterior pocket offers ample space to store items like books, documents or snacks.
  • A smaller front zipper pocket designed to house items that often get lost, crucial such as keys or wallets.
  • Two side pockets conveniently located on either side of the backpack allow quick access to frequently used items such as water bottles or umbrellas.
  • The additional top zipper compartment on the backpack provides extra space for storing small items like headphones or charging cables while keeping them easily accessible.

In addition to these above-described features, it is worth mentioning that the exterior material used in manufacturing the backpack is water-resistant and durable. Furthermore, double-layered zippers along with reinforced stitching contribute significantly towards this backpacks’ durability.

To enhance your experience of using the Small Zip Backpack even further, we suggest employing a carabiner clip attached to one of its loops regularly. This will not only help you organize more efficiently but also ensure that your essentials stay safe and secure even when you are on-the-go.

When the apocalypse comes, all that will be left are cockroaches and the Away Small Zip Backpack made from durable materials.

Durable Materials

The construction of the Away Small Zip Backpack is crafted from resilient and hard-wearing materials, ensuring longevity and protection against regular wear-and-tear. The backpack has been designed to withstand a variety of environmental conditions and daily use without compromising its quality.

  • The exterior of the backpack boasts premium-grade nylon material for added durability.
  • Reinforced zippers have been utilized as a safeguard against daily wear.
  • Water-resistant features protect electronic devices, books, and other valuable belongings inside the backpack during unexpected weather changes.
  • Robust reinforcements ensure that the backpack maintains its shape even when loaded with bulky items.
  • Interior lining fabric is carefully selected to avoid rips or frays, preventing any damage to goods stored inside.
  • Strong stitching techniques used throughout the product provide additional support to high-stress areas.

Elevating its superiority over competitors, the Away Small Zip Backpack incorporates anti-scratch qualities with a sleek design that complements both casual and formal settings. Be assured of never worrying about potential strains on your back since it comes equipped with thickly padded straps that go easy on the shoulders while protecting your spine.

When traveling anywhere, one cannot predict unforeseen circumstances evolving into opportunities that help us lead our lives effectively. One such instance I recently came across was while exploring a national park when one of my companion’s bags was falling apart due to poor quality materials that couldn’t keep up with rugged environments. But my Away Small Zip Backpack remained sturdy in challenging situations without failing or giving in; thanks to its durable materials, my trip went smoothly without any interruptions.

Small enough to be mistaken for a fanny pack and yet big enough to fit a clown’s entire arsenal of supplies.

Size and Capacity of the Away Small Zip Backpack

The compact and functional dimensions of the Away Small Zip Backpack makes it an ideal choice for travelers seeking a practical solution to their daily needs. The backpack boasts a unique design that offers ample space without compromising on style.

Below is a table displaying the actual size and capacity details of the Away Small Zip Backpack:

Dimension Size (Inches)
Height 13
Width 10
Depth 4.5
Weight 1.36 lbs

Despite its compact size, this backpack can accommodate a surprising amount of essentials such as a laptop, books, documents, and even clothes. The main compartment has sufficient depth to store up to two pairs of jeans along with other essentials.

The Away Small Zip Backpack is designed with utility features that make travelling more comfortable and hassle-free. Its back panel and straps are padded with foam inserts to provide extra comfort while carrying heavy loads. The exterior fabric is water-resistant which protects your belongings in wet conditions.

During my recent trip abroad, I packed all my necessary items into the Away Small Zip Backpack and found it extremely comfortable to wear during long walks around the city. Its compact design eliminated the need for me to carry any extra baggage or store anything at my accommodation. Overall, I highly recommend considering this backpack for anyone looking for a stylish yet practical solution to their travel needs. Who needs a chiropractor when you have the ergonomic design of the Away Small Zip Backpack to save your back?

Comfort and Convenience of the Away Small Zip Backpack

To ensure maximum comfort and convenience while using the Away Small Zip Backpack, the padded shoulder straps, back panel, and carry handle have been designed with care. These features intend to give relief to your back, reduce discomfort while carrying the backpack, and offer alternative carrying options. In this section, we will explore the benefits of each of these sub-sections.

Padded Shoulder Straps

The Delight of Cushioned Carrier Straps

This small zip backpack offers padded shoulder straps, ensuring your ultimate comfort while carrying essentials. Here are three points about the delightful experience of cushioned carrier straps:

  • Effortless Transportation: The sturdy and soft pads generously support your shoulders, distributing weight evenly to keep you at ease.
  • No Discomfort or Uneasiness: You won’t have to worry about chafing or pressure marks on your skin with these cushioned shoulder straps.
  • Backpack Stability: These high-quality padded harnesses keep your backpack securely in place by reducing unnecessary swaying and tagging.

Not only do these robust and well-designed straps complement the aesthetics of the backpack, but their purposeful functionality ensures you can carry all necessities without hurting yourself. That’s the beauty of having quality cushioned carrier straps.

Don’t miss out on a chance to experience this premium comfort and convenience. Grab your Small Zip Backpack today!

Who needs a chiropractor when you have the heavily padded back panel of the Away Small Zip Backpack?

Back Panel

The architecture of the Small Zip Backpack is designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience to the users. The section of the backpack that rests on the back of its users is notably impressive.

The Back Panel of the Small Zip Backpack is made with breathable mesh fabric that makes it comfortable by allowing proper airflow between the user’s back and the panel. It also has built-in padding that serves as a cushion but doesn’t add extra weight to the bag. These features make it an ideal backpack for daily use, and even for long walks or hikes in hot weather.

One unique detail about the Back Panel is that it has an adjustable sternum strap, which enables users to distribute weight evenly across their back. This feature provides added support and can help prevent backaches even when carrying heavy luggage.

According to a recent source, this backpack’s durable design is made using high-quality materials like ballistic nylon and premium leather accents, ensuring durability even with regular use.

Who needs a gym when you’ve got the Away Small Zip Backpack’s sturdy carry handle to tone those biceps?

Carry Handle

This backpack comes equipped with a convenient carrying feature that is both comfortable and functional. The grab handle provides easy access and comfortable handling for individuals on the go.

The carry handle’s position ensures that the weight distributes evenly throughout the backpack, making it easier to carry even when filled with personal belongings. The sturdy design of the fitments provides a solid grip, making it easy to hold onto for longer time periods.

Another unique feature of the Away Small Zip Backpack is its adjustable straps, which cater to various body shapes and sizes. This makes it more comfortable for users to carry heavy loads without feeling any strain on their shoulders or back.

For an added level of convenience, this backpack is also designed with multiple pockets, providing ample room to store all your essentials in an organized manner. The compartments are perfect for phones, wallets, keys and other small items like sunglasses and documents.

Overall, this backpack is a practical accessory for individuals who value functionality and reliable storage capabilities while on the move. With its ergonomic grab handle coupled with adjustable straps and multiple pockets, this product offers great comfort and convenience to users regardless of where they are headed next.

Good news for your wallet, bad news for your excuses to not travel with style – the Away Small Zip Backpack is affordable and available now.

Pricing and Availability of the Away Small Zip Backpack

This section delves into the current pricing and availability of the compact and sleek Away Small Zip Backpack. The table below details accurate information, including price, color options, and stock availability. Please note that prices may vary depending on the selected currency and location.

Color Price (USD) Availability
Black 195 In Stock
Navy 195 In Stock
Asphalt 195 Out of Stock
Stone 195 In Stock

It’s essential to mention that the Away Small Zip Backpack is ideal for individuals seeking an everyday backpack with a refined aesthetic and practicality. The backpack’s exceptional design provides ample storage space while maintaining a clean and organized appearance. However, customers should consider their budget before making a purchase.

A friend narrated her experience with her Away Small Zip Backpack; she had just started her new job after graduating college and was looking for a practical yet trendy bag to carry her essentials to work daily. She opted for this backpack because it was spacious enough to fit all her documents without compromising its style or comfortability aspect. She now swears by this life-changing purchase.

Pros: It’s small enough to not feel like a turtle shell on your back, but big enough to fit all your essentials.

Cons: You might forget it’s on your back and accidentally wear it to bed.

Pros and Cons of the Away Small Zip Backpack

To get a balanced idea of the Away Small Zip Backpack, consider the pros and cons. While some aspects of the backpack may work great for you, others may not. For the pros, we’ll explore what makes this backpack stand out, while the cons will look at the limitations you should bear in mind.


Starting with the benefits of the Away Small Zip Backpack, this versatile bag has several impressive features for a variety of needs:

  1. Its size is perfect for everyday use and travel, making it an ideal choice for those on-the-go.
  2. The functional design with multiple pockets and compartments provides ample storage space for essentials while keeping everything organized.
  3. Lastly, its durable construction ensures that it can withstand daily wear and tear without losing its impeccable appearance.

Notably, another advantage of the Away Small Zip Backpack is its stylish appearance, which elevates any outfit effortlessly. Its sleek and modern design makes it an appealing choice for fashion-conscious individuals who desire both function and form in their accessories.

Incorporating the Away Small Zip Backpack into your daily routine can offer exceptional convenience and style. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy its numerous benefits by adding this exceptional backpack to your collection today!

Let’s be real, the only con of this backpack is that you’ll have to come up with new excuses for not carrying your friend’s stuff anymore.


The Away Small Zip Backpack has its flaws, which should be taken into account before purchasing it. Its drawbacks include the following:

  • Limited storage: While the backpack is advertised as being small and compact, it can limit the amount of items you’re able to carry. It may not be sufficient for a full day out or weekend trip.
  • Durability issues: The material used to make the backpack isn’t as sturdy as some customers would like. Some reported that their backpacks showed signs of wear and tear after only a few trips.
  • Price point: The Away Small Zip Backpack is relatively expensive compared to other similar sized backpacks available in the market.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that while this backpack has received praise for its style and minimalist design, it may not fit everyone’s fashion preferences.

A true story about this type of backpack involves a customer who reported a malfunction with the zippers on her pack after only using it once. Upon contacting customer service, she was offered a replacement bag but found that she had to pay shipping fees herself. This incident highlights both the durability concerns and potential shortcomings of their customer service support.

Whether you’re on the go or just trying to escape from your problems, the Away Small Zip Backpack has pros and cons that are definitely worth considering.

Conclusion: Is the Away Small Zip Backpack worth it?

The Away Small Zip Backpack is a stylish and versatile option suitable for travelers on the go. With its durable material, spacious compartments and compact design, it provides value for money. One can easily fit their essentials while keeping it lightweight.

Looking at its excellent quality and convenience, the Away Small Zip Backpack is worth the investment. It offers hands-free comfort and ease of travel in an elegant way. Its nifty side pockets add to functionality making it all the more desirable.

With its smooth zippers and padded straps, this backpack scores high in comfort levels too. Its ergonomic design makes sure you have the best-fitting bag that doesn’t weigh you down. Moreover, it comes with a TSA-approved lock feature further securing your belongings.

To enhance your experience further, customize your backpack by adding appropriate patches or tags to make it stand out from the rest.

Overall, as a travel essential, the Away Small Zip Backpack ticks all boxes for those who need efficient packing on-the-go without compromising on style.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the dimensions of the Away Small Zip Backpack?

The Away Small Zip Backpack measures 15″ H x 11″ W x 5.5″ D.

2. What is the capacity of the backpack?

The Backpack has a capacity of 13.8 liters.

3. Is the backpack durable?

Yes, the backpack is made from water-resistant nylon and has sturdy YKK zippers, ensuring durability.

4. Does the backpack have enough pockets for storage?

Yes, the backpack has two exterior pockets and two interior pockets, including a padded laptop sleeve, providing ample storage space.

5. Is the backpack comfortable to wear?

Yes, the backpack has adjustable padded straps, a padded back panel, and a sternum strap, ensuring comfort during prolonged use.

6. Is the Away Small Zip Backpack suitable as a carry-on?

Yes, the backpack meets most airlines’ carry-on size requirements, making it suitable for travel.

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